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Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back.

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Ryan just stood a stared at Gabe. He didn't know why but he half expected him to look different, it had only been a day. He must've moved in with Victoria this morning Ryan mused, and as if on cue, Victoria sidled up behind Gabe , wrapped her arms round her waist and kissed his neck . All of a sudden Ryan felt sick to his core, he turned his head in utter disgust. He couldn't even look at the man that, two days ago, he thought had loved him and he had loved back. But now, Ryan just felt nothing but pure loathing for him.

He felt Brendon squeeze gently on his forearm, A violent look on his face. Brendon did not take well to his friends being hurt. Especially not Ryan, and now that he was faced with the man that hurt him he was about to lose it. Due to his ADHD Brendon found it difficult to control his emotions and generally acted on impulse.

"Brendon, don't do anything stupid," Ryan tried to soothe him. Despite the hatred Ryan felt towards Gabe he didn't want to get Brendon in trouble and Gabe, most likely, in hospital.

"Most of the things i do are stupid," Brendon practically snarled in response.

"Brendon, please. I don't want you getting you into shit. Just, come outside and calm down."

There wasn't any response from Brendon. Ryan shot Pete a look of complete dispair. He didn't know what to do. It wasn't as though he could drag him outside, that would have made him angrier anyway. Pete then darted off, leaving Ryan totally helpless.

Brendon kept his piercing gaze on Gabe, his usually warm, kind eyes now cold and vicious. Gabe squirmed under it like an ant under a magnifying glass. He could feel Ryan pulling on his arm, trying to stop him from attacking Gabe and it worked. If Ryan wasn't there Gabe would most likely have something broken by now.

Victoria still hadn't noticed the silent confrontation that was going on between Brendon and Gabe. When she looked up from Gabe's beautiful neck that she had been nuzzling for the past two minutes and noticed Brendon and Ryan then looked at Gabe's face she knew that something bad was going to happen if she didn't get him out of there.

Ryan watched Brendon stare down Gabe and started to panic. Brendon was almost guaranteed to do something and get himself arrested. Then two saviours came blundering out of the crowd rather ungracefully, followed by a quite flushed Patrick.

"Pete told me to look for Spencer and Jon 'cos he said that there's a chance of some major shit going down. So here we are."

Spencer was the first to notice Bendon's enraged expression, then Jon. They looked at each other, then back at Brendon, then back at each other and finally followed Brendon's gaze over to Gabe. They felt scared for Gabe, neither of them had ever seen him look so murderous in all the time they had known him, sure they'd been on the receiving end of his anger. But not like this, this was like looking at an avenging angel. But they had to do something before Brendon finally lost control. Spencer stepped into his line of sight and looked straight into his eyes.

"Brendon, you have to come outside. If you don't, Jon and i will force you to. We don't want to do that but if you stay in here you're going to do something extremely stupid," Spencer spoke deliberately and clearly. To get through to Brendon.

At this lapse in Brendon's brutal concentration on Gabe, Victoria decided to take advantage and grabbed Gabe by the back of his shirt and pulled him into the crowd.

Brendon just glared at Spencer, not noticing the lack of Gabe on the other side of the stage.

"Fine," Brendon spat with more venom than a king cobra and stormed towards the door. The other three had to practically run to keep up with him, despite their longer legs.

He crashed through the double doors of the club into the humid evening air and took and a deep, calming breath. The next breath, however, was not quite so calming as he turned to his right and stood there was Gabe and Victoria Making out quite feverishly. Brendon saw a flash of red and then went for him.


I know i said i was gonnna try and make the chapters longer. I'm also gonna try and stop leaving them on cliffhangers. But it keeps you interested ;D (if anyone actually bothers to read this crap :L) But it's just too much fun not to XD Please Review? Too much description. Really boring? IDK so i'd like to get some feed back. This is getting really long now so i hope you enjoyed it ^_^ -End Transmission-
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