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Maybe It's Not For The Best

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Gerard and Frank's relationship reaches a climax, but shifts when Frank is attacked.

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Okay, so, everything's going to go pretty fast from here. I'd say there's only a couple of chapters to go. I have another Frerard which I'm still writing, and I can tell it's going to be a lot longer, I will post it when I'm done with this one. Thank you to my readers! :D

There was a few seconds of silent torture which seemed to go on forever. Finally, huge grins spread across their faces.

"Finally!" Ray exclaimed. "It was obvious that you both had it hot for eachother." We both blushed uncontrollably.
"So... you don't mind?"
"Nah! We're happy for you!" Bob smiled. Awesome. Gerard turned to face me and I was already beaming at him.
"Now that's over and done with, rehearsal! Frank has something fucking amazing to play you." He sent a beautiful smile my way.
"O-okay." His beauty caused me to stutter. I took Pansy off of my back and unpacked her. I strummed a chord, then started playing the song. I paused half way through.
"I sort of have an idea for lyrics so erm yeah... This is what I have." I continued playing, then I drew a breath to sing.
"I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone, honey if you stay I'll be forgiven, nothing you can say could stop me coming home. I say, I see you lying next to me, with words I thought I'd never speak, awake and unafraid, asleep or dead." I got to the end of the lyrics's I'd composed, and played the rest of the guitar I'd written.
"Fu-huuuuuuck." Mikey cursed. I looked up, awaiting their reactions.
"We are fucking working on that. Now." Ray stated. The next two hours were good. Laughing, music, coffee, Gerard. It was like heaven to me.

The next week was a lot like that, and we finished the song, which was now called Famous Last Words. I think Gerard had caught on that my bit had been about suicide and him.
We were walking to his house tonight, we hadn't spent a night apart since the first FLW rehearsal. We got in, took off our shoes, dumped our things and went up and collapsed on Gerard's bed.
"DVD?" He yawned, walking over to his collection.
"Kay." I didn't give a shit about the DVD, I was going to be too focused on Gerard. I didn't see which DVD he chose and I didn't care. I reached out my arms, motioning that I wanted him in them. He shuffled up next to me on the bed, I clutched him to my chest and planted a kiss on his forehead.
"You know what, I think I did pretty well with Famous Last Words." I told him.
"...Say that again." He looked up at me.
"I did well with Famous Last Words?" I repeated unsurely. Gerard beamed and kissed my lips once.
"I haven't heard you compliment yourself in a long time." He smiled, tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear. I laughed deeply.
"Yeah, I guess." I said, my cheek pressed to his ear. He turned to me.
"I really wish you'd see yourself like I see you." He whispered, kissing me once again. I could tell we were not going to be watching this movie properly. Then I pressed my lips to his that time, he gladly kissed me back.
"How the fuck are you mine?" I wondered aloud between kisses.
"Shouldn't I be the one asking that?" He replied. I replied to this with a more passionate kiss, his hands traced up my back and locked me to him by pulling me at my neck, I ran my fingers through his messy hair. I ran my tongue along his bottom lip, asking for entrance. He happily granted me access and moaned softly as his lips parted for me. Our tongues soon collided, trying to get as much of eachother as possible. I turned on top of him, him inbetween my legs. I dived for his neck, biting into his gorgeous pale skin, being careful not to be too harsh. I smiled as he moaned.
"Do you like that, baby?" I hushed into his ear, nibbling at his earlobe. I didn't know what the fuck I was doing, but it must've been right, thinking of how we were groaning and how he was gripping my body. We desperately tore off eachother's shirts, and I felt the sensation between my legs becoming somewhat unbearable. He was also hard against me.
"Frank- Just- please. Fuck. Frank. Fuck. Just please." Gerard managed to choke. I smiled as I sucked at his neck. He put his hand down, started rubbing. Oh fuck. Fuck.
"Gerard. Oh, fuck. Please. Oh God."
"So- you- want-"
"Yes." I moaned. He tugged at my waistband and we both knew where this was going.


"You awake, gorgeous?" I wearily opened my eyes. Gerard was standing there, freshly showered, hair wet, towel around waist, holding coffee. I felt my insides melt.
"No. I'm in heaven." I smiled. Gerard smiled back and handed me coffee. Suddenly I noticed scars which weren't the ones I knew about. They were newer than the ones I knew about. I took the coffee and gripped his arm.
"When did you do this?" I asked, my heart sinking badly. Gerard tensed up.
"Doesn't matter." He mumbled.
"Gerard. When and why." I said firmly. He sighed.
"A month or two ago, because I thought you'd never love me." He admitted. A lump rose in my throat.
"You hurt yourself because I was too scared to tell you how I felt about you?" I choked, trying to hold back the tears. A minute of silence.
"Doesn't matter now anyway." He said. Fuck, if I made him this vulnerable I'd rather not be in his life at all.
"Gerard." I sniffed. "I-I'll see you later. I need to get something from my place." I said, getting dressed. He nodded sadly.
"Promise I'll be back." I planted a kiss on his cheek and walked downstairs and outside.

I got my diary from my house, and turned back to the route to Gerard's house. I turned into the alleyway for a shortcut and immediately regretted it. There was two burly figures walking my way, so I turned around, but two tall guys were coming that way also now. Shit.
"Well, well! What've we got here, guys?" One sniggered.
"Got ourselves a little emo. Aw, poor him."
"I don't like Misfits." Another said, throwing a punch at my stomach, where a Misfits logo on my shirt was.
"Freak." Another punch. Another punch with every insult. Soon I was on the floor, pain flowing through my body. More kicks. I couldn't breathe. Oh fuck, I was going to die. My vision was blurring.
"FRANK!!!" A familiar voice yelled, and I saw the guys being whacked over the head with something and the person kneeling down to me and putting their arms around me before I blacked out.

I could not have asked for a worse time for a police officer to walk down the alley. He started running towards us when he saw the scene. I couldn't get away. Frank had only just come around, and I couldn't carry him away like this. The officer hauled me away from Frank and easily restrained me.
"What's happened here?!"
"I hit those guys around the head with a pipe. They're dead." I said calmly.
"You are under arrest. Your friend too." He said, then calling for backup. Backup came and hauled us easily into a police car.

"I'm sorry Gerard." I whispered. He grabbed my hand, squeezing it comfortingly.
"Don't be." I should. I made him risk his life, and get him arrested. All I did was put him in danger. I was bad for him. I couldn't.
"Gerard." I said, my voice quiet. Here goes. "I don't think we should be together. I don't love you like I did," I love you even more. "We're just not meant to be." Utter lie. A few moments silence.
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