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Chapter 32: World War III Begins

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Luke and his army head towards the demon infested Europe.

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Chapter 32 : World war III begins

The engines of the blue planes start up . Luke climbs into one of them followed by Samantha . Luke slides the doors open and crawls into what seems to look like an miniature living room full of live color and plants and on the wall was a plasma screen T.V. With a surrounds sound system . Luke sits on the soft blue couch and turns on the T.V .
Samantha walks in and shuts the door closed . "What happened to you when you died ? " She asked . "Ssshhhh ! " said Luke and turns up the volume . On the the T.V the president came up with an state of an address .
"My dear people of the united states , a few hours ago the worlds only hope came to my doorstep . He said that he's going to help with the survival of the human kind . He also said that he's got an army of robots that will help him stop the extinguish of the human kind and help us back on our feet .
So , there will be a few changes . If you see robots walking around , don't be afraid of them . They are on our side and trying to pulverize the enemy . So far the united nations and other countries will combine their strength with the robots and destroy the demons that ascended from hell . From today , we are in a third world war ! May god be with us ! " the president announced .
Luke turns off the T.V and looks at Samantha . "So that's what the president wanted from you ! To save the world ! " she said shockingly . "Yup ! Now , we are going to Europe to stop the demons from advancing . " Luke announced . "Then I'm going with you ! " Samantha said fiercely .

Somewhere in north Africa : Inside the base :
The doors slowly open and Marik slowly walks into a control room . "Bingo ! " he whispers to himself . He walks up to the controls and begins to type away . Suddenly , a siren gets activated . "Time to get the hell out of here ! " Marik whispered to himself again and runs out the control room .
"Did we trigger something ? " Vin asked . "No ! But I'd rather get the fuck out of here ! " Merc replied . "Yeah , let's do that ! " Hero agreed .
The three of them run out the door and into a dark corridor . Behind them could be heard screaming of huge and scary monsters crashing and destroying desks and walls . They turn around . The door slams open and marik runs out . Hero takes out his sword and slashes the air next to him . Marik freezes as the blade stops centimeters away from his neck .
"What are you doing here ? " Hero asked . Marik just smiles . The monsters roar is heard louder . Hero takes his eyes off marik and looks towards the doors . Marik grabs the sword from hero's grip and throws it aside and begins to run up the corridor . Vin and Merc take out their swords . The door explodes and lands on the ground .
There stood an demon bulldog : standing at least six feet tall with red eyes and skin . Legs muscular and a huge jaw that could tear a human apart within seconds .
"Boys , I think it's time to get the hell out of here ! " Hero whispered to them both of them . Hero tries to grab the sword from the ground . The demon bulldog begins to growl . Hero picks up the sword when behind the bulldog came three more . The four demon bulldogs began to bark and charge for Vin and Merc . The three of them begin to run but the demon bulldogs catch up to them within seconds . Vin turns around and stabs the nearest bulldog in the face and pulls the blade back out .
The bulldog drops dead . The rest of the bulldogs charge at Vin . Merc jumps onto one of them and stabs the bulldog into the skull . The bulldog whines and dies . Hero jumps into the air and chops the bulldog g in half . The last bulldog looks around and runs back . The three of them put their bloody swords back into their sheaths .
"What the hell was that ?" Vin shouted . " Demon dogs ? " Hero asked himself . There was a howl in the distance . The demon bulldog walks back out the door with dozen more of his friends . The three of them begin to run to the exit again with the bulldogs at their heels .
Behind them , walls began to shatter to pieces as zombies , vampires and were wolfs began to crawl out of the ground in front of the demon bulldogs . Hero crashes into closed doors . The doors break off their hinges and crash to the ground . The suns light slams on heros face . Marik walks next to him and throws something into the corridor . Vin and merc jump out of the corridor when an explosion destroys the corridor and the monster within it . Vin and merc collapse to the ground out of exhaustion .
"Such a crappy clan they are. " Marik says and disappears into the forest .

Meanwhile in the middle of the Atlantic ocean :
Tens of thousands blue planes are flying across the sky . Luke takes out the gods blades . "I guess they are my weapons for now ! " he said to himself . The plane begins to shake . "What's going on ! " Luke shouts to the microphone . "Sir , the enemy planes are attacking us ! " the pilot replied . "They got this far already ? " Luke thought to himself . "we'll counter their attack with our Blue fighters ! " Luke ordered .
From every blue plane about fifty fighter planes came out and charged at the demon-planes . Something also came out of the demon-planes and charged at the blue fighters . Bullets and greenish liquid zoomed past the window . A huge mosquito looking plane zoomed by the window followed by two fighter planes . Then the blue planes began to shoot plasma cannons at the demon planes . Some of the plasma cannons shot down a few demon-planes . The demon planes began to shoot back what looked like red ooze . The blue plane next to lukes exploded to pieces sending tons of metal to the sea .
"Pilot , fly higher so we won't get hit ! " Luke ordered . The plane begins to fly higher . Luke looks out the window . Below him lots of red , green and blue could be seen moving around each other .
"That was close ! " Luke said to himself . The door slides open and Samantha walks in . "Battle started way too soon ! " She said . "Got you off guard too ? " Luke asked . "Yeah ! You should do something about it ! " Samantha replied back . Luke stands up . " I'ma join the fighting . Looks fun ! "Luke said excitedly and leaves the room .
He opens the hangar . Inside was one plane left . He runs up to it and opens the cockpit . He crawls in and starts up the engine . The fighter plane begins to move . Luke presses the speed button and flies out of the blue plane .
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