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Chapter One

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First day back from Spring Break! Yay?

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Spring break wasn’t all it was anticipated to be. I slept in, hung out with Mira, raced Jake--and won, thank you very much--did homework, stared at Alex…Now all I was left with was a janging alarm clock and a strong desire to throw it at my wall.
But I didn’t. I was the good child. I did my homework, got good grades, and was punctual. I did all for the sake of my parents, who freaked when I woke up on my fifteenth birthday an Abnormality.
How could they tell, you ask? Well, let’s just say I couldn’t tear the front door off of its hinge when I was human. They had me transferred to this school almost immediately, telling the neighbors that I was just been accepted into some prestigious private school for young hopefuls. A bunch of bullshit, if you ask me, but everyone bought it, which is all that matters I guess.
Mom’s last words to me were: “If you do good, we’ll let you back. If not…” she gave me a sad look, which was all I needed. Dad gave me something between a glare and a forced look of affection.
Ew, I thought to myself. What’s with all the bitter thoughts so early in the morning? I hopped out of bed and got dressed in some dark flare jeans and a purple Panic at the Disco t-shirt from their tour (or at least that’s what eBay claimed.)
Once my breakfast – a granola bar – has been properly digested I pound on Jake’s shut bedroom door. “You have thirty minutes to wake the hell up and be ready!” I yelled. When I don’t get a response, I barge in, ready to give my childhood friend/roommate a piece of mind, only to find him sprawled on his bed, dutifully snoring away. The twitch in his jaw gives it away; he’s totally awake.
“Fine,” I say nonchalantly, leaning against the doorframe, examining him critically; better make this quick. “Say hello to YouTube.”
Being able to manifest on things on whim – amongst the other things I can do – has its perks. For example, right now I can just pop a video camera in my hand, point it at Jake, and catch his freak-out on tape. “Damn it Kara!” He stands up and chucks a pillow, only to find that all of the pillows have mysteriously disappeared, even the one he had just been sleeping on. And then he catches sight of himself in the mirror: instead of snoozing in his boxers like usual, he’s decked out in footie bunny rabbit pajamas. He whirls in me, anger sparking in his brown eyes. “Why can’t you be normal?”
I shrug, stopping the recording and shoving the small camera into my back pocket. “Because when I woke up on my fifteenth birthday, I was an Immortal; just like you woke up to be a werewolf. Not like I can control what I become overnight.”
He continues to glare, crossing his muscled arms across his chest. It was kind of funny to see a totally buff werewolf covered in bunnies, if I do say so myself. “You know that’s not what I mean.”
Shrugging, I just exit the room, putting him back into boxers and giving him back his pillows. “Just trying to loosen myself up before we have to go back to school. Sue me for being nervous.”
His laugh trailed after me as I stuck myself into my bathroom. “You? Nervous? For school? God, Kara, you’re top of the class. What’s really bugging you?”
I locked the door, knowing full well that he’d try to break in to interrogate me further. For good measure, I added a bar across the door. Then I proceeded to brush through my bronze ringlets, which, before my Change, were unruly, but now always hung in perfection. When I was done I brushed my teeth and began the tedious task of applying mascara. Afterwards I stared at the eye shadow Mira had given me, debating whether or not to wear it.
“It would totally bring out those eyes,” she urged me yesterday, eyes pleading.
“You mean the eyes that are already such a bright green that they could freaking blind somebody?” I shot back, referring to my eyes’ emerald hue. They were so bright that they were the first – if not only – thing people noticed about me. It was annoying. They took one look at them and thought, hey, she looks all innocent, why don’t we (insert harass/make a move on her here).
In the end, I applied a light covering over my eyelids just to appease my best friend. Then I grabbed my backpack and waited for Jake out by the car.
When he came out in a red t shirt and cargo shorts he stood in front of me, looking me up and down questioningly. “What’s with the makeup?”
Blushing, I stared down at my beat up Converse. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Aw,” Jake cooed, sliding into the passenger seat – he could drive, but would rather grab a few extra minutes of sleep – and grinning up at me. “You’re getting dressed up for Alex. How cute!”
I manifest myself an iPod and crank it, knowing full well that the rest of my ride will be filled with torments from Jake about my futile crush on Mira’s twin brother.


For God’s sake Mira, will you hurry the hell up?”
“Nope!” I replied to my irritated brother, popping the p and checking my red lipstick. Then I proceeded to touch up on my eyeliner, making sure my ice blue eyes were properly ringed.
“We can’t be late for the first day back to school.” Alex’s voice is strained, and his amber eyes are irritated. He runs a hand through his shaggy black hair that is a replica of my own. Of course, mine’s much longer – almost to my elbows – and my bangs fall in my eyes for style, not out of sheer laziness.
“We’re not going to be,” I said, satisfied with my appearance, rolling my eyes at my brother’s studious nature. He was so much like Kara in that way that it was ridiculous that they hadn’t hooked up yet. I mean, seriously, although her dating my brother would be weird, them not dating each other is even weirder. All they do is sneak looks at each other and, if left alone, talk about school. So annoying.
“Can we go now?”
I check my phone and moan. “Damn it, Alex! You said it was imperative we leave in ten minutes!”
“Um, it is.”
“School starts in fucking half an hour!”
“I don’t see your point.”
“Screw you. I’m changing. Go drink some blood or something,” I snapped at him, irked that my prep time was cut in half for his sake.
A half smile tugs at his lips. “Ooh, Kitty’s got her claws out. Better watch out; she might pounce.”
I scowled at my nickname, wishing for once second I wasn’t a werepanther before slamming my bedroom door in my brother’s face. “Go suck some poor person’s life liquid out, Blood Boy!”
“Yeah; right.” But he walks down the hall and slams the front door behind him.
The truth was, I didn’t really want to change. I liked the clingy black tank and silver belt I had slung on over my skinniest black jeans and spiky black ankle boots. My hair was hanging perfectly straight, and my pale skin glowed. But an extra ten minutes of cat napping would have been amazing.
I sigh, pretty much done with my hissy fit. All I had to do was get off my lazy ass and go to school.
How hard could it be?
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