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Swing Life Away

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Jet comes and saves Mai from Zuko. Together they swing life away.

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A/N: Okay a Mai/Jet fic to the song Swing Life Away by Rise Against I am sorry that it is so late I was in Spain for a week! I do not own anything.

Swing Life Away.

Am I load and clear?
Or am I breaking up?
Am I still your charm?
Or am I just bad luck?
Are we getting closer?
Or are we just more lost?

"Come with me."
He whispered his face inches from mine. He was offering me a way out of this life.
"Jet I.... Just let me leave a note."
Jet sat down on the bed that Zuko and I shared. I felt guilty. I was leaving with just a note. But Zuko deserved it. He broke up with me and then ordered me to marry him. I finished writing with a flourish, I left the note on our bed and followed Jet out of the window.

I'll show you mine,
If you show me yours first
Let's compare scars
I'll tell you whose is worse.
Let's unwrite these pages
And replace them with our own words.

When we first set up camp about a mile outside of the Palace city. Then I saw her scars. Up and down the soft inside of her arms.
"Mai, did you do that to yourself?"
I asked.
"Yes. I hated it at the palace. It was so boring. And Zuko, he didn't care about me. He just decided one day to marry me. Even though we had broken up last year, and I was happy with you, he ordered me to......"
Mai was bordering on hysterical so I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her. I began to trail my way up her arms with my fingers. Pausing on her scars.
"Promise me, you will never hurt yourself again. I promised to protect you. How can I do that if you are the one hurting yourself?"

We live on front porches
And swing life away
We get by just fine,
Here on minimum wage
If love is a labour
I'll slave to the end
I won't cross these streets
Until you hold my hand

Jet and I, me and Jet, spent our days untouched by the troubles of life. We wandered around the Earth Kingdom, sleeping in kind peoples porches and stables. Jet and I taught people how to fight in exchange for money. It was never much but it got us by.

Been here so long
Think that it's time to move
The winters so cold
The summers over too soon
So let's pack our bags
And settle down somewhere palm trees grow

I looked up. In the lower ring of Ba Sing Se I couldn't see the sky. It unnerved me. I think it unnerved Jet too. I looked at him. He squeezed my hand tighter.
"This city holds so many memories."
He whispered
"Bad ones."
I add. He doesn't smile.

I've got some friends
Some that I hardly know
We've had some times
I wouldn't trade for the world
We chase these days down with
Talks of places that we will go

For the first time Mai met my friends, the freedom fighters. She wasn't exactly relaxed but she wasn't as stiff as I had expected her to be. Smellerbee and her got on each other's nerves, but Longshot and Mai got on like a house on fire. I would have been jealous had Longshot not been smitten with Smellerbee.
We arrived at their house before dawn, Smellerbee rushed out and embraced me in a fierce hug. Longshot and Mai just stared at each other before Mai turned and flashed me a rare smile.
"I like him."

We live on front porches
And swing life away
We get by just fine
Here on minimum wage
If love is a labour
I'll slave to the end
I won't cross these streets
Until you hold my hand

Mai and I, me and Mai. We were fugitives being hunted by the Fire Nation. I was said to be a dangerous kidnapper who had stolen the FireLord's wife. Mai was said to be the FireLord's stolen wife. Mai and I would stay at friend's houses hiding from the authorities. It was fun.

Swing life away
Swing life away
Swing life away
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