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OH!! brother

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Gabriel a 17 year old sex addict drummer and Danielle a 14 year old prodegy ballet dancer are brought together by there parents marrige. what will happen when they find out more than a freindship ...

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Does anyone know the truth of that word?
The word which many say but don’t mean
I’ve heard so many people say they know the meaning of it
I’ve even read the definitions which none are the same
Who really knows what that word means?
Who could tell me the true meaning of it?
Who could say it to me and actually mean it
Someone has to say it without laughing without smiling a joking smile
You don’t know the real meaning of that word without actually feeling it
Without actually knowing how you feel with that word
I in the other hand can’t tell you if I have felt it or not
I just know that I went through something much like it
Something that made me feel like I was……..
In love
Hello ppl well i know this is a really i mean really short chapter but i promis there will be more please rate and comment and dont be mean this is my first story on here. be nice haha but if you want to know more of what the heck is going on please comment. C:
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