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Ice breaker.

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was falling. No I was skating? No I was trying to swim. Falling through the ice! I’m going to die!
Why didn’t I listen to my counselor? Nobody even knows I’m here! I’m cold, freezing, screaming. I’m also trying to find my way up. But I can’t. I can’t even do that. I’m a fail. I look around and I see arms. My arms? No, someone else’s. He is under too, but he is smiling. He grabs my hand and pulls me deeper smiling. My heart stopped. I could breathe under water. I wasn’t cold. I could hear him. I could touch his face. I was dead, but alive. I was done but starting. I was in my second life, at last! I was through being them. I was going to be me!

I walked with this strange man. “Um. Who are you? Why am I here? What is this place?” He turned toward me, gazing into my eyes. “My name is Gerard. I’m am your guardian angel and true love. You’re here because we both died before knowing each other. This is purgatory.” I gaze at him. “what did you say after your name?” he looked at me and smiled. I got this eerie felling from him and he busted out laughing. “ Yeah I know. Weirder than my younger brother! The love thing is true; we just have to know each other. Your life was horrible too?” I took in all his words. “ Ummm…. Yeah?” I said. I was still horrified. How did he know that? “Your bi, no other family at your boarding school, you have one friend who died 2 weeks ago, and you feel uncomfortable. Am I right?” I looked at him in shock. He lent down and kissed me slowly but not forcing anything. It was in slow motion. It was perfect. He walked into a room that had nothing in it. He clapped and it became my dream room, but with a queen sized bed. “Spirits sleep too. Come lay down” He said that and I followed his instructions. He was beautiful. I slumped next to him. He threw his arm over me. “Night Frankie!” And he fell asleep.

You sleep like an angel! I said when he walked in the kitchen. “ Thank you.” He said and handed me a book. “Study pages 1 – 10 tonight. Ill help you with the others tomorrow.” He said and kissed me. “I’m off to work, STAY HERE!” and he left. I opened the book.
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