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unthinking uryuu ch.7 urygo

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Category: Bleach - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Ishida Uryuu,Kurosaki Ichigo - Warnings: [V] [X] [?] [Y] - Published: 2011-03-27 - Updated: 2011-04-06 - 1372 words

"come on uryuu!"said some girl from school said to me
"ah sorry i don't drink" anymore, i laughed at myself for thinking it
"uh? whats so funny uryuu?"
"nothing,um i'm gonna leave so later!" i was in hurry to get away from what you guys called them fangirls.
"oh, well later uryuu"
i felt bad for lying but dude earlier they all most ate me!
i went up to chad and asked" can i stay over? i don't fell like driving "
"thanks just tell me when the party's over so i can get out of yah bed"
"no you can stay there i have to clean up down here when it's over plus i won't make it upstairs"
"suite yourself"
i went out side to my car and got something to wear to sleep {i have every thing in my trunk}{don't judge me}and then ran up stairs so the fangirls wouldn't see me and walked into the bathroom, and hit something small[A/n something about to happen]now i had no shoes on any more and my feet were cold so that shit hurt{A/n and whats about to happen is gonna hurt too owww!}
i closed my eyes and bent down to my foot and rubbed it and searched for what i hit i picked up a red phone,[A/n no uryuu don't look in fount!]it looked liked renji's.that idiot lost his phone,[ A/n nooooo! don't!]i lifted the phone in fount of me[A/n i'm too late poor uryuu]i dropped the phone , i wasn't the only one in the bathroom,in fount of me was renji and..........ichigo,on the floor on each other,................... NAKED!!!!!!!!!!!i was speechless, i can believe what i just did, i just , i just walked on renji and ichigo having sex!ichigo looked at me right in the eye.
"uryuu i-"
my mind snapped and i took quick action,"i'm sorry!"then i cawed out the door i lied on the door then i got up and when they started pounded again i ran to chad's room.

-ichigo's prov-
"s-stop that"renji said ,with me towering over him [ hey i'm bad ass so i get to be on top]
he pulled me over and kissed me
"stop thinking about that geek"
"i have no idea...."i went deeper
"who your takin' about"and let's say harder too
the real reason i was having sex with renji was because i wanted to get over uryuu,so i just found the closed person next to me and hit it off with them but he just stormed in and just made it was much harder to get over him now!i pulled renji up and put him in my lap[man, his a sreamer]

-uryuu's prov-
i could still here them would they shut up?!renji is so lucky i'll kick his ass one day![A/n hint hint hint, i'll be making a diffident fanfic with ichigo, uryuu byakuya , and renji it's a 2sd story that connects with unthinking uryuu but i can't make it now because it has too many spoilers in it about unthinking uryuu]i'll kill him for even touching him!i got up and when out side to the side of the house and sat on they steps of the balcony i just cried letting the wind brush all the tears that fell from my face,it would piss me off if i found out that was his first, if that was true oh hell i would really kill him then beat his ass!holy shit on a stick hell no i wouldn't kill him no way i would make him look like a hedge hog then i'd kill him with his own sword.i hit the pole that was next to me again me not thinking my hand was cold and it was cold out side and the pole was cold."OWWWWWWWWW!DAMNNIT WHY DO I KEEP DOING THAT?!"
i went back in side and upstairs i garbed a towel and checked to see if the two horny teens were in there they were gone, i walked in the bathroom i smalled so bad just bad i closed the door and i took off my clothing and started walking into the shower, then i slipped on something i looked at my hand i had no comment on what i slipped on all i could say is that it was at the spot were ichigo and renji were fucking,
"hell no"
i jumped into the shower cleaning what ever the fuck that was on me off i don't care if it was ichigo's either!then i realized that my clothes were on it.
-18 mins later-
i got out of the shower i really didn't bother to get my clothes from chad's room because one:no ones up stairs and two:it only takes me 5 steps to get to chad's room so who cares?i walked in the room and i should of been smart to know that ichigo would want to say sorry to me for having sex with renji,he was in the room.
"WHAT ARE!YOU!DOING!HERE?!"i merely dropped the towel
"i asked chad if he knew where you you were and he told me here"
"to talk to you"
"you,..........and me "
"well there is no you or me remember that you said that?!"
"no i didn't mean it"
but he didn't let me finish talking he kissed me and pushed me on the bed, i wanted him to stop i did but,but then i didn't, i wanted him to keep on going,i did the dumb thing of kissing him back,but he wanted the kiss to go farther he started taking the towel off me, now was in the mess of wanting him to stop or keep going.i decided.
"why,WHY?are you really asking me why?!1st you say you like me then you say you don't and your not bi but your at a fuckin' house party an i walk in on you and damn renji!RENJI,out of all of the people you could of fucked you pick motherfucking renji!?so your now bi but your gay?!?!i don't get it!!!cut off contact with yah,you say,you don't want to be friends,you say,don't talk to me,/YOU/say!how in fucking hell you can say that, and your breaking your own damn rules!all you had to say is that you didn't like me don't try to use my sexually against me!!!!!!!"me tying to hide the tears weren't working, they ran down not on my accord.
"ishida, i don't remember telling you that"
"well, i heard what neila-mei told me"
"this is all revolving around neila-mei!don't you get it?!"
"no i don't get it!what would she gain by doing this?!"
"i don't believe you!what i believe is that your lying and that no one is that evil!"
"you said it your self she's a bitch"
"yeah, she is but she not that smart to do all of this!even if it is all her fault i don't think i can forgive you,i just, i just don't know!"
"then what do you want me to do!?Uh?!"
"but uyuu i-"
ichigo left, right now he knew nothing was gonna go thew me,and he knew anything he'll say i wouldn't give a shit about,he gave up,and walked out, i fell on the bed just crying,that night ichigo never went thew my mind until winter break.

i didn't lose the game, lest i hope i didn't, did i? again things still make sense when they don't,............right?
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