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chapter 7

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“Go on , Mikey, you can do this. Just try to eat a bit.” Hollie encouraged and Mikey picked up his fork, twirling it nervously between his bong fingers. He speared some of the juicy meat with a fork and brought it up to his face, looking at it for a minute before taking a tentative lick. He swirled his tounge round in his mouth for a while, getting used to the taste and deciding whether he was going to eat it or not, before tearing about half of the chunk off and chewing it slowly, swallowing and taking the rest off the fork.
“Holy shizzle sticks, that things hot!” He exclaimed, grinning like a maniac.
“Not to hot though, by the grin on your face?” Hollie smirked as Mikey took the second forkful.
“Of course it’s too hot! But that’s why I love it! Burning your mouth to smithereens just tastes amazing!” Ray shook his head and giggled when Mikey squealed out this comment.
We decided it was best not to watch him too much after he had eaten five whole mouthfuls, but Hollie stayed sat beside him, just like a good wife would.
“Bah! I’m so full I may explode!” Mikey exclaimed, pushing the plate away, he had only eaten half, but for him that was probably a lot, and the portions Jackie dishes up aren’t exactly small either.
“That’s okay Mikey, do you want me to put it in the fridge for later?” Hollie asked, picking up his plate.
“Dude! You don’t put curry in the fridge, especially if it’s still warm! The condensation drips in it and makes it watery and less spicy.” Mikey complained and Hollie nodded, placing the plate on the side instead.
“I think I’m going to be sick.” Mikey groaned and headed towards the stairs before Gerard grabbed his hand and pulled him back, twisting Mikey around to face him.
“No you’re not, Michael.” Gerard said sternly, he used his full name. He never uses his brothers full name. Mikey is in deep trouble.
“Gee, I really do feel sick.” He lied, looking at the floor.
“Mikes, you don’t look sick and you’ve just eaten alright so you aren’t goddamn sick! Don’t think I don’t know what you were going to do!” Gerard shrieked in Mikey’s face, holding his collar so he was at the same height as Gerard.
“What was I going to do then? Gerard Arthur Way?” He growled back, standing up to his big brother.
“You were going to make yourself sick! This has got to stop Mikey! You’re killing us all by doing this to yourself! You have a goddamn eating disorder so deal with it. Don’t just ignore it and carry on because you’re making yourself sick!” He screamed, throwing Mikey to the floor. “Another thing. My name is Gerard Arthur Iero-Way, imbecile.” Gerard muttered the last word as he pushed past Bob to the stairs, we just stared at Mikey, who was sitting on the floor, looking about ready to cry. Again. I looked between the stairs, my friends, and Mikey, trying to make my decision.
“Go with Gerard, Frank.” Mikey told me and I nodded, running to and up the stairs. Gerard was on our bed, curled up and crying when I went in, so I curled up next to him and put my arms around his shoulders.
“Aw Gee Gee, don’t cry. It’s all right.” I soothed, Gerard was crying heavily into my chest.
“I hate arguing with Mikey, Frank. But what he’s doing to himself... and to Hollie, to all of us...It’s killing me.” He admitted and I held him close against me, rocking him gently.
“Gee, it’s all going to be okay, I promise. We just need to help Mikey and be there for him when he needs us to be there, if we stick together we can get through this. If Mikey isn’t going to do this for himself, he’ll do it for you, he’ll do it for Hollie and he’ll do it for their unborn child. Mikey’s a very strong person, he can do this I promise. Just like you got off the drugs and alcohol and got clean and sober.” I promised and he sniffled, taking a few deep breaths to calm himself down, I pulled away a little to look at him.
“Everything just seems so sudden and complicated to me. I mean, I have a pregnant husband who is a vampire, my friends are also vampires, we’re all married and my little brother is going to have a baby vampire as well as me and you! This is just really crazy.” He breathed, squeezing his eyes shut for a second before his hazel orbs locked back onto mine.
“I understand, but we’re all going to be okay, and that’s all that matters. Isn’t it?” I looked at him and when he didn’t reply, my heart began to feel heavy and I could feel the tears just beginning to sting my tear ducts. “Do you wish this hadn’t happened?” I whispered, not daring to look at him.
“What?!” He gasped, sounding shocked.
“Do you wish that you weren’t a vampire, that me and the girls hadn’t moved here, that we’d never have met, that we hadn’t got married and that I hadn’t gotten pregnant?” My voice was mousy and my heart felt like it was tearing in two- it was more than I felt I could take.
“No, Frankie, I wouldn’t change what we have for the Universe, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m glad this has happened and I’m really happy that your pregnant because I thought that even though we could get married and be Uncles, we could never have a baby that was half mine and half yours biologically. And that hurt, I mean, sure we could adopt and that kid would be the best loved and looked after kid on the planet; but it could never be ours. You’ve subconsciously made my wildest dreams come true, I wanted to get married and have kids, but because I knew I was gay I never thought the latter would happen. But it has and it’s happened because of you, you are amazing and I love you more than anything in the world.” His eyes and voice were so full of honesty and sincerity that I couldn’t help but smile.
“I love you too Gerard, so much. And I really love what we have, I just feel so lucky to have someone as amazing as you love someone like me.” He hugged me tight and we fell back onto the pillows.
“You’re way more special than you give yourself credit for Frankie.” We lay holding hands for a few minutes before a light seemed to switch on in Gerard’s mind, a cartoon light bulb wouldn’t have looked out of place above his head as he jumped up and headed towards the wardrobe. “You haven’t had your birthday present yet Frankie boy!” He squealed and threw open the cupboard and started rummaging.
“Haven’t you already given me enough? We just got married for Christ’s sake!” I giggled as he looked back at me and smirked, shaking his head.
“Go on then.” I laughed as he brought over a large package, wrapped in tinfoil. “Tinfoil?” I asked, giggling.
“We had no wrapping paper! Jackie’s idea anyway so don’t eat my head about it!” He played mock defensive and lay the package down on the black silk sheets. “Go on then.” He nodded towards the package and I smiled up at him, unravelling the silver scrunches and folds and dropping the aluminium on the floor.
“Oh my God! Tell me you didn’t!” I begged, I could see what this was now even though it wasn’t out of the box- Gerard only smirked as I pulled open the box and squealed. “Oh God Gee Gee! This is amazing! How the hell did you afford this? On top of the wedding as well?” I gasped and stroked my fingers down the body of the £150, 000 Gisbon Les Paul, black and shiny with an ebony fingerboard. “I love it!” I gasped, pulling him into a tight hug.
“I thought you’d like it. Ray and Jackie helped me pick as their the big guitar heads in the group and we all chipped in. I know it’s nothing compared to Pansy, but I still thought you’d like it.” He said, pulling out of the hug as I teared up- happy tears this time though.
“My Dad gave me Pansy- and I thought it was special. But he didn’t really love me, he wasn’t family, but you and the guys are, that’s why I have something in mind for Pansy right now.” I smirked.
“And what would that be, baby? Gerard asked, trying to read my expression.
“We’re going to burn her. On a bonfire. Because she is just a reminder of how little my parents actually care about me.” I laughed lightly at his facial expression.
“You sure about this?” He asked, taking my hand and squeezing it, unable to stop the smile spreading across both our faces.
“Definitely, I don’t even want to think about them any more. You are my family now.”
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