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lightening always strikes twice

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“Where the hell are they?” Mikey asked, irritated, worried and pacing up and down.
“They’ve been gone five hours! Did they go together, separate ways? Where are they?” Bob was just as frantic.
“I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. For Ray and Jackie, five hours could be a quick walk or a short trip to the pub.” Gerard’s voice was smooth as silk and he tried his best to reassure us all.
“Look, what’s the worst that could’ve happened?” Cheyenne asked and everyone snapped their heads round to face her.
“Never say that! It’s like saying ‘what else could go wrong?’ because something always does!” Mikey panicked, his pace quickening as he back and forth across the kitchen tiles.
Gerard’s phone buzzed and he flicked it out of his back pocket to read the text message. “Can you let us in please…no keys.” Gerard sighed and gave a half-hearted laugh, walking to the front door to let the two in.
“Where the hell have you been!? Hollie exclaimed as soon as they staggered through the kitchen door.
“Hmph…pub…beer….so drunk!” Ray sang in a drunkards voice, Jackie only just managing to keep the both of them standing up straight.
“We were worried! You just took off! You didn’t answer any of our calls or texts! Anything could’ve happened.” Mikey’s panic had calmed now, though his voice still shook uncertainly. Jackie grabbed a chunk of the worksurface in her hand and crumbled it in her fingers, raising an eyebrow at us to show how ridiculous we had been.
“Vampire’s. Remember?” She stated sarcastically, trudging towards the stairs with heavy feet.
“Now I feel so stupid.” Mikey grumbled under his breath.
“We all do, Mikes. They could’ve fought with each other and that could only end badly, to be honest, if they ever did fight, I’d miss Ray.” Gerard said, slumping against the counter beside his younger brother.
“What? Why Ray?” He asked, confused.
“Have you seen what Jackie just did to the kitchen worksurface? I doubt even Bryar the bear could do that!” He joked but Bob shook his head, taking his own chunk out of the marble and crumbling it in his fingers. “Okay. Maybe not.” I giggled and crossed over to Gee, falling into his arms and resting my head against his chest.
“Hey Frankie, what’s up?” Gee asked sweetly, stroking my hair.
“Hmm, nothing. Just wanting a hug off my Gee Bear.” I mumbled, closing my eyes as he rocked us gently from side to side, resting his head on top of mine and wrapping his arms securely round my waist.
“We need to start actually thinking about this baby, it’ll be here soon.” I mumbled into his chest.
“True, it is nine months for a vampire baby, isn’t it?” He asked, unsure of the dates.
“Jackie said it can be anything between six months and two years, depending on the people and the situation they are in. For us, she said anything from about two weeks till two years.” I confirmed, pulling away slightly to look him in the eyes.
“Wow. I’d say only stay one more week at college, and then me and you will go off, we can take the courses over the internet right here.” Gerard said and I nodded, still keeping my hands on his waist.
“Won’t we need baby clothes or some stuff like that? Cause I’m pretty sure I can’t breast feed.” I raised my eyebrow as everyone else in the kitchen to burst into laughter and Mikey came over to us.
“Believe me, you wont need anything! Jackie and Ray went completely baby crazy after we found out Hollie was pregnant as well! They brought everything you could ever need! And Jackie’s filled the cellar with barrels full of blood that have a tap on them so you can pour them into a bottle!” Mikey laughed and I breathed a sigh of relief, slumping once more into my beautiful husband’s body.
“ I didn’t even realise we had a cellar.” Gerard breathed, holding me tighter against him.
“Yeah, we didn’t tell you because we know what you’re like with cold and dark places; you claim them as your bedroom.” Mikey smirked.
“Well, we’ve got to go to college tomorrow so I think that we should go to bed now.” Gerard said and I nodded, taking his hand and leading him upstairs
“Wake up sweetie.” I said and Gerard’s eyes fluttered open and he smiled up at me, giving me a kiss.

“Guys, hurry up!” Ray yelled as me and Gerard pelted down the stairs and into Jackie’s car, with Ray in the drivers seat.
“Jackie had to leave for work early, she flitted all the way there with a hangover.” Ray told us, earning sympathetic ‘owws’ from nearly everyone in the car. We got to college and homeroom went reasonably, but when Gerard gave me a kiss goodbye and walked away everything went down hill.
“Oy, you! Fat fag!” Someone called at me, but I ignored them. “Answer me gay boy! Look at me when I’m fucking talking to you!” He growled but I still kept of walking with my head down.
I heard someone walk up fast behind me and before I knew what was happening, I was slammed against the cold college wall, my nose crushed against the brick work.
“Where’s your boyfriend, huh?” The boy said, he smelt of Lynx, sweat and leather car seats. He kneed me in the small of my back, causing my body to slam against the wall. Even though I was a vampire, I couldn’t fight back because I was pregnant and I was weak.
“Stupid faggot!” He yelled and he turned me round, still keeping me pinned to the wall and driving his knee up into my stomach, causing me to cry out in agony. He wasn’t just hurting me, he was hurting the baby. She started to move around a lot more, like she was fighting him from inside of me. I opened my eyes to see a whole gang of people surrounding me, cracking their knuckles threateningly. This was like High School all over again, never believe it when they say lightening never striks twice. It was a lie when they smiled and said you wont feel a thing…shit, that’s a good lyric idea. HOW CAN I THINK OF LYRICS WHEN I’M GETTING THE CRAP BEATEN OUT OF ME?!
“Where’s your tough friend, hey? The one that looks like a walking tree? Ya know, the one who fucks that psycho bitch that works at the garage?” He growled, punching me three times in the stomach.
“P-please leave me alone.” I begged, trying hard not to cry, the baby seemed to be having some sort of fit inside me and it really hurt.
“You’re pathetic.” The boy growled and about six other pairs of hands and feet started on me as I curled up on the floor, holding my stomach to try and protect the baby. I felt something snap inside me, by my prostate and I started crying- I was going into labour! I lay still and the guys gave me one last punch, before getting bored and running off.
I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called Gerard.
“Gee?” I croaked.
“Frankie what’s up?” He sounded worried, I never called him in class unless it was serious.
“Some jocks beat me up and now I think I’m going into labour!” I cried and I heard him run out of the art room door.
“Where are you?” He asked, sounding very panicky.
“B-corridor. I love you.” I sobbed down the phone as I curled up, trying to ignore the painful contractions as I waited for Gerard to get to me. The art room was the other side of the school and Gee hasn’t mastered flitting yet. It hurts so much….

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