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Authors Note

by cup-full-of-blood 15 Reviews

please read this :)xx

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  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) Mcrfan789 2011-04-11 08:24:28 AM

    I love all of your stories. You're such a good writer

    Author's response

    wow thank you :) that really does mean soooo much thank you :D
    i'm blessed >.<
    choawwi chaz
    chazom :)
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) CosmicZombie 2011-04-11 09:12:12 AM

    yeah, i think it would be good for Mikey to get a girlfriend at some point, but it's up to you whether you think it should be Alicia Simmons or some randomer (being Mikey's girlfriend would be freakin awesome lol xD) whichever you think would be better :) can't wait til your next update- this is probs my fave story on here atm :D i would R&R your other things, but i think i've already reviewed them all haha :O god, i'm such a freak! right, i'll shut up now, but yeah, can't wait til your next update and have fun camping xD

    CosmicZombie xo

    p.s. thank you soo mmuch for your reviews on "you'll Never Fit In Much, Kid" they always make me smile :D

    Author's response

    hehe why thank you soo much :) hehe well i dunno who it will be can be it depends on who really wants to be his girlfriend and all still havnt seen the rest of my reviews :) and i know aww thats so sweet you have reviewd all my stuff thanks soooo much wow lol thats amazing thanks i'm kinda shocked i never thought i would get so many reviewers and people supporting and loving my story but it means so much :)
    i think all of your stories are all my fave cant pick which one i like the best, have to say your 'you'll never fit in much, kid' just gets better and better
    i love it >.<
    ohhhh i think i will hehe :D
    and no probs your stories are soooo worth the reviews it gets :)
    chazom :)
    chaowwi chaz xx
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) andreajp 2011-04-11 09:56:01 AM

    YOU SHOULD NOT BE GOING CAMPING!! You should be writing your story!!..... oh..... you don`t care that I love your story and when I saw that there was an update I got so happy, then saw it was an AN? Well..... if you put it that wat have a blast camping, watch out for bears and elephants.

    Author's response

    hehe yeah i know sorry i dont think i can update that quick anyway lol but i just thought its best to let you know hehe thanks for revwing anyway i'm glad you like my story it means soo much :)
    yeah i know the elephants seem to come out more this time of year lol
    choawwi chaz xx
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) MCRmyAlways 2011-04-11 10:27:30 AM

    I really love your story! I think it would be a great idea for Mikey ti have a girlfriend in the story, as long as it doesn't take too much of him and Gerard's relationship away ('cause the big brother/little brother relationship is too cute=] ). Personally I think it would be more fun to have a randomer as his girlfriend. It just seems like you have more possibilities if it isn't a real person, y'know? :)

    Author's response

    hehe awwww thanks soo much i say it all the time but it really does mean soo much :)
    and yeah thanks i think mikey should he deserves one haha i think i have a good idea for how it could go XD
    hehe yeah i get you and thanks for reviewing :)
    chaowwi chaz :)
    chazom xx
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) emocutter91 2011-04-11 11:12:46 AM

    oooooh have fun camping:) ill be waiting patiently.... Maybe.... starts grinding teeth if i can.... tapping fingers on table and taps foot on tile ..... Yeah i totally wont be waiting patiently, ill be tossing and turning waiting for an update! But ill be singing your praises when you return (like I'm not already just coz I can re-read everything???) I like alice as mikeys girlfriend, but random chicks are cool too :) have fun xoxoxoxo

    Author's response

    awww thanks and yeah lol i get like that with stories i like lol XD hehe its nice to know you like my story though :)
    hehe so thanks soooo much i'm really glad you like my story :)
    i will try my best i will hopefully write some there if i have free time hehe i cant wait i have never been camping >.<
    so i hope i will
    chaowwi chaz
    chazom xx
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) perfectzombie 2011-04-11 12:43:20 PM

    you should call Mikeys girlfriend Darcy ;) PLEEASE?? ^_^ and have fun camping:D update soon!!

    Author's response

    hehe aww well a lor of people are asking me soo i will see what i can do, there are other boys in this who could have a girlfriend darcy XD
    thanks again for the review :)
    and i will thanks
    chaowwi chaz
    chazom xx
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) annabel-lee 2011-04-11 12:47:00 PM

    I love the idea of a girlfriend for Mikey! (I also like the idea of it being one of us (hint hint, nudge nudge). I will be eagerly awaiting the next chapter and I hope you have a great time camping!

    Author's response

    hehe lol aww again i will see what i can do, i will probs post another note on that with the first come first serve i supose XD
    hehe anyway thank you i'm glad you will be waiting and thanks for all of your reviews so far :)
    chaowwi chaz
    chazom xx
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) xomcrxo 2011-04-11 01:31:56 PM

    >_> i wana Mikeys girlfriend. XD
    O.O my name is Alleena, enough said. XD
    you dont have ta, up to you lol :P
    AND i love all your stories! Especially this one! :D Keep up the good work, and please be back soon >.<
    i cant survive without fanfics XD


    Author's response

    hehe lol awww your eager XD
    and i have a lot of people asking so i will sort that out when i come back from camping :D
    i wil probs do first come first serve or sumin
    awww thats really nice hehe thanks hehe i will unless the wierd perverted bert look a likes come after me o_O actually woudn't be to bad haha
    hehe lol i will do my best to get the next one up asap
    chaowwi chaz
    chazom xx
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) Ne_me_touche_pas 2011-04-11 06:47:17 PM

    Enjoy camping! I like the outdoors and camping but it's just so....outdoorsy XD.
    Mikey should have a girlfriend! Thad be so sweet/cute/amazing!

    Author's response

    hey thank you soo much i realy did :)
    and yes hehe i was pretty fine with it though, apart from being cold and having a blocked nose :/
    anyway yes i will Mikey should soo have one :)
    choawwichaz xx
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) PatrickIsTheSex 2011-04-11 09:57:52 PM

    D: Hey Chazom!

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