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Chapter 33

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Amelia has a discussion with Augusta, Harry has one with Susan, Ron tests out, but fails where it counts, Harry begins Helen's training, He and Lavender contact Alice's mind and lear4n Dumbledore d...

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Crossover,Drama - Characters: Dumbledore,Harry,Hermione,Luna,Ron,Voldemort - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2011/04/17 - Updated: 2011/04/17 - 11364 words - Complete



    (#) erismom 2011-04-17 03:52:12 AM

    Two thumbs up :)

    Author's response

    Thank yeewwww!

    (#) Disruptor 2011-04-17 05:04:44 AM

    Hm. Agusta tried to remove all access, but Amelia saw there were some uses for the exemption. I think that Portkey Agusta made will probably be the only exemption and be part of the office of Head of the Wizengamot.

    Can Susan recover from her first forray into killing? At least Harry knows that no everyone is cut to be a soldier.

    Ironic. Ron is borderline on going Sith and the colors of the blades of Exar Kun, Freedon Nadd, and Ulic Qel Dorma were all orange. Ron's favorite color is orange. His temper is going to get the better of him and lead to his destruction.

    Not a pleasent session for Helen, but neccesarry. Needs to geta computer and get Doom or Doom II on it and then use the invincibilty and weapons cheats for anger management.

    Funny prank that Mrs. Granger pulled. ^_^

    Now Harry and Lavender meet up with Alice Longbottom. Dumbley is going to have more of his reputation shredded by the time this is over. Hm. I guess Alice wasn't too divorced from the non-mag world if she knows what Star Wars is and can laugh at the 'Wizard fo Oz' refrence. At least Alice understands the need to keep quiet about her condition to Neville

    Ah, a nice barfight for Harry and Mack to bond over. Nice to see another pankster in Alexi Smirnov and Sarge. I have a feeling that bar of Sarge's is going to be nice meeting place for Aurors and other mags and those who know of the magical world.

    Ah yes time to come up with a way to keep Dumbles' magic down until his magic is gone.

    Now for the hard choice of the 25 who will go on the mission with Harry. I can guess a few.

    Hermione, Mack, Remus, Tonks, Luna, Neville, Fred, George

    Lavender as you hinted will be going along as well to protect the MASH unit that Harry will be setting up.

    That was a surprise for the Jedi having the Queen show up.

    Oh? A three front blitz? Suicide. Only China, India and one other country, whose name I forget(Turkey maybe?), has the manpower to pull that off. But then again those three countries have more than half the world's population divided amongst themselves.

    So, Harry has two more votes on the Wizengamot with the death of those two Deez.

    Now Voldie if going for a four prog attack? He's gone beyond insane.

    Yep. It looks like Ron is heading for his own destruction.

    The corruption in Congres? Well, I have gone to quite a bit and know what you are talking about.

    Author's response

    Heya, Disruptor.

    Yeah, I needed a way to get the Deez in to the ministry, and then a way to keep term out. Augusta will keep her portkey, but only her. Since it was a safety precaution, she may need it in the future, but she's smart enough to keep it under wraps.

    I'm still working on Susan. I can tell her to stay behind or have her convince harry she's capable of going on. Either way will need an explanation.

    Ron: Ron truly wants to help. In this fic, he is in no real danger of turning Sith, but he is jealous, hot headed and tends to act without thinking...and that is what's gotten him into trouble in the past and will in the future.

    Exar Kun, Freedon Nadd, and Ulic Qel Dorma: I didn't know that. I always thought all Sith blades were red.

    Helen: Well, there's an idear!

    Prank: Well, i told my daughter's first date to homecoming "You have 28 bones in each hand. I can break all but six on a side without a hammer and I have a hammer."

    Alice: Dumbley's rep is gonna be mud.

    I think it's all in the attitude. I can easily see Bill and Charley Weasley taking their dates to the movies on a Friday night. Why not other purebloods? In fact, the blood purest faction is only about three percent of the population. Not much, really.

    Understanding: Yeah. She does. Frank was in a bucolic environment, and so was thinking of family first. Alice was at least minimally aware of the outside world, and I believe could reason it out better. She might also be the senior Auror in their family. Never can tell.

    Bar-fight, pranksters, Alexi and Sarge: Yeah, yeah and yeah. And I can see the Aurors hanging out there when the statutes are toned down. A cop is a cop.

    Keeping Dumbley contained,will actually be a three pronged attack. Hermione's magic suppressors are only one part.

    The 300...erm the 25: Right on most. I originally hadn't intended for Mack to go along, as he is non-magical, but I'm rethinking my position. With his control of the force, he'd be an exceptionally valuable asset.

