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New story!

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  • Auditions!

    (#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-04-19 08:23:30 AM

    Name: Rosie

    Appearance: Long straight black hair with red tips. Fringe covers one eye all the time, really pale, 5'6, really thin (people think i am anorexic), hazel eyes with green tinges, lip ring, nose stud, tongue pierced and 5 piercing in each ear, I has to wear glasses but i don't wear them very often only in lessons, i wear a lot of eyeliner and chalk white foundation

    Personality: a bit shy around people who i don't know very well, random, hyper, i'm quite smart but i'm dyslexic so people think i'm stupid when i'm not, i more of indoors girl than an outdoors one, once i get to know someone really well i can't stop talking

    Style: Mostly skinny jeans and band tees, i wear shorts in the summer with tights, occasionally wear skirts and dress but not very often, i wear a lot of black and i wear a lot of hoodies

    Interesting Facts about myself (hobbies etc): I'm quite good at drawing, i have low self esteem, i'm a vegetarian, i get teased quite a lot at school for being a "freak" i'm quite lazy so my room is a tip, i'm English, i am nearly a black belt in Tae kwon do, i have a memory span of a goldfish. Straight edge as well. i like: rock/ metal/ screamo music, reading, writing, films, chocolate, panda's, cats, unicorns, playing my guitar, I hate: Chavs, sluts, and "cool" music, people who think their better than everybody else, homophobes, Racism, Fascism, stereotyping and i have a phobia of spiders and i hate any kind of bugs/ creepy crawlies

    Which character you would like to be: i would like to be girl #1 but i don't really mind
  • Auditions!

    (#) Syphiel 2011-04-19 08:40:52 AM

    name: Matt Lounge age: 15 Personality: quiet but super nice. loves to see someone smile so will crack really stupid jokes. Style: tall and lanky. long black hair that shines blue in the right light. deep blue eyes. usually wearing black skinny jeans and a blue tank with a black button down over it. Interesting stuff: he smokes. like all the time. either his real cigarettes or candy ones. he writes lyrics but cant sing so he doesnt. he is very afraid of heights which most people find funny because he is tall. Role: i guess Boy #1. cant wait to read your story. should be awesome cause i really like your writing style. im sorry if this review looks bad or has spelling errors. i am doing it on my phone at work.
  • Auditions!

    (#) weezer-rule 2011-04-19 08:52:53 AM


    Apearance: Very curly black hair with green strips through it, brown eyes. 5'4, skinny always wearing thick eyeliner

    personality: introvert, love music and I'm very loyal to my friends

    Style:colourful or black skinny jeans, band tees and hoodies

    interesting facts about myself (hobbies etc): I'm a straight edge, vegetarian. I love hooror movies and halloween cause my bdays on halloween. I play bass guitar and listen to punk music mostly. I am deathly scared of clowns, frogs and wasps.I love reading. I also have a weird tendancy to name everthing like my laptop which is called Bob.

    which character would you like to be: girl #2 but I don't really mind much.
  • Auditions!

    (#) BlueFlare12 2011-04-19 10:01:34 AM

    Name: Hayley

    Appearance: Medium weight and height, Blue/Black hair, Brown eyes, Pale face, full red lips, wears glasses(but doesnt have to), long nails, around 5'4, sometimes wears make up.

    Personality: Bubbly, shy at first then after a short time becomes louder, understanding and loyal, if challenged will except, wont go down without a fight.

    Style: Changes but mostly colourfull, smart-casual and black with pops of colour.

    Interesting Facts about yourself (hobbies,etc): I like to draw anything that comes to my mind even if it is just a bunch of random colour, I am a bit of a geek, I am an outcast

    Which character you would like to play: Either Girl, i dont really mind :)
  • Auditions!

    (#) CosmicCollision 2011-04-19 10:41:01 AM

    Name: Nolee Minardi

    Appearance: black hair down to back that's curly and died neon blue at the ends. I also have straight across bangs. 5'5, slender, tan skin, lip ring. Neon green acrylic nails. Almond shaped brown eyes and long lashes. Wears eyerliner all the time.

    Personality: outgoing, eccentric. I can be a little quiet, but my mad scientist is only kicking in. Once she's out, I'm a little hyper. I'm a very curious person. I like to see how people in the world act and what else mother nature has to offer me. I'm polite and thoughtful. But at the same token, I can be a bitch if I'm pushed to it. I'm not a violent person, but I can defend myself. I'm straightforward and honest most of the time. I'm imaginative, I think outside the box. I don't conform to my society. I believe in equal rights for each sexual orientation. I'm humorous and pretty perverted, it just happens, I don't know why. I'm a hopeless romantic as well. I'm easy to talk to and a good listener!...but also a bad advice giver. I hate racists or homophobics, I try not to say 'hate' so I 'strongly dislike' something (:

    Style: Edgy. I dress it up a lot, I can't help it, I adore fashion. I don colored skinny jeans, skirts, caridgans, v necks, plain shirts with paint splatters on them, band tees, flats, sneakers, hoodies, lacey tops. I tend to dress like Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs (:

    Interesting Facts about yourself (hobbies,etc): I'm a vegeterian, I drink a little but I don't do drugs. I'm double jointed. I can sing and dance. I'm a tomboy but I dress really girly. I like sports. I'm pretty intelligent for the most part, I just don't let people see it sometimes. I also write, a nature freak, a photographer, video game player.

