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Father Clone

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September 20th

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DYLAN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" They all sang to me, bringing out a cake. I am 19 today and I am 9 months pregnant. Not the ideal way I wanted to spend my 19th birthday but I'm happy about it.

"Thanks guys! I love you all-" I pause, felling something inside rupture inside. "A-Aiden!" I stagger, taking hold of his arm.

"What is it sweetie?" He asks, smiling, unknowing of the sudden sharp pain I was going through.

"I-I think my water broke." My husband eyes go wide. He automatically pulls me up and to the small car we've been renting this past month just for this. See! We come perpared, even though he wont buy a house that He can pay off in one payment...

He starts to drive. (With his 2 month old drivers license.) I sit there and take the pain. Searing white hot flashes of pain coursed through me with no care in the world. It's starts right at my stomach and flashes all through my body. Grandmother was right, this is the worst pain I have ever felt.

As soon as we got to the hospital I was in a wheel chair, thank god. I want little Ella Paige out of me. I just can't wait to hold her. She'll be so beautiful, especially of she looks like her father.

Now, I wont horify you with the screaming, cursing, blood, crap, and piss (Putting that lightly as I can) All I will give you is the very last seconds.

"I HATE YOU YOU SON OF A BITCH!" I screamed at Aiden for the....15....27...34....56th time in the last seven hours.

Suddenly, a screaming other than my own filled the room. It's felt like I lost about 8 pounds. Wonder why.

"It's a boy!" The docor yelled.

Both Aiden and I looked at eachother. "Boy?! Shit what were we going to it if it was a boy? Daniel Joseph! That's right! Daniel Joseph Lupus!"

"Beautiful name!" The nurse says, scribbling it down on her chart.

"Here you go, Mrs. Lupus, your beautiful, healthy baby boy." Another nurse says softly, handing me my little boy.

I take one look at him. Holy crap he looks just like my father! Of course I just think that. The only thing to come out of my mouth is a soft "Awww." I wanted to cry. The happy cry. Tears of joy. Yeah that one.

"He's beautful." Aiden whispers. We all know what we want the child to be when you frist here that your having one. We all also know that you really don't care once the child is born. You just know that you love this new life no matter what.

"He has your eyes." Aiden tells me as Daniel opens his sleepy new eyes. He yawns and focused hus eyes. Once they found the both of us at a good angle, he smiles. A toothless reasonless smile. It was amazing non the less.

"He smiled cause of me." I say rocking him as he smiled again. "Little Daniel Joseph. Look at his chubby cheeks! Dear god he's adorable!"

"He gets that from me." Aiden snickers.

"Shut up, you said it your self he has my eyes." I say with a smug little smirk.

Aiden was going to reply when the door to my room was opended. Ron sneeked in with his huge smile and about 20 balloons in each hand. "How's the little baby?!" He managed to say with out completely screaming.

"He's beautiful. You wanna see your uncle Ron, Daniel?" I coo to him, handing him to Ron who was all a flutter. His mouth was wide from adorment.

"The most gorgeous little boy until mine is born." Aw? I guess? "He smiled! He just smiled at me!"

"He's a smily kid.. He's happy for just being here." Aiden said gazing at the little bondle of blanket.
AHHH! He has to be one of the cutest things ever! And a little note, if I was a boy Daniel Joseph would be my name. So, yeah. Thanks for reading guys:D
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