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Plum Murder, Finds a friend.

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Plum Murder Re unites with her friend....Blue Flare, who brings some unexpected surprises.

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Plum Murders POV:
I sat with my back against the burnt out old car and started out to the horizon. She'd be here soon enough...right? I sighed and closed my eyes. She wasnt coming. I'd been waiting for 3 hours straight....then....Who do I see? I beamed and ran up to her "Blue Flare!!!" I grasped her into a tight hug, not noticing the 4, 15 year old guys behind her.... "I missed you so much!" I stopped and let her go. "I see you brought some friends......" I smiled and winked at a rather tired looking Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Jet Star and Kobra Kid. "Why hello boys...What a surprise to see you here~" I laughed and looked at Blue Flare "I take it you already know they guys then...." She slipped a sly wink at me and I laughed. I looked around and saw my beat up old shack in the land of...well....waste. "Uh...I guess I better show you my 'Base' then...Hadnt I?" I flushed a red colour and bit my lip, looking away. Party poison smiled "No Need to be embarrassed about it Plummy...." I laughed and took them to the base...

Blue Flares POV:
When we walked into the shack, we knew, She was well prepared. Plum Murder had everything a Killjoy needs....or, the basic stuff anyway. I liked the base. It was...discrete. Nobody would think it was a top KillJoy hideoout...right? Plum Murder turned and beamed "Right. Tea?" I laughed "Tea?" I said with a slight hint of sarcasm in my voice. I nodded and turned to the others, mouthing, 'Be polite.' They laughed and nodded. "Sure. Why not?" Jet Star decided to chime in "TWO SUGARS PLEASE!"
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