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Sick Days

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Sorry to anybody who is still reading this story. I'm gonna be honest with all of you. I actually gave up writing when I was told my stories weren't good enough. But whatever. This chapter is for whoever is waiting for an update on this story. This one's for you(:

"Gerard." I woke up to Catelynn groaning my name.

"Hm?" I answered, rubbing my eyes.

"I don't feel good." she said

"My 'father instincts' kicked in and I got up and went to the couch quickly. "Whats wrong?" I asked, feeling her forehead. She was burning up.

"I feel like crap." she whispered

"You're hot." I said, feeling her forehead again.

"Psh. Tell me something I don't know." she smirked, then coughed.

I smiled and smoothed down her hair. "Don't worry. You'll be okay." I kept telling her. She looked up at me with her beauitful big blue eyes. Then her eyes looked glassy and her cheeks got red. "Oh fuck." I picked her up in my arms and rushed to the bathroom.

I set her down in front of the toilet and she threw up, putting her hands on each side of the toilet bowl. I gathered her hair in my hand. I knew how it felt to get that shit in my hair. It's the greatest thing in the world. SHe rested her forehead on the toilet seat.

"Thank you for holding my hair." she said

"No problem. Are you finished?" I asked

"I think so." she mumbled. I picked her up again. "I can walk you know." she said looking up at me.

"I know." I said, smiling down at her. SHe gave me a weak smile and rested her hand on my chest.

I set her down gently on the couch. She grabbed my jacket and used it as a pillow again. I moved her hair out of her face.

"Do you want soup? I'll make some for you if you want." I said

"Nobody had ever taken care of me like this before." she answered

I sat down next to her. "Your parents never did?" I asked.

"No, they hated me." she said quietly.

"What?" anger spilled out of my voice.

"They hated me," she repeated. "They never paid attention to me. My dad...he used to hit me. And my mom, she didn't care, all she did was smoke her damn cigarettes and drink all damn day." she let out a shaky breath. "And at school..." she looked for the right words, then looked up at me with watery eyes. "I wasn't bullied at school, I was just ignored."

That hit right at home for me. "Is that why you killed yourself?" I asked without thinking. I mentally slapped myself. Why would you ask somebody that?!

"Yeah." she whispered

I pulled her up in a sitting position and hugged her tightly. "It's okay. You're gonna be okay. You have me now. I'll take care of you," I pulled her away so she can look at me. "As long as I'm here, nothing or nobody will hurt you." I cupped her face in my hands and wiped away some of her tears with my thumb. "Okay?"

She nodded and leaned on me, burying her face in my chest. I found myself being angry at her parents. Who would ignore her? She's kinda hard to ignore. Shit I've only known her for a day and I practically love the girl. I kissed the top of her head.

"You okay now sugar?" I asked.

"Yes." she said. She pulled away from me and smiled. "Now, how about that soup?"

I smiled back. "I'll make it for you right now." I patted her knee and got up. But she grabbed her hand. "Whats wrong?"

"Wait. Don't leave just yet. I don't wanna be alone." she said.

"Oh, okay." I sat back down next to her.

She didn't let go of my hand as she layed back down and closed her eyes. I didn't want to let go of her, to be honest. For a dead person, her hand was strangely warm. I watched her sleep. I found myself leaning in close to her and I ever so lightly kissed her lips. Even though she wasn't kissing me back, it was the best kiss I ever had.

"Oh my God Gerard. This is the best chicken soup I've ever had in my life." Catelynn said

"Thank you." I said taking a seat across from her at the kitchen table. "Catelynn, if you don't mind me'd you kill yourself?"

She froze, sighed, then set her spoon down, coughed, then pulled up her sleeves of her shirt. They were covered with pink lines. The one scar that stod out started at her wrist and ended at her shoulder. She pointed to that particular one. "This is the one scar that did it. I did it in the other arm too. I cut myself with a lightbulb I broke by accident." she looked down at her arms. "I left my suicide note written in my own blood." she looked back up at me. "Pretty gruesome huh?"

"What finally made you do it?" I asked looking at her arms.

She coughed. "Kids at school," she explained. "They told me to jum off a cliff and that the world would be a better place if I wasn't alive." she ate more soup. "And when I got home, my dad was drunk, no surprise. He started to yell at me about nonsense as I walked to my room. Then he threw a beer bottle and it shattered on the back of my head and he started to beat me senseless." she felt the back of her head with her hand. "Then I went up in my room, dropped a lightbulb as I tried to change it, then I killed myself." she started to eat the soup again.

I sat there, not really knowing whatto say. I looked up at her face. She was looking down into the empty bowl. As if she felt me looking at her, her eyes looked up and met mine

"You have very beautiful eyes." I heard myself say. She blushed. I reached my hand over to her and cupped the side of her face and started to lean in. "Tell me something Catelynn." I said when my face was inches away from hers.

"Yeah?" she breathed

"Have you ever been this close to a guy before?" I asked.

"No." she whispered.

"We'll have to fix that now don't we?"

I didn't wait for her to answer. I presses my lips against hers and was happy that I was the one she kissed first. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me closer, deepening the kiss. I was prctically laying in the table now. I gently sucked her lip ring and she moaned gently.That moan brought me crashing to reality. I shouldn't be kissing het. I opened my eyes and pulled away from her, looking at her in horror.

"Why'd you stop?" she asked a little breathless from the kiss.

"'re sixteen. I'm thirth three. We can't do this." I said.

"But...age is just a number." she pouted

"I'm married and have a daughter."

"You're dead." she pointed out

She did have an excellent point there. It's not like I'm ever gonna see them again. But I still shouldn't be kissing a sixteen year old. I unwrapped her arms that were around me. But then she suddenly crashed her lips against mine. I moaned at the aggressineness she suddenly had.

I got off the table without breaking the kiss and she stood up so fast that the chair fel to the ground. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. When she felt how hard I was, she moaned into my mouth and deepened the kiss. I moved so now we were in the living room, never breaking that kiss. I layed her down on the couch so that I was on top of her. She slid her hands down my chest and attempted to unbuckle my belt. I stopped kissing her.

"Stop Catelynn." I said. We were both breathing heavily

"Why?" she asked.

"You're not ready for all that."

"Yeah I am!"

"Trust me. You're not." I got off the couch "Now take a nap. I know you're tired." I turned around.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"To the bathroom to fix a little problem I have." I said.

She giggled. "I wish I can help."

So what did you think? I'm kinda skeptical about the whole thing really. My mind is in a whole other place right now. I'm going on my first date tomorrow:) So I'm uber excited about that. So rate, review, do whatever you gotta do.
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