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Auditions!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Syphiel 9 Reviews

Need people please

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  • Auditions!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (#) mcr_killjoy 2011-04-22 04:08:26 PM

    Name: Amy

    Stage name: (you don't have to have one) Cant think of one, but you can make me one if you need to! :D

    Personality: easygoing, up for a laugh, bit of a joker, happy, friendly, lively, outgoing, don't like to upset people, down to earth, giggly.

    Appearance: Long dark purple wavy hair, side fringe, hazel eyes, smokey eye make up, several ear piercings, nose piercing, 3 tattoos, 5ft3, slim.

    Instrument: (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocalist): guitar

    Would you notice if someone was being abused: depends, if it showed physically then yes, if there was signs in their emotions then yeah aswell.

    Would you help them: of course, well if they let me.
  • Auditions!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (#) AnotherKnifeInMyHand 2011-04-22 04:17:03 PM

    ooooh i wanna help

    Name: Rayne Burden

    Stage name: Raven (change this if you want i just came up with it)

    Personality: sarcastic, dark humored, a bit weird, fun loving, childish at times, loyal, short tempered and sensitive.

    Appearance: skinny build, short black spiky hair covering one eye, lip ring, many tattoo's, pale skin.

    Instrument: Guitar

    Would you notice if someone was being abused: YES

    Would you help them: ???
  • Auditions!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (#) Silver_Shadow_Iero 2011-04-22 04:26:51 PM

    Stage name: (you don't have to have one) dont have one
    Personality:quite shy if i dont know people, but once i know them, you can never shut me up, ooh and a nother thing, i always bring song lyrics into a convo
    Appearance:dyed purple hair green blue eyes, tanned skin
    Instrument: (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocalist) guitar
    Would you notice if someone was being abused: yeha..i think
    Would you help them:i wouldwant to but i probaby wouldnt
  • Auditions!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (#) CosmicCollision 2011-04-22 04:43:48 PM

    Name: Nolee

    Stage name: (you don't have to have one): Jade Stardust

    Personality: outgoing, expressive, adventurous, caring, daring, intelligent, curious, eccentric, melodramatic, anxious, happy most of the time. I get along with most people easily. I don't have grudges and I have a big heart. I look past the flaws of people and accept them for they are. I don't judge unless given a reason to. I'm creative and imaginative. I'm straightforward and don't always like to sugar coat things. I'm a good vibe reader too.

    Appearance: black hair down to black with the ends died neon blue. I have straight across bangs, and it's worn straight. 5'6, slender, tan skin, lip ring and cartilage pierced. I have tattoo on my wrist that says foREVer in honor of The Rev from A7X.

    Instrument: (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocalist): Vocalist, I only sing :/

    Would you notice if someone was being abused: Yup. I'm good with body language and can read between the lines.

    Would you help them: I would talk to them if I could, but it probably wouldn't work, so I'd tell someone even if it was hard to do. I wouldn't be able to stand back and stay quiet.
  • Auditions!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (#) dollypin 2011-04-22 05:30:40 PM

    Name:Eva Dodger

    Stage name: Dodger (This is what people usually call her)

    Personality: At first is quite reserved and quiet but as soon as she trusts the person becomes far more outgoing, crazy, insane ect.
    Suffers from sevre depressional streaks which could lead to sucide attempts depending on her influnces.

    Appearance:Around Height-5'1 e
    Long dark brown hair with ends died bright red.
    Has an innocent face with large soft green eyes.
    Loves wearing skinny jeans and miltary style clothing although will wear summery dresses in rainy cloudy weather to cheer herself up.

    Instrument: Sings 1st vocals in band but can play guitar badly and srcertly plays violin very well =)

    Would you notice if someone was being abused:She would notice something was wrong but would not assume it was abuse as she would not belive someone was capable of that.

    Would you help them:Would try help the vitim but would know that she couldn't do much to help and defend the attacker so would probley tell someone phyically bigger then her.
  • Auditions!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (#) VelocityBandit 2011-04-22 06:10:47 PM

    Name: Mia Malaree

    Stage Name: Malori

    Personality: Very clumsy. A little shy around strangers. Genuine, honest. Curious, and knows when something is up. Crazy and funny around friends. A faithful person. Quite empathetic. Sticks up for those who deserve it. Very hot headed. Stubborn. A bit of a joker, but when she gets serious she won't take any shit. Mysterious. Tomboy

    Appearance: Around 5"6, slightly knock kneed, big feet. Big hand span. Long brown layered hair which is usually messy yet straight. Quite thick too. Doesn't wear makeup apart from alot of smudgy black eyeliner and a little chapstick. Lip piercing to the side. Wears black, grey, blue, purple or tartan skinnies. Mostly black though. Studded jewelery. Band t shirts or stripy ones. Converse.

    Instrument: Bass, backing vocals. (plays guitar but bass is passion)

    Would you notice if someone was being abused: Yes, I am very aware of people and surroundings.

    Would you help them: of course, I'd probably beat the shit out of them and then call for help.

    Okaay. Thank you (: x

  • Auditions!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (#) Luckystarz812 2011-04-22 07:06:56 PM

    It sounds like an interesting story

    Name: Julia Burke

    Stage name: Star

    Personality: Really random. I tend to shake, twitch and crack my knuckles when I'm nervous. I'm pretty out going, and I love to hug people. I always listen to anyone. I suffer from paranoia and anxiety attacks once in awhile

    Appearance: Platinum layered blonde hair, usually tied back. Green eyes, 5'3, skinny. Either dark jeans or black skinny jeans; tank tops, tee shirts; Vans. Purple eyeliner and silver eyeshadow. Painted black nails. Oh and I wear black mesh gloves with green stars on them and neon colored dangling star earrings (hence the stage name)

    Instrument: (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocalist) either vocals or bass

    Would you notice if someone was being abused: most likely because she knows what it's like

    Would you help them: I would try
  • Auditions!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (#) lolhai 2011-04-22 07:43:37 PM

    Name: Sam Carr
    Stage name: (you don't have to have one) Oktobur
    Personality: Fairly quiet but smart, doesn't talk unless talked to first or to say something important, contantly moving fingers or foot, can ramble on when thinking about something in a debate
    Appearance: 5'6, thin, pale, dark brown hair with faded auburn about halfway down, shoulder length and layered, bright hazel eyes, usually wears t shirts and jeans, multicoloured Converse or two different Converse
    Instrument: (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocalist) Bass
    Would you notice if someone was being abused: Yes
    Would you help them: Yes
  • Auditions!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (#) cutegirl12356 2011-04-23 12:30:52 PM

    Stage name: My nickname is Ash Bunnii
    Personality:I'm really hyper and crazy...I hang out best with guys :) I'm into music like big time.I'm really easy to talk to. I some times don't understand why people feel like they can tell me everything but i'm honored :)
    Appearance:Black hair ( Light blue and purple streaks)
    Instrument:I sing :) I'm learning guitar :) (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocalist)
    Would you notice if someone was being abused: Yes i'd be the first to notice because i've been in an abusive relationship. I could understand.
    Would you help them: Of course i would help them! I wish i was helped. They may not act like they don't need or want help but they do!

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