    Which character you would like to play: don't matta! anything is good, wherever you need me.

  • Auditions!

    (#) missfunghoul57 2011-04-19 01:16:28 PM

    Name: Eva Andrews

    Appearance:On the pale side, dark brown hair that comes down to my shoulders, pretty skinny, brown eyes, pierced ears, I'm near-sighted so I have these black and white glasses that I wear every once and a while (they look like Mikey's), always have on my converse and a pair of distressed or skinny jeans, usually have on a band tee or solid color tops, like to wear my hair up in a bun, darker-ish eye makeup!

    Personality:When you first meet me, I'm very quite. But after a while, you'll realize that I am a professional chatter box. My friends say that I am a good listener, and that I'm extremely modest. I can't stand people who are full of themselves, and liars get under my skin. My feelings can get hurt easily although I try to hide it. I have a few fantastic friends, but a lot classify me as an outcast. I'm not always the best student but my grades are high. One of my worst qualities, it that I'm not afraid to speak my mind even if it can get me in trouble. When it feels like the world is against me, I shut it out with music. Music is my life. I love to sing and play the piano. Lastly, I have a really hard time letting go of the past and forgiving myself. I have to trust you before I'll cry into your shoulder.

    Style: Nothing too over the top, I like to keep it simple

    Interesting Facts about yourself (hobbies,etc): Singing, playing the piano, doodling, making people laugh, vegetarian, comics, MOVIES!

    Good luck with the fic! Can't wait to read it!
    Which character you would like to play Girl #2....but if not,anything!
  • Auditions!

    (#) RebelAgainstTheEnemy 2011-04-19 01:31:06 PM

    Name: Adam

    Appearance: Medium length dark hair, brown eyes that are almost black. Tan complexion, pretty tall.

    Personality: Quiet, doesn't talk too much. He's extremely sweet and protective when it comes to those close to him.

    Style: Really bright with a little bit of a darkness. Usually more about the accessories rather than the clothing.

    Interesting Facts about yourself (hobbies,etc): Plays the guitar, sings a little. Very artistic.

    Which character you would like to play: Doesn't matter.
  • Auditions!

    (#) IsisBane 2011-04-19 01:37:02 PM

    Name: Becca

    Appearance: Short choppy black hair with a red streak in front. Shocking blue eyes, and pale (but not unnatural looking) skin. Kind of short, but I make up for it in personality :)

    Personality: Usually pretty happy and cheery. I have a really bad sarcastic streak. I'm really open when it comes to talking to other people. I don't like bringing the rest of the world down with me when I'm in a bad mood.

    Style: I like a lot of lace. I wear skirts almost all of the time. I get my inspiration for style from Emilie Autumn.

    Interesting Facts about yourself (hobbies,etc): I play the piano, guitar, I sing and I can play the drums (but not too well xD). I love writing poetry, and I paint a lot too. I'm pretty creative, and I think that reading is probably my favorite thing to do besides play music.

    Which character you would like to play: Girl #1
  • Auditions!

    (#) Paranoia_Destroya109 2011-04-19 03:59:39 PM

    Name: Eden

    Apperance: short, curly brown. Dark blue colored eyes with long black eyelashes. She is abnormally tall for her age and super skinny. Very pale skin.

    Personality: She is shy until you get to know her, but once she gains your trust she is very bubbly and energetic. She is a bit of a control freak and can get easily worried about things.

    Style: She usually wears dark colors with one higlight of color. She usually wears things that are black and red.

    Interesting facts: she loves to read. She is also a ballerina. She secretly loves to read and write poetry.

    Which character you would like to play: Doesn't matter to me :)
  • Auditions!

    (#) lolhai 2011-04-19 05:01:59 PM

    Name: Rose (male)

    Appearance: Fairly tall (around 5'10), reddish brown hair that's medium length, kinda shaggy and always messy, grey eyes, thin, likes to wear clothes that are fitted (not skintight but not baggy either)

    Personality: Very comfortable with self, outgoing, confident yet modest, very friendly

    Style: He tends to wear outfits that contain the same colour (all blue, all red, etc), Converse and boots

    Interesting facts: Loves animals, hates his name, wants to be in a band (plays bass), he's fantastic at writing but horrible at math and such

    Character to play: No preference

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