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The Hippie in The Music Shop

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It's all about free love.

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I was even more tired when I woke up then I was the night before. My head pounded, and my body ached. I took a second to wonder about what reason I would have to get out of bed. When my brain couldn't think of a single reason as to why I should do anything I rolled over and pulled the blanket over my head, blinking at the light blue fabric. Why was everything here light blue? It was driving me insane, and making me sick. With a soft groan I ripped the sheets off and went on a hunt for my CD player.
I covered my mouth when I found it. The blue and silver pieces of it broken and jagged on the floor in the hall, the chips and batteries glittered scantly in the afternoon light. It broke my heart to see my favorite CD broken down to little shards of shiny plastic.
I sighed lightly and wondered around the empty house. I guess everyone was at work or something. At least my aunt and uncle were, I'm sure their pretty little perfect son was busy having fun with his perfect friends. I crept around the house slowly until I found Lindsey holding a box with a tag.
"I was just coming to see you." She said with a kind smile. I gave her a small smile back. Or at least, the closest thing to a smile that I could muster. "I got your school uniform, textbooks and schedule today." She handed me the box and I read the tag. Basically, it told me that my aunt was to lazy to give me the box, and that's why Lindsey was giving it to me. "You start Thursday." She said and then walked away. I bit my bottom lip. Today was Monday, which of course meant that I would have three days till I would have to deal with stuck up kids and bitchy teachers.
I wondered back around the house to find Lindsey again, hoping I could help her clean a little more. I found her in the living room dusting and asked her if she wanted help, and she answered with a smile, that she didn't want to bother me. I slowly walked back into my room and opened the box that was sitting patiently on the floor.
I scanned the schedule, automatically hating everything that I was on it. Even the music class would suck, I just knew it. It was a prep school. I guess the government forced my aunt and uncle to put me in the same school as my fucking cousin. I looked at the ridiculous uniform and the stupid text books that I was not ready to drag around. Throwing the box to the ground, I stood up. I had been indoors for too long, it was time for a change of scenery. With a little mumbling about new schools and being the obvious pot head at whatever prep school I was going to, I grabbed my pocket watch and some money to buy a new CD player before jumping out the window.
The sky was once again, grey. The sun that was supposed to shine oh so bright was hidden behind a wall of clouds that seemed to engulf the sky. It looked like it would start raining any minute. And it was still fucking hot. I pulled my hood up, not wanting to look at any of the people I was passing. I knew how terrible I looked, I didn't need everyone I passed to know just as well. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand. I would kill for a cup of coffee. I smiled.
Just across the street was a small music store, the window had the words 'Buy Sell Trade CD's, DVD's, and Video Games.' and in the window next to it, 'Freshly Brewed Coffee.' I couldn't possibly think about a better shop. I crossed the street quickly, trying to get over to two of the things that helped keep the world happy and feeling good.
There were three people in the shop, one was standing behind the counter working the cash register, the other standing in front of it while talking to the boy behind it. It didn't look like he was buying anything, so I guessed that they were just friends. The third person in the store was an old lady, sitting at one of the tables in the back by the coffee machines, tapping her feet to the ridiculous music they were playing quietly through a small radio. It was a small shop, about three rows of each type of disc that they carried, and the things that would play them were in the back. I walked past the music, the videos, the games, finally reaching the players. There was a small section for CD players, some of them really nice and fancy, the others cheep as shit. I picked up one of the ones that was used and only five bucks and went to the coffee machine. There were two tables in the back, one had four chairs around it, the other had two. The old lady was sitting at the four chaired table. I didn't bother to ask why as I got myself a cup.
"Free love." The old lady said as I walked past her. I stopped, turning around to look at her smiling face. Her blue eyes shined brightly with glee, they looked like they belonged to a kid. Actually, everything about her looked like it belonged to a kid. Even the 'Grateful Dead' tee and ripped and faded jeans she was wearing. "I remember, when I was a kid just a little younger than you, I was what they called a flower child." I put my drink down on her table, sitting down across from her. The two boys at the front looked back at us before talking once more, and I couldn't shake the feeling that they looked oddly familiar. "It used to be all about free love, but this generation just doesn't get it. You get it, right man?" She asked in a slow, steady and love filled voice. I nodded and she seemed satisfied with that as she continued to talk. "It's just not like it used to be. I miss the way it was. When everyone I knew just wanted to be free, just wanted to love all the time, and we all shared everything. There's still a house I go to nearby that's like that, but the times have changed. But you understand, I can tell."
"I get it." I said with a smile as I took a sip of my drink. I had lived in a Free Love house for a while back in my old town. I'd stay for a week or two, and on one occasion, I spent an entire month there. It was always my favorite place to hide.
Every time you entered the house, the sent of grass floated heavily through the air like a dense fog. Someone was always sitting on the worn out couch, that had burns and holes where the stuffing was coming out and enough stains to last a lifetime, that was by the front door, waring tattered clothing with plenty of holes and long hair. No one in the house ever wore makeup, and when they did, it was just a little bit, normally found on the guys. The yard out back was filled with every type of flower they could find, and at least five trees, even with the small space that was given as a yard. There was a van in the middle of the yard. An old 1972 Volkswagen Camper Van. It was in the middle of the trees, making them surround it like an odd cave. Everyone that had a place in the house had their name on it, whether it was their adopted name, or their real name, and they all had to paint something that meant something to them on it. One of the sides said 'PEACE' in large letters. It was probably the prettiest thing I had ever seen, covered in stars and flowers, rainbows suns and moons, hearts peace signs and words that went with the theme. The house was filled with rooms that had people in them, smoking, taking tablets, drinking, reading, braiding each others hair while tying fresh flowers from the garden in with the braid, sometimes they were just sitting there laughing while staring at the ceiling. It was always just so peaceful and happy.
