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Once again I was hovering the toilet, It seems lately that’s all I’ve been doing, I have no Idea why, I barely eat anymore, but yet my stomach seems to find things to bring up. I Have never been so sick in my life. I was 18 years old and living with my best Friends Bob and Frank, they took me in about 3months ago when my boyfriend left me for my mother. She’s 34, she had me when she was 16. I could understand why he would want an older women.. But my mother, I was heartbroken. I cried every night, I cant get the image out of my head. So for the past month this is what I’ve been doing if I’m not lying around the house, like a depressed chicken.

‘Cass, are you ok?’ Bob asked from the doorway. I shook my head, I was feeling dizzy.

‘I feel awful Bob and I’m starting to feel dizzy again’ I chocked out. I started to cry and Bob sat down beside me and pulled me onto his lap, once again, this was a daily routine.

‘Cass, Please, let me take you to the hospital, this has been going on to long, there might be something seriously wrong with you’ He asked in a concerned voice, he has been begging me to let him take me to the hospital for the past 2 weeks, I nodded. It hurt my head, I groaned and tried to stand put I fell back down.

‘You’re to weak, let me carry you, I’m taking you right now.’

‘But what about work? You can’t take anymore time off’ He shook his head.

‘You’re not getting out of this Cass if they have a problem. Then can fire me, My best friends health is way more important then that stupid job.’ He was getting into a mood so I decided just to do what he said. He carried me to the car and sat me in the back and buckled me up. I must of fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I was being lifted out of the car onto a trolley and wheeled into the emergence room.

‘Can you tell me your name miss?’ the nurse asked me.

‘Cassie Taylor’ I said in a low voice, I hated hospital, ever since my Father died from cancer.

‘Cassie can you tell me your age please’

‘I’m 18’

‘And what is wrong with you’ she asked nicely

‘We don’t know, that’s why were fucking here’ Bob snapped

‘BOB’ I glared at him. ‘I’ve been getting sick none stop for about a month now and I feel dizzy most to the time, and I’ve fainted a couple of times’ I answered her.

‘OK Cassie, lets get you checked out, and we will see what’s going on’ After some tests I was in a room, Bob was sitting by the window humming a song and drumming his hands on his knee’s to the beat.

‘Did you have to be so rude?’ I asked him

‘I’m sorry, I was worried and she was pissing me off’ He looked at me sadly and I patted the bed for him to come sit,. He got up and sat down.

‘Do you want me to call your Grandfather?’ He asked.

‘Yes please, I don’t want that whore here’ I said now looking out the window, I thought about Gerard and my Mother and I got that feeling again.

‘I’m going to be sick’ Bob handed me the basing and I threw up right into it, there was blood. I froze.

‘Cass what?’ Bob asked worriedly, he looked into the basing and gasped.

‘I’m getting the doctor,’ and he raced out of the room and was back in a couple of seconds, I was still looking at the blood. The doctor took the basing out of my hands and looked into it.
‘Has this happened before?’ he asked. I shock me head no, because my voice had seemed to run away.

‘Right, we will get a scan done on your stomach and throat, there might be a tare because you have been throwing up so much’

After the scan I was back in my room, Bob had gone to call Frank to tell him where he was, he was also going to call my grandfather and get some coffee. The doctor walked in and sat on the bed beside me, He was middle aged and handsome. No Cass this isn’t the time to me checking out your doctor. I shouted at myself.

‘Cassie I have got your test results back and the results from your scan. You have slit tare that has caused the blood when your threw up, its easily fixed with a small operation. It will take a half hours and then you can go home. Your blood count is a little low but there’s a reason for that. Cassie do you have a boyfriend?’ He asked me, I was shocked to why my blood count had anything to do with the question.

‘I use to, we broke up about 3 months ago’ I said.

‘Are you still in contact with him?’ Again his questions where strange and he was starting to piss me off.

‘No he left me for my mother, now what the hell has this got to do with my Blood count..’ I snapped.

‘Caasie you are 4 months pregnant , and that’s why you have been getting sick , feeling dizzy, and that is why your blood count is low.’
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