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what am i going to do with you...huh?


sashia misses gerard and is aloud a sleep over what will happen this time will sashia go out with gerard

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Chapter 9
What will I do with you, huh?

Dear diary,
As the phone rang I was thinking about hanging up because it was taking so long then after the fourth ring “hello” “hey Gee it’s me, hey that rhymes hah ha” he chuckled “hey sash how’s things? You missing me yet?” I giggled hearing what he wanted in his tone of voice “things are good you were only here about 10minutes ago, and I am a bit” I giggled again “aww I’ll be back soon mikey’s finishing off his hunt now well my hunt I have to kill one for him even when I’m full because his teeth aren’t sharp enough yet hah ha, by the way they are only elks so don’t worry we are veggie vampires like I said the other day hah ha” he laughed again I laughed I missed him a lot more than he knew “what time you aloud to stay out till tonight sash?” his question snapped me out of my thoughts “what…oh I don’t know I think about 10pm, 10:30pm but I’m not sure why?” he chuckled “ok I’ll be home around well me and mikes are on our way home now what time is it now mikes…” mikey’s muffled voice told Gerard what time it was “ok its 5:10pm now we should be home in about 10 to 15 minutes ok see you then sash ok” I giggled “yeah ok I’ll find out from my mum what time I’m aloud out till ok bye Gee” “bye sash” I thought I heard him say I love you but he only whispered it I think maybe my minds playing tricks on me at the moment before I could ask if he said it he hung up oh well I’ll find out later “sashia fire gem reaper come down here now please” I heard my mum shout “coming mum” I said as I walked out of my room and down the stairs “yes mum what is it?” I said when I reached the bottom of the stairs “Donna called she said that if you and the boys wanted you could have another sleep over” I smiled “yeah cool is it at the ways again?” she smirked “no it’s here I mean why not then I can get to know all your new friends” I just stood there shocked but pleased “I’m gonna go call some of my friends then , ok mum” then I ran upstairs and grabbed my phone and dialled the number I needed it rang twice “hello” the surprised voice came down the phone “hey sully” “oh hey sash” “yeah sully about before,” “don’t worry about it” “ok and do you wanna come to a sleepover at my house tonight?” “yeah sure why not should be fun” then we said our goodbyes and hung up I quickly dialled Alice’s number and got her and Vlad to come as well then there was a knock at the door and I legged it down the stairs and opened the door “Gee” I nearly screamed as I leapt at him he hugged me to him for a couple of seconds until mikey cleared his throat “oh…hey mikes” he laughed as I got out of Gee’s grasp “oh yeah guys I almost forgot I’m aloud a sleepover and before you say that you’ll have to ask your mum first it was your mum’s idea and it was my mum’s idea that it’s at my house so what do you guy’s say?” mikey laughed when he saw Gerard’s jaw drop then he laughed even more when Gee grabbed me into another hug “of course we’ll stay over” he chuckled when he let go of me “yay, come on guys you can help me get everything ready” they nodded Gerard and mikey followed behind me when I was half way up the stairs I heard mikey talking to Gerard “enjoying the view there Gee?” he chuckled I turned round catching Gee staring at my arse he blushed and suddenly looked at the floor “yeah it’s a very nice floor isn’t it mikey” I just shook my head and stopped at my bedroom door ushering them in “yeah it’s a very tight looking floor with legs and a pair of tits which are very nice may I add” I just laughed it off following them into my room where they were chuckling my mum had left a small bag on my bed no, no, no please no it was a Victoria secrets bag I ran to the bed diving on the bag to hide it from sight of the two teenage vampire boys but when I opened the bag it was empty I turned to look at them to see Gee was holding a pair lacy black and purple knickers with a diamante skull on the front hanging from a small purple bow my eyes bugged out of my head as mikey sniggered at me Gee walked over to me and whispered in my ear “I’m just hoping I get the pleasure of seeing them on you” then chuckled darkly before handing them to me then I whispered back “well seen as you are my boyfriend that’s a reasonable request” I started giggling when his jaw dropped “Gee close your mouth your gonna catch zombie flies” mikey sniggered then all of a sudden Gerard’s lips were crashing down on mine so hard I thought my jaw was going to snap off he growled into the kiss sending a shiver down my spine we stayed like that until mikey cleared his throat and reminded us that we had a sleepover to plan, we were half way through deciding who was staying in what room because we had three spare rooms and there was gonna be 8 of us this time because robin was coming with sultra, and I wanted to stay with