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is this true love ??

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sashia is confused again what does gerard want what will happen when she goes round to find out and why is mikey so happy...

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A/N never really done anything to do with love scenes or sex scenes this isn't a sex scene even though they do end up half naked lol R&R thank you for reading Amy Beth x

Chapter 8
Is this true love??

Dear diary,
When I got home from school I was left thinking about the day’s events that had kept me puzzled and wondering how can life be so interesting and unbelievable to some one who’s half dead.
When I was half way through thinking about gerard I heard the door go, I ran down the stairs from my room and swung the door open… to see mikey standing there with an important message from gerard, “hey mikes what’s up?” mikey had a giddy smile on his face, then said “gerard wants you to come round now he has something to admit to you but did not say what it was” then chuckled, I grabbed my jacket and as I did so he was already legging it back to his house to warn gerard I was on my way, then I heard mikey scream to gerard “she’s on her way now get ready dude she looks angry I think she had fallen asleep when she got home because she looked tired as well”, as I walked through their door I gave growl towards mikey and a dirty look and as I did so he turned around and said “ohhh kinky much mikey likey, likey” gerard walked down stairs and growled at mikey and nearly lept for his jugular until I screamed “don’t he was only messing about and its not worth it really because we both know he didn’t mean it”, he just nodded and lead me up to his room to talk, “look sashia, I don’t know how to say this but I have really deep feelings for you and can’t help it” and then all I could say was “aww” as I felt the same way for him, and I then admitted how I felt “gerard look, I feel the same way but have not known for long because you made me feel angry on the first day I met you but I realised these feelings have been buried deep in my heart until the other day when we had the sleep over” gerard looked at me with a shocked face as his chin hit the floor in amazement, then he slowly walked towards me pushing me down so I was lying on his bed and kissed me it was like 7 minutes in heaven then as he walked over to his cd player and I slapped his ass in a kinky kind of way and he screamed “ow, you kinky bitch” and I laughed and heard mikey laughing his head off down stairs, then gerard yelled downstairs “Shut up mikey, you Faggot your just jealous that it’s not sully doing this to you” then all of a sudden mikey stopped laughing as I started giggling then mikey screamed up the stairs “I fucking hate you you’re a twat” but I had to strain to hear him because gerard had turned his music up then turned back to me walked back to the bed leaned down and kissed me then things started getting hot and steamy between us then we were half naked when sully walked in looking for mikey “whoa…whoa, I’m so…sorry…um…err…yeah…I’ll…see…you guys…err…later…I’m…err…gonna…err…go…find…mikey…bye” shielding her eyes and she left the room, I started giggling when gerard turned to shut the door again when gerard turned back to me he spoke with a laboured tone from lack of breath “come on let’s go to yours we won’t get any peace here because mikey’s gonna try and sabotage us again I can feel it” I just nodded in between giggles then we put our shirts back on then ran out the door and round to mine holding hands we burst through the door and were about to kiss when my mum walked through the kitchen “mum, oh my god I’m so glad your okay” then I dropped Gerard’s hand and ran to my mum and wrapped my arms around her then gerard cleared his throat “mum, we’ll talk later me and gerard have got to work on our biology project, got to go see ya” I lied so me and gerard could have some privacy because my mum never disturbs me when I’m working on a project when we got to my room I put my black veil brides CD in then turned then volume up then sat next to gerard and we resumed what we were doing until we heard a knock on my door “shit” I muttered trying to put my shirt back on as was Gee then there was another knock when we had our shirts on I ran to my CD player and paused it then ran to my door to see a smug faced mikey standing in my door way “get lost faggot” gerard shouted to his brother from behind my bedroom door “sorry Gee can’t do that mum told me to come and get you even sully’s gone home because we go to go catch something for dinner, are you guys dating now or what?” mikey finally asked Gee and I sighed “well, sash do you wanna be my girlfriend?” I opened my mouth to speak but before I could answer mikey dragged his brother out of the house back to his own with gerard screaming back to me “CALL ME, PLEASE” I just giggled then ran to my phone but rang Sultra to apologise for what she had just witnessed but I was too slow because Alice was ringing me “crap, sully” Sultra must’ve already told her or vlad read mine or Gerard’s or both of our minds I didn’t answer and it went to voicemail “sash, when you get this ring me, I know what you gerard have been up to” then there was giggling till the phone went dead I was not telling her a thing but she’d get more suspicious if I left it so instead of ringing sultra I rang Alice she picked up after two rings “hey, sash I know what you’ve been up to so don’t try and lie to me” then she giggled “I don’t know what your on about Alice,” I blushed slightly then continued “please enlighten me to what I have been up to exactly” “oh if you haven’t been up to anything then why are you blushing yes I know how does she know well vlad’s here that’s how I know I know everything he read it in your minds and what you’ve been up to you and gerard snogging each others faces off then poor sultra walking in on you two and then running over to your house for privacy and your mum being there and lying to her saying that you were gonna do your biology project oh yeah your mum didn’t buy that for one minute by the way she just let it go because she knew what you would get up to hah ha then trying to resume what you did over at Gerard’s then Gerard getting pulled out of your house by mikey because they needed to hunt you’ve been up to loads missy so don’t try and lie to me like you did before and like you lied to your poor mother hah ha” “ok, ok calm down Alice I really like him and he really likes me,” “wait the other day well your first day you hated him what changed?” “Alice I only hated him because of what happened that day but before that when he was waling in I had really big feelings for him but then they got buried by the hatred then the next day when I finally got to speak to him properly the original feelings surfaced and I started acting like a complete love sick demonoid I felt stupid but I don’t know what to do because of Frankie,” “well before you say anything about Frankie he’s kinda over you he likes Jamia now just found out off Vlad hah ha guess your free to go out with gerard then hun hah ha but Frankie still likes you as a friend so do you know what your gonna do then because gerard is waiting to get a call from you so hurry up mikey is getting angry because he won’t hunt and if gerard doesn’t hunt neither does mikey because gerard never finishes the animal off himself and mikey’s vampire teeth aren’t long enough yet to kill for himself so gerard has to kill for the both of them so I would hurry if I were you” “ok thanks Alice I ring him straight away, bye” “bye sash” then she hung up then I started to dial the number I needed it rang four times,

A/N sorry i know it's a bit confusing my dad said in writing terms i'm what he would call a gusher which basiclly means i write what comes into my head down on paper or on a computer as soon as possible and keep writing even if it starts to make no sence or it gets a bit confusing so i'm sorry if i'm starting to confuse you with this part of the story R&R thanks Amy Beth Gardiner x
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