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Chapter 1

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In this alternative world, there are many wonders which have yet to be discovered. Lewis is a housebound assassin, trapped under his father's orders, that is until a vampire comes into the palace w...

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Chapter 1

I glided through the forest, jumping from tree to tree with one mission. The moonlight shone through the trees, guiding my way through the crisp night air. My target stopped, as did I in my place high up in the trees. I slinked back in to the shadows as I notched the arrow against the smooth wood of the bow and took aim. My prey had stopped in his running to check something in his bag, big mistake. I let the arrow fly. He let out a small shout of surprise and dropped to the forest floor. I jumped down from my hiding place in the trees and went to the body, after a quick search of the body I found what I was looking for, with a grin I put it in one of my pockets and ran back to the castle.
That's basically what my life's goal is, to kill anyone that threatens the royal family, which is incidentally, my own family. I am the prince of the Warlocks. Not that I'm proud of it. Our race tends to be obnoxious and sees themselves as superior to all others, which in some ways we are more powerful but in others we come second best. Like the vampires are much more stronger and faster than us... only we have magic on our side, shape
shifting, we don't have to use great big massive bat like wings to get around... well you get the idea. I'm sure that the only race we really associate with are the nymphs. We are cousins and we respect the nature and do not intend to harm it... much unlike the humans.
The guards saluted me as I walked through the gates into the castle, I made my way to the throne room and waited for me to be announced to my father. I yawned and stared at the door, trying to focus on not falling flat on my face in front of father. He's taking his time I thought miserably, it's way past midnight and I'm tired as hell and the stupid bastard knows this. As the youngest son I'm no where near as important as my elder brothers. Our society is largely based on authority and how noble your blood is. All of my brothers are older than me and get to lead armies and assassinate our current enemies leaders while I'm stuck killing the spies that make their way over here. To be honest a cow will have a more eventful life.
'The king will see you now my lord,' the guard said with a salute. I nodded back at him and made my way into the throne room and bowed.
'Well?' father asked, lounging back into his throne looking down on me. I gritted my teeth, I hate being looked down on.
'The mission was successful sir,' I said, standing upright.
'Did you find it?'
'Yes sir, I did,' I said as I pulled out the stone I uncovered from the spy. He took it from me and examined it closely with a satisfied expression on his face.
'There is an important meeting tomorrow night that you must attend. Seeing as you are the only one that will understand their language you must be there to translate. You are dismissed,' he turned away, signalling for me to leave. I bowed hastily and left the room for my own bedroom. Not many people were around in the halls as I made my way through the torch lit corridors.
As I approached the door to my brothers and my dorms I grinned. The guard at the doors grinned back at me.
'Hello my lord, happy hunting?'
'I told you not to call me that...' I replied as he stuck his tongue out at me. Nathaniel was one of the youngest guards and my only friend, he knows me better than anyone. He even taught me how to fight... even though he is one of the youngest he is one of the best fighters on the guard.
'Go sleep, your spacing out even more often than usual,' he said as he steadied me, I shrugged him off.
'M-not that tired,' I mumbled as I fell forwards and my vision went black.

I groaned and opened my eyes to the bright sunlight that poured through my window, I growled and rolled back over. Nathaniel must have carried me to bed after I passed out; he has to do that a lot.
'Hey, c'mon Lewis, get your ass out of bed,' I heard Jacob say as he poked me in the side. He spent a while on earth and annoyingly he managed to pick up the accent and a few girls to go with it.
'Ugh, it's way too early, lemme sleep,' I mumbled to my pillow. I screeched as my duvet disappeared.
'UP, UP, UP, UP,' he shouted jumping on my bed. I glared at him and tackled him to the floor.
'What the hell?' I demanded.
'Well at least your up,' he giggled before bounding out of the door. I sighed and changed my clothes before following the scent of food downstairs.

