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The lips that could freeze time...

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Maybe. Maybe school won't be so bad now, maybe I'm not alone when I thought I was, the long nights where I longed for blood to emerge from my veins and stain my skin. Just for it to show it's self would of made me think I'm not different I may just fit in, it never happened.
"so what grade.. I mean year are you in?" gerards pure American voice fills my ears waking me from my mind full of memories.
"" I stutter, at least this is my last year of my horrible school.
"ah same" he smiles at me, maybe we are destine to find each other for some reason, I mean we have so much in common it's more than a coincidence.
"cool, that chances of us being in classes is kinda small tho there are like 3000 people in our school" i wasn't even exaggerating theres 4000 people including sixth form, it's a big school, and crowded, kinda like a prison. A lot like a prision.
"that's kinda big" his voice turns nervous and quiet again, I notice him glance out the window to be faced with the empty surroundings of the bus park belonging to our school. Early. Great. Well I don't mind being early I can run straight to my class room, 16 the class room in the middle of nowhere, I still manage to go into the medical room most days cause it's so easy to get lost. The bad thing about being early is the 30 minuet wait till register starts, the 30 minuet wait of seeing happy friendships around me, everyone smiling, laughing. Talking. It makes me feel worse not even being able to talk to someone, no one even looks at me, if they do they look away in disgust, plastics usually.
"we're here Wilfred" I giggle slightly, earning a small nervous smirk from Gerard, my voice stitched thickly full of dread, another day of being unnoticed, even my second maths teacher continually asks me if Im new every week, I guess it could be worse, I could be noticed, found out then killed.
"could you take me to the office?" his pale lips, cracked with time, almost as if they were to open, to freeze you, to live forever.

I don't really think this chapter is good either tbh. If you want to be a character in this soon, you will maybe be a vampire :) I will put the limit to five people as I won't be able to fit loads into the roles, please leave your name, description, clothing prefrences, about you(I.e your likes/dislikes, things you do, say, or play ha that rhymes) and anything else that will help :D thanks for the reviews, katt x
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