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*]I was sitting on the couch with Frankie watching some movie, I wasn’t really paying attention, I felt bad for the way I treated Gerard, I was excited about the baby, and I had snapped. I Just couldn’t be that close. Frankie was cuddled up to me and Bob was called into work, he had to go because.. Me and Frankie had made him go. My phone went off and Frankie leaned over to get it off the table and handed it to me. It was from Gerard, oh god.

I know I was out of line earlier, and I’m sorry.
We have to come to sort this out, we
Cant go on like this and bring up a child, it wouldn’t be fair on her.
Please can we be at least friends, only if its for the little one?
Gee ox

He was right, we do need to sort things out. For the baby. Wait… a her? Oh hell no.

You’re right, I agree. We can be friends, if only for the baby.
And it WILL be a boy :P

I laughed slightly and put my Phone down, he wanted a girl, so did I, but I would fight with him on this. Frankie looked up at me and smiled.

‘That was Gee right?’ how did he know?

‘Yeah it was, how did you know?’ I asked

‘Only him can make you smile like that, when you get a text’ he laughed ‘What did he say?’

‘Just that he thinks we should be friends, even if its for the baby’ I smiled.


‘And I agree, we can’t bring him up fighting all the time’

‘Wait.. a boy? You’re having a boy?’ He beamed.

‘No, I don’t know, but Gee thinks it a girl, so I’m saying it’s a boy’ I laughed.

‘Use are so going to get back together, use are made for each other, sweetness’ he winked at me.

‘Frankie stop OK, he hurt me, he hurt me bad, I don’t think I could trust him again, no matter how much I love him’

‘Baby girl maybe not now but you will.’ he smiled and hugged me, my phone buzzed again

‘Lover boy again’

‘Shut up Frank’ I laughed and picked up my phone.

Thank you Cass, I wont let you down. I promise.
No it WILL be a girl :P
Gee ox

I smiled.

Your welcome, and I know you wont.
Nope Boy.
I’m going to bed I’m tired.
Goodnight Gerard

I kissed Frankie’s and headed to bed, I was exhausted even thought I did nothing today.

[*A/N It's stupid but i didn't want them not talking, not now.
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