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mmeting vince neil

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baically the 1st actual chapter.

Category: Motley Crue - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover - Published: 2011-04-05 - Updated: 2011-04-05 - 124 words

meeting vince neil. in the first chapter basically our thoughts on eachother it gets more interesting laer on in the story.
my pov
vince isnt really ma type but hes still pretty hot n a really weird way. his voice is kinda weird i wonder how he got a voice like that anyways his hazelish browns eyes r nice. i could get used to his weirdness.

vinces pov
shys really cute but yet shes not slutish ik most ppl think i have bad taste but shes really so far not that bad loooking think of a baby only grown up yeah ill have to get used to that part of bieng around her. soooo yeah might as well let her meet the next dudr
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