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I Hope Queen Elizabeth II Reads FicWad...

by unitedsuck007 7 Reviews

I bet she loves Full of Holes.

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  • Full Of Holes.

    (#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-04-24 07:19:02 AM

    My family are anti royalists too my uncle said he wants them all to be guillotined!!!! every time anything to do with the wedding comes up on the news my dad always turns the TV off or changes the channel. Like we care what her wedding vows every time i see anything to do with the wedding i always think IT@S A WEDDING FOR CHRIST SAKE CALM DOWN stupid royal family
    Great story by the way
    i love all your little authors notes
    and happy easter!
  • Full Of Holes.

    (#) rainbow_apocalypse 2011-04-24 07:48:38 AM

    Hey I know what you mean I happy they in love bla bla bla but I don't care. The queen is just a woman in a hat!!!!! I have to go to this shit party for it with my dad and his girlfriend all it going to be is shift mucis having to watch wedding for people I don't know. I don't like wedding anyway I that for people. I fucking know!!!!!!!! WTF
    Okay rant over love you story it fucking awesome x
  • Full Of Holes.

    (#) Kill_the_mainstream 2011-04-24 07:57:25 AM


    Well, I'm an American and don't really have the biggest opinion on the royal family, but I do agree with what you are saying about the insane amount of coverage that this is getting! I can see it in the news headquarters:

    Boss: We need a big headliner for today! Anybody got news?

    Reporter 1: Just in! The conflict in North Africa is getting crazier by the day! People all over those countries are dying!

    Boss: Psshh, that's nothing...

    Reporter 2: comes running into office out of breath ..huge...tsunami...earthquake...Japan...death toll...missing...thousands...catastrophic...damage...

    Boss: Yawn

    Reporter 3: I heard that Kate Middleton changed a word in her wedding vow?


    Hangs head in shame The stupidity and ignorance of today's media is astounding, isn't it? It's like how even though sharks are being hunted to near extinction using horribly inhumane methods, whales and turtles are the only ones getting protection just because they are "cute". It sickens me…

    Well, that's enough ranting from a thirteen year old girl for today...

  • Full Of Holes.

    (#) FlyingSmoke 2011-04-24 08:57:43 AM

    OH CHRIST ALMIGHTY! More news about the royal wedding?! It's over taken the US, btw. My mom is actually waking up early Friday to see the wedding live. People at school are positivly raving about the royal wedding and 'Wills & Kates' (the gay-ass nickname they've given them). And People magazine has dedicated a whole issue (100 pages, per say) to the royal wedding even before it's happened. Truth be told, I just wish they would run off to a fourth world country, get hitched, fuck some, then come back to leave the throne. That sounds like a very good idea to me, so...

    Cake. It's good. I mean, cake is a bucket of fun, AND THEN SOME. I mean, you can throw it at people, shove it in their faces, EAT it... Yeah, cake's a ball of fun. A good version of a clusterfuck (Yes, that's a legit word. You can thank Dane Cook).

    And just as a side note, IDK if it was on here or another fiction, Kerrang! isn't in the US! Not fair that you get it in the UK, and us awesome people (besides the masses) in the US suffer with '52 minutes' of the shittest rock to hit the world. It's really shit (not the good kind, the bad version of a clusterfuck). You won't survive in the US without a good radio station.

    Update soon! :D

    Author's response

    Wills & Kates?Icky.
    Clusterfuck?I like.
    Nah man,I never really talk about Kerrang!Mattera fact,I don't really like Kerrang!I read English magazines like Q and New Musical Express.But,I understand your agony.MTV Two sucks Donkey Kong dick,especially when they put on "rock."Once I saw "Just Dance-Rock Remix".Yeah.
    And by the way,don't let any republicans hear you say "you in the UK"....:D haha I kid.
  • Full Of Holes.

    (#) fueledbyPanic 2011-04-24 03:00:04 PM

    My parents and I were watching the local news to check the weather you know? And then the news people are all like HOLY SHIT THE ROYAL WEDDING EVERYONE FORGET ABOUT JAPAN AND AFRICA CAUSE THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT. And then my parents get all pissed cause they want the weather not some dumbfuck girl taking "obey" out. And I this is sorta random but I really don't like living in America. And my neighborhood cause nobody even knows who the misfits or my chemical romance are and don't give a flying fuck about anything except lady gaga. I also live on a street full dumbasses who think they're so badass cause they play hide and seek and hide in other people's bushes. And they're my age too.
  • Full Of Holes.

    (#) PumpkinPeasy 2011-04-27 08:34:32 AM

    Her name is /Catherine/? im gonna hurl...THAT DOUCHE STOLE MY NAME!
  • Full Of Holes.

    (#) scarlett_fitch2027 2011-05-05 09:41:09 AM


    yes. they love each other. good for them. will someone write a tabloid for my wedding? and will everyone pay their taxes for my doilies???

    yeah, i'm not a royalist. i don't hate the royal family personally, don't really have any particular opinions towards them but I don't like the idea of some family being better than us simply because of "better blood". eugh.

    now everyone thinks i'm some kind of anti-Britainist just because I was listening to "God Save The Queen" by the SexPistols when the royal wedding was on the radio.

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