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So... I Have A Friend?

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Michie was just beat up in the hallways by two stilletoed superficial teenagers girls. Gerard, who was tying his shoe, caught sight of Michelle's injuries and followed her around the school. Eventu...

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Michelle's POV
I have to limp now. The numbness in my knee has vanished, and I feel a stinging pain in my nose and leg. I've scavenged this place for the nurse's office and I can't seem to find it. Curse this school for being too fancy and big. I must sit down or I'll fall again. I stumble to the wall and slide down to the floor. I look at my severely bruised knee. Then I touch my upper lip and show myself my fingers. There's still blood.
I slump my head back to face the ceiling. I've been forgetting how well and nicely decorated the interior is. The beautiful flare of the candle light is emphasised on the steel painted in gold. I watch the candles until I hear the sound of shoes patting on the tiled floor coming from where I did.
I panic. It's got to be a professor. Or the principal. I quickly scope the hallways to find a hiding place. All I see is the door to the janitor's office, and the light's on. I have to embrace the worst. To be seen, or not to be seen by the authorities. I hate being an emoish geek. It always gets me into trouble.
I stand up, licking the blood away with my unnormally long tongue. I bite my lip at the tickle of the blood returning and I begin to reconsider the fact that there's another room there even though someone may be within it.
The footsteps are getting closer, the pain in my nose and limb pulsing with the blood flow. I shudder at that thought. Soon the umbra of a familiar shape is showing up. Someone, but I can't put my finger on it. Soon, he shows himself. The black haired boy who'd seem my age if you erase the evilish makeup. I look at him straight in the eye and he stares. We eventually had stopped and returned to reality.
"What happened back there just isn't right," He said as he walked with a little skip in his step. "It happens to us too, the other two and I. We're constantly thrown in lockers and have sandwiches thrown at us."
Listening, his voice began to trail off. To me, it seemed. It was just angelic and filled with hope and sympathy, compassion. I finally respond. "You too?"

Gerard's POV
I finally find her up against the wall, knee severely bruised and nose bloody. The redness of her smeller has died down, and it kind of looks purple now. I think they may have broke her nose. Her eyes, they show fear and tears. If I was as skinny as her and boney too, I'd most likely be feeling the same.
She stares at me, I stare back. The only sound is the classical music coming from the speakers. I eventually break the silence between us. "What happened back there just isn't right," I said trying my best to comfort this divine and rare beauty who was just beaten. I jog slightly to her. I then see she's been shaking. "It happens to us too, the other two and I. We're constantly thrown in lockers and have sandwiches thrown at us."
She hesitated. Is it my breath? I consider touching my tongue then smelling my finger, but that might gross her out. I don't want to make an overly bad impression.
"You too?" I can see surprise on her face. She then begins to straighten herself up as she stared into my highlighted eyes. I nod. She slightly smirks. "So, I'm not the only kid who's going to be thrown around?" I nod again. She finally smiles. I can tell she wants to hug me, but she must've thought the akwardness would appear. I chuckle.
"I'm guessing you're looking for a doctor or physican?" I joke, holding my arms out waiting for a hug. She studders and hesitates when she goes to hug me. I don't take it personally though. She's just as nervous as Mikey. I can feel the tiny headbob in my shoulder. "I'll take you there then."
I don't allow her to walk. Instead, I let her jump on my back and from there I carry her to the small office. On the way there, we have an interesting conversation.
"My old school called me the "Reputation Hybrid" just because I was nerdy and emo." She told me. I couldn't believe my ears. The Reputation Hybrid? That's the worst insult I've heard so far... Other than Nipple Nuggets, but that one's just funny. And that insult was because I refused to swim. I can't, sadly.
"That's just horrible. My opinion on this whole Rep thing, is that it's something people can use against you and label you for who you are." I can feel her cheeks place preasure against my noggin. She nuzzles my cheek with her own smiling. A warm feeling built up within me, and the temptation to just cuddle her until I die. Something's connected me with this woman whom I just met. Is it my sympathy? How beautiful she is? Okay, that last one must've sounded shallow. But still. She isn't as gross as raping a fish. Infact, she makes my sights stay on her. She's like a magnet.
We eventually reach the office, where Dr. Wood sat on his chair reading an email on his computer. I notice this from afar. Walking closer and closer, I can tell he either saw me from the corner of his eye or he heard my footsteps.
"Ah, Mr. Way. Who's this little lady you have with you?" He chuckles. I smile and bring her in. I sit her on the tall bed and I turn to look at her. I give her a hug, and tell her to text me when she gets out of the nurse's place(In our conversation I gave her my cell number). Before completely departing from her, I peck her cheek and walk away, looking back every few steps.
Something about Michelle attracts me... I must learn what it is.
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