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Chapter 1

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Where the hell did all the guys go..and where the f*** did all these bloody cats come from!!?

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Axl paused what he was doing and glared over his shoulder "Of course I am!" He stuck his
tongue out and turned back around. "I've done this heaps of times"

Izzy sighed and scratched at the back of his head, not feeling reassured in the slightest by Axl's
confession. He couldn't shake the feeling that something really bad was going to happen.
Unfortunately for him he had no say in the matter, he was out voted. He looked over his shoulder
and glared at the two giddy blondes standing behind the kitchen table, bouncing on their toes in
excitement. Those two are way too easily amused…. Izzy snorted and turned back to face Axl.

"OK GUYS! HERE WE GO!!" Axl grinned and closed the microwave door and hit the start button.
Four sets of eyes watched the bags of marshmallows spin in circles. As the marshmallows grew,
so did Izzy's worry.

"TAKE COVER!!" Axl suddenly shouted and covered his head with his hands. Suddenly there was
a deafening bang
and the whole room exploded with light. The force of the explosion sent The 4 band members
flying backward...and then silence.


It was an average day in the G'n'R Hell House. Axl was bitching as usual, strutting around the living room PMSing
about some unknown thing while Izzy tried in vain to reason with him down. Steven was chasing Duff with a
wooden spoon raised high above his head, while Duff ran for his life screaming proficiencies and apologising
profusely for something naughty he had clearly done to piss him off.
(Jakki: They sooo want each other ^_^ haha)

And of course Slash was doing the obvious. Feet propped up on a low coffee table, cigarette hanging from his lips
and nursing a bottle of Jack cradled between his knees. The way of life.

Slash chuckled as he watched his boyfriend chuck a vase at a helpless Izzy who shrieked and attempted to dodge
the flying missile. Only Missing it narrowly he Ran off before Axl picked up something else.
Axl's antics never failed to amuse him.

It was only when Axl went to pick up a large knife that was sitting by the sink that Slash decided he should
probably do something.

Slash lifted himself out of his comfortable spot on the couch and made his way towards the fuming red head
and just as he was about to run off after Izzy, Slash grabbed him. Wrapping his long arms around Axl's waist,
he threw him over his shoulder. The surprised red head immediately dropped the knife and it clattered to the
floor. Getting over his initial shock Axl began to shout and thrash around in his arms.

"PUMI DOWN! PUMI DOWN! PUMI DOWN! PUMI DOWN!!" He shrieked, pounding his fists into Slash's back.
Slash just laughed and spun him around in circles, causing his voice to distort and sound quite funny. Axl squealed,
whined and went silent….Slash was suddenly aware that Axl had just tried to bite him.

"You little bugger!" he laughed "You will regret that" he dug his fingers into Axl's sides, eliciting many giggles, cries
and pleas from the shrieking singer. Eventually Axl gave up having completely spent all his energy trying to escape
from the stronger one's grasp.

Slash made his way over to the couch he was previously sat on and laid Axl's exhausted body down on it.
The poor guy was so tired he was shaking slightly and Slash felt a pang of guilt go through him. Too tired to
do much else, Axl allowed Slash to lift his head in to his lap.

Slash Sighed and looked down at Axl, he couldn't help but compare him to an angel. Soft firey locks framing
such clear porcelain skin, so light it nearly glowed. He looked so serene, so peaceful.

After about 20 minutes of raking his fingers through his hair, Axl had finally fallen asleep. Sadly at this point Slash
had noticed that he had in fact run out of cigarettes, which was just unacceptable.

So very slowly, whilst trying his best not to wake him. Slash slid out from under Axl and replaced himself with a
pillow. Damn he wished he had a camera, his boyfriend was the cutest thing in the world at the moment.
The most perfect polleroid moment.

Taking one last look at the body on the couch, Slash made his way through the house to the room he shared with Axl.

"RAHhafhiof" Slash (Insert word to describe the really funny noise someone makes when the nearly fall over…you know the one)
as he nearly tripped over a very distinctive lump situated directly in the middle of the hallway, the lump.
He identified as being his two blonde band mates, who had apparently passed out right in the middle of the floor.
"Ok then…" Slash raised an eyebrow and stepped over the tangled limbs of his snoozing band mates.

After looking through his entire room, he was horrified to discover that there were in fact no cigarettes ANYWHERE.
Is that even possible!? Apparently it was. Feeling both shocked and appalled Slash made his way to his fellow guitarist's
bedroom on a mission for nicotine. Stepping over the blondes and walking past a sleeping Axl, he made his way down
the corridor towards Izzy's room.

Upon arrival he made 2 observations.
1. Izzy was asleep, fully clothed and lying on top of his blankets.
And 2. He could see no cigarettes. Deciding not to bother searching for some, Slash left the room and headed
back towards the centre of the house.

"WHY THE HELL IS EVERYONE ASLEEP!!??" Slash raged to no one in particular, throwing his arms up in frustration.
He instantly regretted it as he saw Axl stir on the couch. Slash held his breath and waited......Luckly he heard soft snores
indicating that the red head was still asleep.

Slash came to the conclusion that if he wanted cigarettes he was going to have to
go get some himself. He sighed and walked towards the front door, deciding that going out was
going to be more entertaining than staying here with four sleeping idiots.

Closing the door behind him he didn't even think to worry about leaving them all alone,
they were big boys now.......weren't they?
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