    Lavender. Not really. I had harry ask her that to make her realize that she could take a life in the event of a life-threat to her patients. If I have Lavender go along at all, and I really hadn't intended to, it will only be to stabilize any wounded and then ship them home for treatment. Harry wants to keep this as tight as possible, and the more people involved, the more chances for a disaster.

    The Queen: Harry cares for his people. Having the Queen there showed them that she appreciated their efforts. Many times in the sandbox, I wished the Prez or Veep would come out and see what kind of trouble they'd made for us. Mebby tell us they appreciated our sacrifice. 'Course, at the time, Ronny Ray-gun was in office. (Le Sigh!)

    Voldemoert sees himself as invincible. (That, and he's so wasted on some really good shit, man!) Despite the evidence, he can't see himself losing.

    ~Now Voldie if going for a four prog attack? He's gone beyond insane.~

    Yupper. He's jumped straight to 'stupid'.

    Votes: Naah. They're minor lines. the Wizengamot is only fifty seats and most of them are the really senior families.

    Ron(again): Yup. Unless he learns to control those reactions. (how likely is that?)

    Don't get me started on Congress! Buncha goddamned former officers that have never had to work a day in their lives!

    (OK, I'm off my soapbox.)

    Until next time...


    (#) Phyrric 2011-04-17 06:46:48 AM

    I thought this was a good wrap up chapter and look forward to the final battle in the next. As for corruption in Congress there are plenty of better items then tobacco and alcohol to point out. Things like Charles Rangel committing tax fraud or Geithner a known tax cheat being put in charge of the Treasury. It is so frustrating that if you have power you can get away with things that would get "normal people" fired or put in jail.

    Author's response

    Heya Phyrric.

    The next to the next actually. I have two more chapters to go, and then a short wrap-up.

    Congress: I chose Tobacco and Alcohol, because they are two of the most dangerous drugs in the world, and because of the money pumped into congress, nobody does a damn thing about the misery and death they help to create. As you said, there are many other instances of abuse in that group, making laws to screw over the vast majority of the population for the benefit of a few.

    Some days I just want to start singing 'Revolution!'

    I think the last honest president was Carter, and the last honest congressman was Glenn. (Even though he was an officer!)

    Until next time....


    (#) dennisud 2011-04-17 09:21:59 AM

    Good set up and I highly anticipate how Harry will deal with Dumbles and tom!
    Oh and the only critique is the fact that Magic has taken a back seat to the Froce. A balance of both will be good and IMO better.
    Yes the DE's and Voldmud won't anticiapte the use of the force but If magic is used first then the force he will be lulled into a fatal mistake!


    Author's response

    Heya dennisud!

    Dealing with the baddies: It will be fast, violent and permanent. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

    While I've had Harry use his wand from time to time in this story, I had magic take a back seat for some very good reasons. First, anything a bunch of kids can throw, the better-trained Deez can guard against. Second: The force is an unknown. The Death Eaters who have faced the lightsabers have either ended up dead, or imprisoned, with the exception of those who tried to kill Amelia in the atrium (sounds like something from CLUE! (Apes Don Adams. "He did it in the atrium...with a lightsaber!)) and they aren't in condition to convince Voldy of /anything/. They aren't going to expect two dozen magical blades capable of reflecting their deadliest curses. And third: can you imagine the panic they'd feel when they see their buddies being sliced in half? A lightsaber is a melee weapon. Melee fighting is brutal and ugly.

    (On a side note, in my fic, 'A Boy Named Harry', he will be learning both the force and magic at the same time...he just won't know the difference.)

    ~Yes the DE's and Voldmud won't anticiapte the use of the force but If magic is used first then the force he will be lulled into a fatal mistake!~

    While an excellent idea, I'd like to shelve it for another time. Perhaps I can use it in another Star Wars knock-off I'm fiddling with, called, 'Harry Potter: Dark Lord of the Sith'.

    Thanks fer the review. Until next chapter...


    (#) mwinter 2011-04-17 09:59:08 AM

    I would have used these two words "Oil Companies".

    Author's response

    I agree.

    (#) ROBERT_1958 2011-04-17 10:52:52 AM

    The PortKey that allowing one to go through the Ministry’s Wards, needs to be alowed for OUTGOING Only, thus if there is a fight the group holding the PortKey can hoplefuly excap harm.

    Author's response

    Good point, Robert.

    I had intended for Augusta to keep the portkey under wraps at all times, as it's intended to protect her from attack. Also, they arranged for the new rule to be a temporary measure only.

    The downside of having an escape handy is that it can accommodate only a limited number of people at a time.

    What about those left behind?


    (#) no-one 2011-04-17 01:30:02 PM

    Beautiful writing as always. I will be saddened when this story has ended, in what I'm geussing within 2 to 4 chapters.

    Author's response

    Heya no-one!