gee this time but mikey wasn’t having any of it then I reminded him that it was my sleepover and my house and gerard just agreed with me mikey finally gave in and said “so the room plan is like this in sashia’s room: Sashia and Gerard, in one of the spare rooms: Alice and Vlad and in another one : me and Frankie and in the last spare room: sultra and robin” me and gee nodded our hands intertwined mine fully gloved obviously then the door bell rang my choice of song the theme tune to nightmare before Christmas ‘this is Halloween’ we all walked downstairs to open the door to our guests “sash just wanna say now I’m nicking your door bell” Frankie said as he walked in the others just followed him shaking their heads at him then sully and Alice noticed that me and gerard were holding hands “so gee’s mind wasn’t lying you two are going out now” Alice gushed happily clapping her hands I just shook my head and put my free hand to my head then Vlad pulled Gerard away to talk to him “hey Gee, next time you nick a pair of her knickers, do mind not picturing her standing in front of you wearing nothing but the underwear I think I’m gonna have nightmares for weeks” I my eyes bugged out Gee had been picturing me in his head wearing nothing but lacy underwear that’s great, just fucking great Gee smirked when he saw my expression then Vlad turned on me “don’t you look so bloody innocent, you’re the one that has been picturing him only in his boxers holding you and biting your neck so don’t be giving Gee a hard time in that head of yours coz I know what goes on in there and that goes for all of you” he turned to look at Alice who just acted innocent and played with her hair staring away from him I broke the awkward silence well I say silence mikey was sniggering like a human who had pulled a prank on his friends who were now covered in tar and feathers “ok shall we go upstairs and watch some movies…oh wait I’ve got a better idea spin the bottle and 7 minutes in heaven” I started giggling when I saw Gee’s excited yet slightly worried and also a tad bit childish expression which said something like ‘yay I’m in, but if any of these fuckers goes anywhere near my girl I’ll kick their balls or tits so hard they’ll think they’ve dropped off…Grrr I’m dinosaur’ Vlad walked up behind me “you got his feelings bang on even the dinosaur bit” then chuckled as we all walked into my room I love my parents for giving me the room with a walk in wardrobe “which game first and do we want music if so what music?” I asked as we sat down then Alice piped up “we should play 7 minutes in heaven first then we can be in our PJ’s for spin the bottle” she said I just hit my palm to my face “oh Sash do you have any escape the fate?” I nodded and messed about with my sound system before pressing play letting the heavy guitar fill the room as we all took a piece of paper and drew a picture but we all made sure to keep our heads jumbled so Vlad couldn’t see what Alice had drawn then we put the pieces into sully’s hat then everyone suggested that the smallest person went first so Frankie got up and picked up a piece of paper “what the hell is that?” he asked and showed the group the piece of paper it was a some sort of mangled animal “that’s mine” Mikey got up “you are seriously one disturbed vamp boy Mikes” he stuck his tongue out at frank as they walked to my wardrobe “Alice you do the honours of locking them in please” I said I heard two mumbled grunts of disapproval from the guys in the wardrobe when they came out they were laughing but I shook it off then gee decided that the person with the most awesome hair should go next and of course we both stood up and vlad had to toss a coin to decide “heads” gee shouted Vlad tossed it and looked at the coin “it’s…heads gee wins” I huffed and went back to my place in the circle as gee picked out a piece Gee then chuckled when he saw what was on the piece of paper “I can guess who that is?” he said and showed the group it was mine a picture of me and Gee kissing with love hearts around us “you are drawing a bigger version of that later” I just nodded as I got up and walked in my wardrobe after grabbing something off the side of my draws Alice locked us in and I ran to the corner and quickly stripped in the dark and put on the underwear my mother had bought me and giggled when I had it on then Gerard moved close to me wondering what I was laughing at then flipped the switch on revealing me in a black and purple lacy bra and knickers set with purple bows and diamante skulls then he flipped the switch off and on again and realised I was really standing in front of him in nothing but my lacy underwear then his lips came crashing hungrily down against mine and he growled and held my hips sliding his hands down the sides of my knickers I shivered and reached with my lacy gloved hands into his hair and pulled him closer then Alice knocked on the door
“Time’s up guys” I quickly put my clothes on and put my other underwear in my washing basket then we walked out.
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