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Hello Frank

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Everyone say Hi Frank.

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“Gerard, please sit down.” I said and moved so he could take my chair.
“I don’t want to sit, Michael. I want to paint, but there is a strange little man in my room!” He pushed the offered chair over and looked at me.
“Gerard, His name is Frank, he is a new patient and he is going to be your new roommate. Only for a week, then he will be discharged.” I tried to reason.
“A week? Why is that little fuck only here a week? I’ve been here two god damned years and I still can’t go home! What’s so special about this kid? What did he do that he gets a short visit?” He was getting angrier.
“You know I can’t discuss other patients with you, but he needs to be treated with kindness, he is a nice kid with a lot of problems, that needs support and I know you can give it to him.” I said nicely. Gerard seemed to calm down a little and think about it.
“So how’d he do it?” He finally asked.
“I’m sorry?” I asked confused.
“Kill himself, which method did he try?” He asked picking the chair up and sitting on it.
“I am not discussing other patience with you. Just try and be the older brother I love and respect?” I was getting really uncomfortable with the thought of this vulnerable kid in the room with Gerard.
“Okay, whatever man, but you know you are going to need to bring in another bed for Craig. He’s pissed.”
“Gerard, you can control Craig, I know you can, you have been doing so well-”
“When the fuck’d you start drinking again Mikey?” He cut me off, he was looking at my still open desk.
“I didn’t I was just looking at it.”
Gerard looked up at me upset. I could finally see my brother behind his eyes again.
“Mikey... I’m sorry if you’ve been stressed and I’m sure the Locke thing didn’t help but you know you shouldn’t go back to this. You don’t like who you are with this.” He said standing up and walking to me. “You haven’t been talking to me much about your problems. I know thats probably because Craig is usually in the room but I can tell him to go when you need me. I’m still here for you.” he said and hugged me. I closed my eyes and relished this moment with my brother. When I opened them the women was standing behind him with a big smile.
Gerard pulled back.
“Come on, Lets go met this suicide kid. I’ll be good.” He said and started out my office. My eyes were still on the women, She motioned for me to go follow Gerard and I did.
It was a short walk back to room 109. When we got there there was a young man pacing the room.
“Hello, I’m Dr. Michael Way. I am the head of this section of the hospital.” I introduced myself and the man turned around. I wasn’t prepared for how handsome he would be. Frank had longish black hair that just made the green in his hazel eyes shine. I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to say next.
“Uhm, Well I’m Frank. And listen, I shouldn’t be here, I’m not crazy.” He said and Gerard pushed past me, breaking me out of my stare.
“Yeah non of us are. George down the hall really can fly, Ray’s crayon’s really do talk back to him, and my friend is real but no one else can see him.” Gerard said sarcastically.
“No chill, I’m being good.” He said and sat on his bed. “I’m Gerard way, one of your roommates.”
Frank looked at him then at me.
“One of them? But there are only-” Before I could say anything Gerard stepped in once again.
“Two beds? Yeah, see thats a problem too, you kicked Craig out of his bed. But no worries, He probably won’t mind sharing a bed with me.” He started setting up his canvas to paint. Frank looked extremely uncomfortable.
“Frank, could you come with me to my office?” I asked kindly and he nodded.
Once in my office I offered him my chair and he sat uncomfortably.
“Okay, First off I would like to say welcome and let you know if there is anything you need you can ask me at any time, if I am not here you can reach me at my home line.” I handed him a business card from my desk. “Secondly, I am sorry about Gerard. He is my brother and he suffers from schizophrenia, but he is a really nice guy once you get to know him. Craig is a delusion of his, but please don’t worry too much, Gerard is harmless.” I said to the now terrified looking kid.
“I really don’t belong here.” He finally said and looked around annoyed.
“Well then lets make sure you get out of here as soon as possible.” I smiled at the kid.
“Right. Can I go back to my room?” He asked and I nodded. He got up and started walking away but he stopped at my doorway. “Thanks, for the numbers and all.” He said and continued down the hall. I sat in my chair and watched him walk away.
“It’s the least I can do.” I said to myself.
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