I stared at disbelief in Jacob's direction. I swear he is on a permanent sugar high I though as I watched him bounce around the kitchens stealing food here and there. I usually ask for my food to be sent up to my room or I come down here and get it. Jacob could eat an average families meal for a week in one day and still be hungry so he comes here to eat before hand. The cooks don't mind though, he is just like a little child, despite he is one of the oldest. Alicia appeared by my side with a smile and handed me a plate of food. She knows what I'm like and is always fussing over me.
'You stayed up all night didn't you,' she said with a frown. I smiled down at her as she crossed her arms.
'I'll be fine. I'll get some more sleep later,' I added as her frown deepened.
'I will make sure of it,' she turned and continued to cook the morning meal.
After a 4 hour nap I was awake - sort of - and ready to go. Only today was one of my 'resting' days where there is nothing really for me to do, the spies have lessened recently as the war with the vampires begins to come to an end. I sighed and made my way outside.
One of the schools were taking a few of the students into our grounds for their first flying lesson. I have always loved watching these, the look of surprise and accomplishment on their face as they levitate a metre or so off the ground. The teacher looked hastily at me as I passed and sat down on the grass to watch.
'Now, it is important to remember that you do not try anything until I give you my permission and that I am there with you when you do try. Ok? Everyone ready?' the teacher asked and then went on to go through the rules of safety. I thought back to my first flying lesson, the teacher I had then was about the size of a whale and never actually seemed to be able to put the food down, made it easy to buy Christmas presents though. The teachers freaked out when I soared over their heads giggling at them as they shouted at me to come down. I did eventually when I ran out of energy and plummeted to the ground. I landed on the teacher though, comfy landing.
I heard a squeal and looked over to see a girl hovering about 5 metres above the green grass. I frowned as I sensed her power, it was uncontrolled and she was gaining altitude rapidly. The teachers on the ground just stared up in shock at her, I swore, so much for safety. Still swearing I took flight after the girl and caught her just has her limited energy depleted and she fell to her death. I felt her cling to my shirt while I descended and returned her to the teacher who received her without a word and called to the class that they were dismissed. You're welcome; I thought bitterly, watching her back as she hurried the children away.
An hour later, staring up at the deep blue sky I wondered if life would have been different if I hadn't had been born into this family. What if I was a blacksmith? I could have my own hours and some degree of control. What about a tailor's son? Anything to get away from all of this, most people avoid me like the plague, my profession isn't exactly well respected.
I was an unplanned child, the royal family needs a set amount of children. One for the training and leading of armies, the eldest who will take the throne etc. I was an accident and they had nothing better to do with me apart from start training me to be an assassin from since I could wield a weapon.
I looked up at the sky that was now beginning to darken, I must have fallen asleep at some point. Although I cannot help but think I have forgotten something... The meeting! I swore and flew to the castle as fast as I could, scaring a few of the servants along the way. Up in my room I changed into something decent and bolted back down the stairs as I distantly heard Nathaniel chuckling after me. I made it to the door of the meeting room just in time for the guard to let me in and I took my place standing to the left of my fathers chair.
He glared at me slightly and I lowered my eyes in apology. Father cleared his throat and began to speak.
'Now that my son has graced us with his presence we shall begin. Lewis, this is Alexander,' he said, gesturing towards a young looking vampire who nodded at me and I bowed my head in return. 'He has news for us from the vampires, you shall translate and he speaks one of the languages of the humans.' I groaned internally. I don't know all of the languages on earth, there are loads, I think as I silently pray he speaks one I know.
The vampire rose from his chair and after bowing to my father he began to speak:
'My lords, I have been sent to inform you of some important news that has came to our attention,' he waited for me to translate. 'I will get straight to the point seeing as you are so busy,' Father grunted at this when I translated. 'Our current vampire leader has been assassinated by one of our own and the vampire lord's arrival has been seen by our prophets,' My eyes widened slightly as I translated this and resulted in a number of gasps sounding throughout the room. Alexander did not wait for silence as he continued with his message.
'The vampire population as a whole have came to the conclusion that we must ask you for an alliance,' there were a few protests at this.
'I understand you may not feel comfortable but we feel the need to apologise for what our previous leader had done, I am sure you understand when we are unable to disobey any orders from those that are of a higher ranking then us,' he paused. 'If not an alliance then we will offer our vampires to help in your kingdom.' Having said his piece he then sat down and looked around at the table at his audience who very quickly became restless.
'Quiet!' father ordered. He gestured for me to stand next to the vampire and to translate for him.
'This is a very interesting development. I will have to speak with the council at great length before I come to a final decision. Lewis, take Alexander to look around the grounds. Your are dismissed.' He said waving an arm at us as I lead Alexander outside.
'Is he always like that?' Alexander asked as soon as we were out of earshot, I laughed.
'Yeah, pretty much. So, Alexander?'
'Please, call me Alex, I hate that name,' he scowled. I laughed again and lead him outside in the night air.
'So you're the infamous Lewis, huh?' he said turning to me, the moonlight reflecting off of his skin giving it an eerie glow.
'Unfortunately,' I sighed and moved to lie down in my previous spot in the grass. Alex sat down next to me and stared across the grounds. I too looked across the grounds, taking in all of the trees and flowers that circled the area. I sighed and looked back up into the sky.
'So... You don't seem very happy here,' he commented.
'Far from it,' I replied, turning back to look at him. 'I have no control of my life over here, I get ordered to do things and I am expected to follow those orders, I need to get away from here. As soon as I outgrow my usefulness I will get killed by them.'
'I thought you guys were immortal,' he asked curiously.
'We are,' I replied. 'But sooner or later, especially in my profession, I will get hurt so much that I will barley be able to walk. I have a lot of enemies because I have a habit of killing their families, they are all out to get me I have to have my own private guard for when I sleep for gods sake,' I snorted, glaring up at the night sky, with the stars looking innocently back at me.
'It can't be that bad. I mean assassins get paid don't they?'
'Not me, I am expected to do everything free of charge because of the family I was born in. I would give anything to have a normal life. The only chance I have of that now is if I leave the city, I run away...' I stopped suddenly thoughtful. I had a plan.
'Oh no, I am so not smuggling you out of here,' Alex said shaking his head.
'What are you psychic?' I asked surprised.
'Vampires have different talents depending on the individual,' he shrugged. 'I'm a telepath. Just... don't tell anyone that, there are some things we just don't want other people to know about. And I still am not smuggling you out,' he added.
'Please? If not I will make my own way out. No one is going to be able to stop me I have spent way too many centuries stuck in this crap whole. There is nothing keeping me here,' I laughed then. 'They really should not have trained me to be an assassin of all things.' Alex just shrugged then turned to look at the guard who was waiting for us to finish our conversation. I silently thanked the gods that he could not understand us.
'The king requests your presence in the meeting room,' he said with a bow. I nodded at him and gestured for Alex to follow me and the guard back to the castle.