"My name was Moon." I said with a smile as I stirred my coffee. She laughed a little.
"Mine's Comet." She said with her large grin still in tact.
"Well Comet, it was a pleasure talking to you." I said holding out my hand, still smiling as I stood. She took it happily and shook it with a genuine smile.
"Come back sometime soon, I'm here all day every day."
"Ain't that the truth!" One of the boys yelled from the front of the shop. Everyone was now laughing, and the other boy at the front yelled "Damn the man! Save the Empire!" And I couldn't help but laugh at the movie reference that I thought no one else knew about, while the others cheered excitedly. I took my coffee and CD player, walking to the cash register. I realized that they were two of the boys that were at the diner, and couldn't help the feeling of curiosity and awkwardness that washed over me. The boy behind the counter's name tag read Spencer, he was taller than me, not by much, but still taller, and he had dark brown hair with bluish-green eyes, giving them a strange effect. The other had lighter brown hair, and light brown eyes. I paid without saying a word, and left immediately afterwords.
I would most definitely go back.
The sky was once again, a bright blue, the sun beating down on the earth like it was trying to make everyone sweat their own body weight. The sun had about an hour before it's decent, and I figured I'd find a nice place to watch it and all it's might fade. I went back to my so-called house and grabbed my headphones and a single CD. I wondered what it would feel like to walk through the door like a normal household resident again, but didn't want to risk meeting up with a family member and decided that the window was best. I went to the park with plenty of trees that I had found the first day.
Walking down the path once again, this time continuing till I manged to find the small clearing. It was empty, and absolutely perfect. I walked over to a twisted tree and jumped, latching my hands to the shortest branch and using all my strength to pull myself up onto it. How out of shape do you have to be to get exhausted from doing something as simple as climbing a tree? I continued after catching my breath, and when I was half way up, I gave in to being to weak to continue. I was on my stomach, one of my legs dangling off carelessly as the other kept me balanced and my hands held my CD player. I stayed like that for a while, staring at the sun while occasionally watching the single pathway to the clearing. I didn't want someone to come, but if someone did come, I would see them, and they wouldn't even notice me. It gave me a false since of security.
I heard a rusting from down below, and glanced at the path. There was a boy, about my age, who looked familiar. He was crying slightly, and I couldn't help but want to jump down and comfort him. There was this odd aurora that went off around him, it seemed to make everything brighter and happier. Why in the world was a boy so beautiful crying? I once again thought about jumping down to talk to him as the sun started to set.
Just as I was about to climb down and attempt to comfort him, three boys came running down the pathway, panting heavily like they had been running for a while. I pulled my headphones off as I listened to them talk.
"Ryan! There you are! Don't fucking scare us like that." The blondish-burnett said. I knew I had seen him before, I had seen all of them before. It was that fucking diner. What are the chances that you constantly run into people you've never met before in one of the most popular cities in the country? The dark brown haired boy sat down next to him, wrapping his arms around him comfortingly. I realized that I didn't know one of them, his head was just stubble, and he looked a lot stronger than the others.
"Ry, why won't you tell us what's wrong?" The boy who was holding him asked. The beautiful boy named Ryan just wiped his eyes gently with his sleeve, trying to take calming breaths before shaking his head.
"I can't." He said slowly in a voice as amazing as his honey eyes, his voice cracked in the middle of his sentence. The other two sat down, all of them trying to comfort the smaller, crying boy. I just stared into his eyes, watching the bottomless voids that were his honey orbs. There was so much to them, I felt like I was going to drown while I stared into them, and I'm sure if he was looking at me I would have. They looked scared, confused, kind, loving, a million emotions that didn't belong together, all of which I could feel as I stared in them. It was like they were able to suck me in and transfer his emotions onto me just by looking at them. They were vacant, void of emotion when his friends talked, but when they stopped, the emotions came flooding back with a wave of muffled sobs.
He looked up at me, and looked confused, his eyes staring into mine. I couldn't break the gaze though, they were just to amazing to look away. Luckily none of his friends seemed to notice his gaze on me. A minute later, his friend with blond hair stood, and I decided it was time to listen to what they were saying once more.
"Ry, it's getting dark soon, so you're going to have to leave, okay?" Ryan nodded, and the other two looked up at him.
"Alex, he obviously can't go back home." the dark haired boy said.
"Fuck Jack, he can stay with us for a few nights. But there's no way in hell he's going to stay here in the cold all night. What if it starts raining?" The dark haired boy shook his head at the blond. Dark haired boy was apparently Jack, the blond Alex. With a soft sigh, Jack spoke, making a gesture at the last boy.
"Rian, can you carry him?" He asked giving him a soft pout. The boy named Rian smiled and picked up Ryan like a little kid without a second thought. With that, they were off. And the sun was gone.
It was a lonely feeling, especially with the image of Ryan's eyes staring at mine vacantly. Maybe I had just imagined it all, it wouldn't be too unlikely. I groaned, rubbing my eyes with my hand before climbing out of the tree. I needed to see if I could get some sleep. I knew that would be pointless, I'd have his eyes stuck in my head all night, and they would most definitely keep me awake. By tomorrow, I had no doubt in my mind that I will have already forgotten his name, but his eyes would stay with me.
I wanted nothing more than to stare into them for the rest of eternity.


I'm sorry it took me so long to update. I've been super busy between school, work, the masquerade event on (username:Canterella) and my grandma dying (pity ratings anyone?) I haven't had anytime to get writing done. Until now! Yay! I'll have some new stories that I've been working on posted soon. I've got a few ideas that will hopefully be good. But no promises.
-xoxo Pansy.
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