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axl rose is a hot badass.

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my pov
Axl fuckin Rose is so fuckin hot he makes me wannna just pick him and call this show quits but i gotta get to know him and sighs the others better and give them a fighting chance. i mean that flowing red hair those green eyes that deep voice. ok shy try to actually not go on that route just yet. i mean yeah, this is gonna be intresting cuz i love badasses,and hes a hot badass. end of pov.

axls pov
wow this girl is fucking hot and seems pretty badass for a girl and the good part is she seems intrested in badasses. well shes in luck cuz it seems so far in my opinion ma only competion is nikki sixx and that should be easy to get rid of. i have a feeling that that micks gonna bbe the first to go well him or fuckin manson that goth fucker end of pov
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