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Forsaken Dreams

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[Original slash] "Your problem is that you've given up on your dreams." "No, my problem is that you crushed them."

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Ciel's body began to shake uncontrollably. He coughed blood as his head began to spin. Dammit...not again... His mind thought wearily. Ciel has always had a weak body, he knew that, and frequently got sick. His breathing would become irregular, as it was now, and he would soon lose consciousness. He knew this. Yet he pushed himself to go outside, where it would be even more likely that he would have an attack.

So here he was, having one of his attacks right out in public. Just as he was about to fall to the ground, an arm wrapped around his waist, and someone was asking if he was alright. Ciel smiled. Alright? Did he appear in any way right?

Still, he replied that he was fine, and looked up to see a bit of an awkward looking boy with dark hair. The boy looked confused and a bit sad. Ciel felt heavy, and he began to feel the familiar version of unconsciousness.

Ezra began to panic. This small, delicate looking boy was clearly sick and now unconscious. What could he do? Clearly leaving him out here wasn't an option. He fumbled out to get his cell phone, and quickly dialed 911 and explained his situation. He closed his phone and looked at the boy. The boy almost seemed to resemble a french doll, and seemed just as delicate. As if he could break at any moment.

Ezra ran a hand through his hair, and cursed under his breath. Because of his kind nature, he was now stuck with a boy in the middle of a sidewalk. He couldn't believe he'd gotten caught up in someone's personal life again.

What on earth should I do with myself? Ezra thought just as the ambulance came.
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