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Chapter 17 (You'll Get What You Deserve)

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She felt the surge of heat and her feet had left the ground before her brain registered.

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Brynn, in no hurry to return to her cage, arrived back at the house a little while later. She walked in the front door with sounds of life responding from within. The TV was blaring in the living room and Clair and Cher sat sharply in front of it.

"Brynn is that you?" Zoe called from what sounded like the kitchen. "I thought I told you to be back in 20 minutes. You've been gone a whole half hour."

Brynn sighed and leaned down to unhook Max from his leash. Terrified of the commotion, he quickly scuttled upstairs. Brynn stood back up to find Clair and Cher in front of her.

"Where were you?" Cher asked menacingly. Her tall frame towered over Brynn.

"I was walking Max," Brynn answered truthfully trying to slide past the two sisters.

"No you weren't," Clair said blocking Brynn's escape route.

"What do you mean? Yes I was. I have his leash right here," Brynn defended showing the dangling leash in her hand.

Clair turned her glance to Cher who stepped forward. "We know you were talking to Brendon," she said as if she had just received good dirt on her.

Brynn was astonished at these two. How did they know that? "Were you guys spying on me?" She blurted.

Cher gave a soft laugh of arrogance. "Like we'd waste our time."

Brynn now felt anger shoot through her. Who did these girls think they were? To think they were better than everyone was such a lie. In fact, they were the lowest of the low. "Oh excuse me," Brynn said. "I guess you were stalking him."

Now it was Clair and Cher's turn to look surprised. "It's none of your business Brynn," Clair retorted. "If Tiffany instructs us to watch him, we do."

What? Tiffany was having Clair and Cher follow Brendon around? Why? "You guys are taking orders from Tiffany?"

"At least we have a popular friend," Cher said. "She's a lot better than that weird girl you hang out with."

"Roz is a better friend than you'll ever have." Now Brynn was raging with anger. Every part of her screamed 'slap them' but she held back.

"Yeah you're probably right," Clair said looking at her sister. "At least she got you to throw away that dingy bracelet of your mother's you use to wear." Then Clair turned to Cher and they both began to laugh, a high pitch laugh that rang in Brynn's ears. It seemed the more their squealing went on the fire in Brynn was ignited more. She felt the surge of heat and her feet had left the ground before her brain registered. She tackled Clair to the ground scratching and pulling her hair. Cher disappeared from sight quickly sprinting to find Zoe. Being as Clair was a good size bigger than Brynn she had no trouble throwing the poor girl off and pinning her to the floor. Brynn would not accept defeat so she continued to thrash about getting pulverized in the process. Soon though Cher returned with Zoe and the girls were separated.

"What is going on?!?" Zoe yelled looking at the distraught girls.

Brynn glared over at Clair and saw her usually perfect bob haircut thrown about. Along her cheek also ran a long scratch already glowing red, but Brynn only slightly smiled knowing she probably looked worse.

"It was Brynn, mother," Cher said stepping in. "She pounced on Clair. I saw the whole thing."

Brynn didn’t even try to protest. "Brynn Darling!" Zoe bellowed. "Go straight to your room!"

Brynn saw Clair flash a smile as she headed up the stairs. "Your father will be hearing about this!" Zoe added.

Brynn didn’t care what Zoe told her father. Maybe if Zoe complained enough about her he'd actually come home. Maybe this would get him thinking about his daughter.

Brynn made a detour to her room and grabbed Zoe's phone from her room. She needed to call Roz. She needed to vent to somebody. Once locked safely in her room she laid on her bed and dialed Roz's number. Roz picked up on the second ring and Brynn started to spill.

"Brynn you know what this means?" Roz asked after the confession.

"I'm grounded for eternity?"

"You have to tell Brendon!"

"What?!? Why do I have to do that?"

Roz gave a humongous sigh from the other end and continued. "once you confess you’re his Cinderella Clair, Cher, and Tiffany will all be eating their words.”

It seemed so easy to Roz, but this was something she didn’t understand. "Roz I can't"

"Brynn," Roz said forcefully. "You just attacked your step-sister. You can do this!"

Brynn smiled into the phone recalling the glorious moment. "Okay," she sighed. "But how?"

Roz laughed in joy and began giving Brynn options. Meanwhile downstairs a few minutes earlier Zoe had picked up the phone intending to call her husband to complain about his child when she heard the conversation.

"Oh Clair and Cher will love this," she sneered listening intently.
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