I took my place once again behind Alex's chair and we waited for the king to speak.
'Alexander, we are grateful for your offer but we must refuse your offer for an alliance. We do however, accept your apology and will order our warriors to retreat from the battle if you do the same. A truce if you like, both sides to stop killing. I think this is a fair proposal, don't you agree?' father finished talking and waited patiently for me to finish translating, his eyes focused on Alex who shifted uncomfortably in his chair.
'Of course my lord, that sounds totally fair,' his voice was shaky when he answered, my eyes narrowed in concern as I translated back to father.
'It's me, Alex. Don't freak out and keep a straight face, another talent of mine if you like. Come find me after this meeting, it is really important.' My eyes widened slightly but said nothing.
'Thank you for your time. I await your return with the reply from your new leader. You are dismissed, Lewis take him to one of the spare rooms,' he turned away from us, a signal we just leave. Alex followed me outside of the room as I lead him in the general directions of the dorms and walked up to an open window, after checking that none of the guards had followed us I gestured for Alex to stand next to the window. He knew where I was going with this and launched himself out of the window. I blinked in surprise and looked out to see that black, bat like wings had unfurled and he was hovering in the night air. I mentally shook myself and followed him outside.
I lead him higher until I was satisfied that we were out of sight.
'I had no idea warlocks could fly,' Alex said mildly while I stared in disbelief at his wings.
'What's up with the wings?' he ignored that.
'He is going to have me assassinated,' he said bluntly.
'He was going to have you kill me. I couldn't understand all of what he was thinking but I got the geist of it,' he shook his head. 'It was all in your language,'
'So how did you know...?'
'People don't just think in words you know, he was picturing you sneaking up to my bed and stabbing me with a mithril knife,' he shuddered. I grimaced, I had seen the damage mithril could do to a vampire and didn't wish it on anyone.
'Your not going back there. Just... let me get my bow and sword and I will meet you here in a few,'
'Wait what?' he demanded, surprised.
'You think your going on your own? You hardly know your way around here and you will have assassins following you as soon as they realise your gone. Including me, I will have no choice unless I leave with you before they get the chance to find me,' he took one look at my face and realised that I was not kidding.
'Ok,' he agreed. 'Just please hurry?' I nodded and flew around the castle until I found my bedroom window.
I eased myself in and landed with a soft thump on the floor, picking up my bow, arrows and sword I turned back to the window.
'Lewis?' I froze, silently cursing and turned to face Sophia, my eldest sister. She frowned slightly, taking in my guilty face and the weapons I was carrying.
'Why are you leaving?' she asked.
'Please Sophia, please don't tell anyone. I can't stay here any longer, I'll go insane if I do. He... he wants me to kill Alex. Right after he offered a truce and father accepted, it's just not right,' I stopped, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to spill over. She stepped towards me and pulled me into an embrace as I then cried into her shoulder. She knows me better than anyone, she is one of the only people that even made an effort to know me.
'I won't tell anyone,' she said holding me at arms length. 'Now go, before they come here.' I nodded thankful and hugged her one last time before leaping out of my window and into the night air.

