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Evil Little 'Boy'eating Refrigerators

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"Hell no! No! No! No! No! No!"
"I just said.."
"I know!"

Tom held baby Jack in his hands.
"Jack Kaulitz." He whispered into Jack's ear.
"What about a middle name?" Bill said.
"George." Tom said.
"Why?!" Bill asked, crossing his arms.
"Cause, George Lopez!" Tom said, with a "Duh!" expression on his face.
"Oh, okay.." Bill agreed.
Then the door flung open.
"WOO! P-A-R-T-Y!" Timothy yelled, calling in a crapload of guests. It seemed as though 3/4 of the world's population came to the party. And who were they? Timothy, the world's biggest, fattest, freak.
"Welcome, Elephant Boy.." Bill muttered.
"Hello!" Timothy yelled over the bud blasting of Slipknot. Charlie and Brenda walked up to Bill.
"What is going on in here?!" Charlie screamed, then John approached her, when he got way to close for comfort she casually took out a gun and shot him in the stomach and continued talking with Bill. John fell to the floor in agony, screaming. Charlie looked at him and kicked him in his bloody gut. More piercing screams.
"Hold on a second." she told Brenda and Bill.
She dragged John by the collar of his shirt into the kitchen and pushed the refrigerator onto him. The screaming ended. She skipped back into the room where the party was going on.
"Dum, dee, dum, dum. Took care of that without delay OR interruptions. Perfecto!" she said to Bill. Bill looked at her suspiciously. Baby Jack and Tom strolled into the living room, where the party was being held, waved to Charlie, Bill and Brenda and walked into the kitchen. Then everyone heard Tom scream, "Bloody Murder!" It was the same effect you would get if you watched a very horrifying horror movie.
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