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its just some funny moments with slash izzy axl duff and steven and maybe random appearances by matt sorum and buckethead

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one day the gunners were outside baiscally just ssittin n bieng bored till fucking marilyn manson randomly sat down bye em sum shit like this occured.

Steven adler: oh my god its a girl clown HIDE.
Izzy wunders how stupid steven can get
slash drinkin
duffstaring intently at manson with weirded out face
Axl:dude thats just the asswhole goth his names marilyn
steven:goth ppl r actulally pretty cuddlyplaying with mansons hair
the rest exept manson and steven:get of that ugly abomination.
ok thats it for this story. i got the idea from an episode of im in the band and no offence to steven i love him same 4 manson i just used him 2 b different n i sorta love him.
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