I found Alex in the same place I left him, thankful it was dark, I still had tears falling down my cheeks from my encounter with Sophia.
'Hey you ok? Your crying,' Alex said in concern while I stared at him in disbelief. 'Your not serious? Do you know anything about vampires? Never mind, just show the way out of here.' I nodded, wiping away the last of my tears.
'Well they won't know that you can fly so I suppose we can use that to our advantage although we are going to have to fly quite high so they don't see us,' I said thoughtfully. Alex nodded in agreement.
'Ok, lead the way.'
I flew up higher into the sky; I heard Alex's powerful wings beat the air as we ascended. We broke through the clouds and then I remembered why I didn't fly through clouds, they're made of fucking water. I cursed myself silently as I shivered from the cold, Alex appeared beside me, his pale skin reflecting the moonlight.
'O-ok, we should head to the south, t-there is a forest there a-a few hours flying away,' I shivered again, I really should have put some thicker clothes on.
'Are you ok? You look kinda pasty,' Alex commented while I stared at him blankly.
'What?' I questioned.
'Oh, uh... I meant erm... pale. Yeah, you look pale,' I shook my head at him and yawned.
'Ok, lets get moving then.'

About an hours later of me following Alex later. I was looking through the clouds below us and down onto the landscape, my eyes were getting heavy when Alex stopped suddenly.
'Whuts wrong?' I mumbled. Alex ignored me and stayed perfectly still.
'We need to go higher,' he stated, I swore and looked up into another layer of clouds, before I could protest I had been hauled up by Alex through the clouds. I swore to myself, thankful that he couldn't understand what I was saying.
'They have people searching for us,' he muttered. 'Only thing is I have no idea what they are saying.'
'Uhh give me a second,' I said and dipped down under the cloud and swore.
'What's up?' Alex's muffled voice came through the cloud. I glanced up through my soaked blonde hair at the outline of Alex and his wings. I am never going to get used to how he speaks.
'What is wrong,' he explained impatiently as I drew level with him, we had slowed down so that the trees below us were now moving past in a more steady speed.
'Well they have the shadow hunters after us. They basically have all the stealth and talents of an assassin and more. If they have those lot after us we are in a lot of trouble,' I sighed, exhaustion was starting to settle into my limbs and I began to envy Alex's powerful wings as my flying skills began to suffer. Hell, I'm not meant to be able to fly, that's just a benefit of the magic, warlocks creatures of the earth I mean there is no sea on this planet like there is on earth, just lots of rivers.
'So that's bad?' Alex interrupted my thoughts.
'Yes, very. They only bring them out if it is a very important situation, not that a runaway vampire is at all,' I muttered.
Suddenly the exhaustion that I had been trying to hold back nearly overwhelmed me and the darkness was beginning to creep in from the edges of my vision.
'Alex... I think I am gunna-'
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