    Thank you. After more than a year and four hundred thousand words, I'm going to miss it. Fortunately my fertile (and not entirely rational) mind has come up with several more stories. When Real Life stops banging me over the head, I'll post some of them.

    And you're right. three more, I think.

    Thanks for reading.


    (#) Wolfric 2011-04-18 02:43:03 AM

    Fine chapter. I hope Harry doesn't wind up having to kill Ron. Thanks for writing. W.

    Author's response

    Heya Wolfric.

    Thanks, mate.

    Harry won't kill Ron.

    Thanks for guessing.


    (#) starboy454 2011-04-18 01:16:30 PM

    excellent update

    Author's response

    Hello starboy.

    Thank yeeewwww!


    (#) Wonderbee31 2011-04-19 03:08:11 AM

    Hmm, I can see why Harry is wanting to promote Ron, but right now, he's in the wrong, and you've got me wondering if it's going to come back and bite Harry when Ron gets someone, or ends up killing someone in a fit of rage? Ron is leaning more towards the Sith imo, and Harry'd have been better off tanking him, though I wonder, are you planning to kill Luna off, or have her kill Ron, cause I can see that scenario very easily in this instance. Good idea to see Augusta using some sense here, and Snape, the worm who's more wormy than wormtail, the bravest man Harry ever knew...sorry, LOL, can't say that without giggling, honestly, did JKR fall in love so much with her character, or is she more like the other fangirls and fall in love with Alan Rickman's portrayal of him? The guy here is the ultimate twisted person, maybe more than Tom, as I don't feel any pity for what might happen to him at all, though Albus, it seems to me that Harry's plan is getting more convoluted around him, and making me wonder why he doesn't just cut his limbs off and break the Elder Wand in front of him? Oh wel, looking forward to what happens at the big battle next time and who will be and won't be walking away.

    Author's response

    Heya Wonderbee!

    The decision I made regarding Ron, was quite possibly the hardest decision I've had to make in this entire story...and it was made a long time ago.

    Ron is at risk, but not of going Sith, but he's still dangerous to his friends. Here, 've made him a better man than in canon (and most fanon, I might add) with his heart where it should be, but he's also immature, jealous, and easily controlled by his emotions. He earned the promotion, by learning the skills needed, but he hasn't truly mastered them. This is going to cost him.

    Harry: Harry is still a teenager. Ron is his first friend, and while he is far more mature than his peers, he is still, in many ways, that scared, psychologically damaged little kid in the cupboard under the stairs.

    The problem here, is that when it comes to Ron, he's thinking with his heart. He wants to keep his first friend and knows that if he orders Ron to stay behind he'll lose that friendship. He's going to have to make a very hard decision and when he does, it's gonna hurt.

    He'll announce that decision soon, but he won't be naming the contestants until just before the battle.

    Luna can take care of her self, (and I like her too much to hurt her.)

    Augusta: I've always seen her as a staid, and tradition-bound woman with a hint of bigotry, and somewhat less love for Neville than I think proper, but otherwise good. Also, she's been a staunch supporter of Harry and his plan since July, even knowing it would mean the end of the social system she grew up with. It takes a lot of conviction to raze a system to the ground and build up another one that doesn't particularly benefit the architects.

    ~the bravest man Harry ever knew...~

    Giggling was not my response. I believe I said: "My Ass!"

    Snape was a bigot, a bully and most likely, a double agent. I explained it in an earlier review, but I'll say it again. If he was spying on Voldemort, and Dumbledore outed him in court, why was he not killed? Karkaroff was hunted down and killed for failing to show up when he was called.

    Alan Rickman is an excellent actor, and an attractive man, but really, Snape is nothing like him. Unfortunately almost all the 'Good /misunderstood/reformed Snape' stories are written by thirteen year old fangirls!

    That's not to say there are not a few very good ones out there. (Hindsight by Loralee and 'To Shape and Change' by Blueowl are two of them.

    IMO, Snape is a bastard who never learned. His downfall will be particularly appropriate. (and it's been written for months.)

    This is sixth year AU. Neither the Hallows nor the Horcuxes are part of this story. I thought they were both badly used plot devices. While there was some set up for the Horcruxes, specifically Harry's cloak, the entire thing was dropped on us like a huge Mary-Sue from the sky.

    A couple of my stories will incorporate the Horcruxes because they can be made to work, but I will never use the Hallows!

    Albus: Harry's plan is complete. He didn't just want to stop Dumbledore. He wanted to destroy him. He wanted to remove everything that made the man who'd done so much damage to him personally and to Britain as a whole, who he was. By his actions, he's taken Dumbley's fortunes, his titles and positions, his support, his authority, and his school. Now he's going to take his magic. (chapter after next.)

    All it will take, is the activator and Dumbley will provide the opportunity to do that. As for cutting off limbs...funny you should mention that...

    Hope you enjoy the next chapter.


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