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why do i feel this way about him i don't understand but then i do things make sense when they don't/ A/n ishida uryuu is feeling these things his never felt be for but then his not thinking about t...

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Ichigo found a maid and asked what floor uryuu lived on
"40th floor" she said
"thanks" ichigo said fast
and ran up stairs then he herd a scream of pain. it made him run faster. when the gray goose bottle fell some of the glass showered on to his foot then he slipped and fell on to his left arm and giant piece of glass was in his arm.then he slipped off his arm and fell on his back it made him scream but he didn't try getting up he just stood there, blood started oozing from his back staining his white shirt he had on uryuu just sat there not really caring about the pain then he pass out.Ichigo busted thew the door an yelled
"ishida" he looked around the huge room and then he looked at the bathroom and saw uryuu's blood coming from under the door . he went to the boys ad. Ichigo opened the door slowly and saw uryuu in the pile of glass and blood .
"ISHIDA!?" Ichigo went to uryuu and found out he had glass on him everywhere! "oh my god " Ichigo whispered to him self.
a piece of the label showed him what it was "gray goose, you idiot!" said Ichigo as he pucked up the perfectly skinny Quincy and put him on the bed and then took off uryuu's shirt and then searched for tweezers and found them and lade uryuu on his chest and pulled glass out of his back one by one then when he was done with his back with a rag he wiped his back wiping away the blood and then went to his arm and pulled out all but one as soon as soon as he tried to take out the giant piece again, uryuu woke in pain.
"ah! fuck!wha-what the hell are you doing!?"uryuu yelled and started to get up but ichigo push him back down " don't move you'll make it worse" Ichigo said kinda disappointed in uryuu for drinking a whole bottle of gray goose bottle then putting himself in this condition.
"what the hell were you thinking please ,tell me your not going emo on me,are ya?!
"fuck no! uryuu said
"then why the hell would you do that?!"
I-I-I can't tell you !"
"B-Because i just can't"
uryuu got up off the bed and went to walk but he forgot about the glass in his feet and when he went to walk , the glass dug into his feet more and bleed even more.
he got to him before he hit the floor . the way uryuu looked it-it was horrible! it made ichigo want to cry.
"AGGA!damn it! fuck!"
ichigo picked up uryuu and carried him to the bed and then started pulling out glass again then ichigo was thinking about why uryuu did tell him what was wrong. ichigo pulled 3 pieces out fast.
"ow! god damn it Kurosaki! can't you be a little more careful!?"
Ichigo looked at uryuu with a cold- hearted stare.
"i-i-it's ok-k-k" uryuu said kinda feeling a angry oara from ichigo
then he stop pulling them out fast now knowing that it hurts him.
10mins. later he was done pulling out the glass then warped uryuu's arm feet and back.
"thank you" uryuu said
Ichigo got up with his head down
no answer,then he walked towed uryuu. then slapped him.................
love had nothing to me then it did but i still didn't under stand i guess i don't know everything

to be the continued.................................
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