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getting to know each other

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not very exciting..just them getting to know each other a little better.(evil smile) and mabey a few lies on party poisions beahalf...

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Now that little girl was alseep,fun ghoul,jet star,and kobra kid were out to,and I was alone to talk the red he- I mean party poision,that mystafied me so much." did you get that blaster?if your not a drac. and all."he asked me."My boyfriend gave it to me.he said it was for protecetion.From the dumbest thing i might add.You guys...and y'all are the ones that are trying to help the world!" I answered.But then I noticed that his face had fell at the word boyfriend.why was that I wonder......could was no way.Plus I had just met him so thats even furthers the fact that its impossible.Wait,why did i just feel sad at that thought?Is it bec- then he interrupted me "Who's your boyfriend?" "Well everybody calls him by his last name really.His name is Kourse.I ha-" but he cut me off again. "Kourse is the leader of the BLI!"he shouted shooting up from where he sat pionting a gun at me."Okay,for the last time,what the heck is the BLI!!!" I shouted back in just a harsh tone as he used with me.My eyes or face or whatever must have made him believe me because his face softened and he sat back down.His tone was back to normal now."The BLI are the people who are making medicine that erase your memory and make you emotionless like a zombie.They want to take over the world and kill all the killjoys.Your.....boyfriend.....Kourse is their leader." he explained all this very quickly.I took in every word he said in his velvet voice...a voice so smooth and sweet....SNAP OUT OF IT ANGEL!When all my senses came back to reality I found myself staring into his warm hazle eyes...his beautiful hazle eyes had me melting...I couldnt breathe.Then I snapped out finally and blinked a few times trying to make myself believe that I couldnt fall in love with this beautiful stranger.His eyes were still fixed on my face when he said "Well what about your family?" I scrambled to reamember.I didnt know why but I felt compeled to tell party everything, so with out thinking I guess I stared talking." family...umm...I dont know.Why dont I know?This is somthing I should very well know." I pondered that for a second and was knocked out of my thoughts by partys voice "Of course...I should've known...its really no surprise you cant remember your family.Kourse probally brain washed you and killed them."I was shocked by this news.I felt I was on the brink of tears so I turned away very quickly.But the tears werent ones of sadness,they were of rage.Pure infuriated rage.Soon I found tears streaming down my face.I felt the violent ache to destroy somthing..or someone..a very spacific someone but if anyone got to close I would probally take all my rage out on them first,unfortuatly.Right now the world must hate me because I could hear party poision getting up and walking toward me.NO! I simply couldn't let him see me like this!Anyone but him!Especially since my hand was twitching rapidly toward my lazer gun.He was the last person I wanted to accidently shoot out of rage.I was wimpering now trying to hold in the sobs of rage but I couldnt.I let out a tortured scream.I heard the footsteps behind me speed up.I did the safest thing I could think of at the moment.I yanked out my gun and threw it as far as I could.Then I felt a cool hand on my shoulder.I knew exactly who it was and I lept up and flung my arms around his neck.Party seemed tense for a breif second,probally because he didnt see it coming but then he wraped his arms around my lower back and whispered in my ear "It will be okay.I'm here for you." then he gave me a gentle sqeeze.We stayed like that for what seemed like an eturnety.But what a beautiful eturnety it was.


I could hear her sobbing even with her back to me.I got up and started to walk over to comfort her.Then she burst out crying and let out a tortured scream.I felt my feet speed up toward her,it was an unbearable longing to be with her,comforting her.Just then I saw her hand twitch and grab the lazer gun that was at her belt.Was she really so enraged that she would shoot the first thing she saw?I hoped not,because I couldn't make my feet stop moving.She raised the gun in the air and I was prepared for her to whirl around and shoot me,but instead she threw the gun out into the dark desert.Before I knew it I was right behinde her.I lightly placed my hand on her shoulder.Then ,once again, she did the tottaly unexcpected.She lept up and threw her arms around my neck.At first my eyes got big and I tensed up because I didnt know what to make of it.But I quickly wraped my own arms around her lower back pulling her in close.I felt a rush of relief at the knowlage that I had her safe in my arms.Nothing on earth could hurt her right now.I wanted to stay like this forever,in this amazing moment of pure perfectness.For a brief moment I thought of her lips on mine.How soft and warm they would be.I felt like melted putty.Like I would just start falling through her arms at any time.Wait,did I actually just think that?I mean I just met her,but I already feel so clos to her.I wanted to kiss her so bad.It would have been easy right now but I didnt want to move an inch.For a split second I lost myself.I sqeezed her a little and almost brought her around to kiss her but I stoped myself and disloged from the embrasse without wanting to.But before I did I bent my head down and whispered in her ear "It will be okay.Im here for you."I bit my lip and pulled back keeping one arm around her waist,leading her back to her seat.I sat down beside her this time.She had calmed down and was almost smiling.What was she smiling about?Was she thinking of me?Then she asked me a question "So,....what about you?" I must have had a coonfused look on my face.Because she added "I mean you know,any parents,siblings,......a girl friend or wife?" I looked in her eyes and I saw hope.But for what though?Her eyes held mine in an unbreakable stare."Well the BLI ,like yours,killed my parents.I had,or I suppose should say have a brother." but she cut me off as I had done to her so many times."Really?Who is he?" "His name is Mikey,but you only know him as kobra kid."I answered back looking in my little brothers direction.I saw her eyes get wide and her mouth drop.I could tell that she waas noticing the similarities between us.She composed her face then looked at me "I can see now, that youve pionted it out."She said.Then she had me in that unbreakable eye hold again.Her face got a little dark just then when she asked "Well is or was there a..... poision?" I answered without thinking.And I said what I really shouldnt have. "Um yeah,I was married to a really beautiful women.Her name was....Helena." when I was done talking her mouth was shaky and she droped her face to the ground.She was staring into the fire.I cant believe I just said that when I've never even had a girl friend!And why did she look so dissapionted!?
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