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Army Bases, Dope, and a Whole Lotta Love

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The title says it all for this one, WARNING IT WILL GET HOT AT ONE POINT...

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This chapter is anothor boring chapter bear with me I building up for a big one coming up!

Poison’s point of view

Finally we are here. We finally got to the refuge in one piece. It was a great idea to use an abandoned army base to hide. From what I hear it is pretty much a whole anti-BL/ind city under an invisible shield. Literally it is under an invisible dome. When we put the password in the rock disguised key-pad it lets into the dome. It was amazing it was just like the towns that we had before 2012. When we drove through the town everyone was cheering at us. We then parked the car in front of the place were Ghoul said Jamia was staying. Jamia then came running outside.
Ghoul jumped out of the car and ran and gave Jamia a big hug. “I missed you so much” Jamia said to Ghoul kissing him like their was no tomorrow. Christa creeped up on Jet and gave him a bear hug and he started kissing her. Meth was hanging on Kobra like a monkey and they were smiling at each other then started kissing. “Even though we aren’t having a perfect romantic moment....”Sec started to say then I interrupted her and shushed her and placed my finger on her lips. I then started to kiss her and she wrapped her legs around my waist and I held her close. “How is that for a perfect movie moment” I said to her, “Perfect, just don’t talk, just kiss me” Sec said. I continued to kiss her.

Grace’s point of view

Everyone was hugging and kissing each other, I didn’t have anybody. It made me think of the little and small faint memories I still shared with “them”. I remember him giving me piggy backs across the hall when I was so tiny and little. I remember her putting a cheap fake tiara that looked like a million bucks on my small head. Now when I thought I had a family they are throwing me with complete strangers. Those to kids who were in the car went off talking to people who looked like scientists so who did I have. I always thought my family was going to be with the Killjoys and now it looks like they do not want me.
I walked over to the make-out party going on in the middle of the road. “Uhh I don’t have a boyfriend so uhhh....” I said, and then everyone suddenly stopped kissing and came over and hugged me, practically smushing me like a PB&J sandwich. “ Ubbb..sma..gush” I said barley able to talk cause now I was a PB&J sandwich. Everyone stopped hugging me so I could regain my normal shape and breath. I then went up and gave Poison a big hug. “Thanks for your help” I said to him. I then saw Sec starting to choke up and turned away trying not to cry. “ Your welcome” Poison said and kissed me on the forehead. I kinda started to tear up a little. I finally got away from “him”.

Poison’s point of view

God why does the world have to be so fucked up, I really don’t want to leave Grace. I know it is for the best but when I saw Sec starting to cry. I realized that I do want a future with Sec. “Poison we need to talk” Jamia said calling me over. I walked over and saw that she had a concerned face. “What is wrong Jamia” I asked her, “The People who were supposed take Grace in never showed up and we have lost contact with them halfway through the week. Poison, I think "they" got them” Jamia said. Shit what are we going to do now. “ Poison we really can’t take her with us” Kobra said. “ I know” I said. “I will take care of her when you guys leave” Jamia said. “Thanks” I said to her. “Great just place me somewhere, does anyone care about me or am I just some million dollar object!” Grace said and ran off.
I ran off towards her, holy shit I hope she doesn’t hate me. I sat down on the big rock she was sitting on crying. “Grace I am so sorry you felt that way” I said to her. “You don’t get it. You can't just place me with people I had never met. Do you care that they may not be the family I want” Grace said, she looked up at me with tears flowing down her small round face. “BL/ind is taking every chance I have at a family away. “I watched Korse kill my parents. My own Grandfather killed my parents just because they tried to run away to protect me. Then I run away on my own and you found me. I feel like I have family traveling with you guys. Then I learn your just taking me away and sending me off with strangers.” Grace said sobbing.
I put my hand on her back. God she was making me choke up now. I felt for her never having people to call a family like my brother and I when we were younger. We had a fucked up childhood pretty much. Are dad was going in and out of jail, are mom ended up becoming a prostitute and went off with her pimp. We lived with are grandma Helena when are mom abandoned us for her pimp. Life got better for my brother and I when are grandma raised us in her apartment. We lived with her since I was in the 6th grade. Everything went down hill again when she got sick. She lasted for a month in the hospital, then she left us. Things were hard living in the apartment are selves. Having to help support Kobra in his turbulent middle school years. I was in the middle of high school when she left us. I wasn’t really talking to my friends half the time, I got into things like drugs and alcohol.
I think when Kobra knew I was going down hill when I almost tried to commit suicide, he got everyone, Ghoul, Jet, Sec, and Meth. He got everyone to help me get through my sophomore year of high school. Junior year was the year I started to enjoy my life and felt like things could get better. “I want you to be with us Grace. I just don’t want you to have a fucked up childhood like me. I understand how you feel. Your trying to find something you can be apart of. I just love you so much that I don’t want to put you in danger anymore.” I said to her. “I don’t care about growing up as a normal child. I know my childhood is already fucked on the count of me watching my parents massacred by my dad’s own father. I want to see Korse all bloody and dead”Grace said continuing to cry. Jesus fuck I am hurting the shit out of this girl. I hope BL/ind is happy that they are ruining her life.
We stat there in silence for a moment. “Grace, this might sound crazy but, would you like to live with me and Sec when we bring down BL/ind” I asked her. “YES! I would!” Grace said and gave me a hug. “ Just promise me that you will write me letters when you guys hit the road.” Grace said to me. “ I promise” I said raising my hand. “ bring Korse’s bloody dead head back to me so I can mount it on a fire place” Gracie said. “I Gerad Arthur “Party Poison” Way swear to bring back the bloody dead head of Korse, back to you so you can mount it on a fire place” I said, “Pinky swear” Grace said, “ Pinky swear” I said back and we pinky swore each other and had a long hug.
“Race you back” Grace said and started to run, “NO FAIR YOU GOT A HEAD START!” I said running after her. She won, “ Hahaha I win!” Grace said, “ No fair you got a head start I will get you next time” Poison said. “Alright guys I going to stay with Jamia when you guys leave but promise you guys will write to me and keep us updated” Gracie said, “We Promise” We all said. I went up to Sec and wrapped my arms around her waist. “ Someone is going to be very happy tonight, “ I said to her. “ I think I kinda knew that that” she said to me. “ Someone’s going to be happy allot more when they hear exiting news” I said back to her. “What could those exciting news be” she asked me. “Grace is gonna stay with us after we take down BL/ind” I said to her. “O MY GOD I LOVE YOU” Sec said and turned around gave me a big hug. “Now that we have some down time....” I started to say then she shushed me. “Sshh....actions speak louder than words” Sec said. I smiled and picked her up and we got in the car and drove it to an uncrowded parking lot. I reached for Ghoul’s bag and pulled out the bag of weed. I got out my lighter and paper. Sec got out the pack of beers from the trunk.
We started getting really high and wasted, and making out in between. “I love you so much Sec, words can’t even describe it. “ I said totally out of it. “I know babe” Sec said as she nuzzled her face into my neck. I went on top her on the back seat and starting making out with her majorly. She then started to grind against me. The waves of pleasure surged through my body as started to fell my crouch harden. She latched on me like a monkey wrapping herself around me. I felt her hands move around my hair and she undid my mask and threw it on the ground. I then took of hers and through it next to mine.
“Not in the car, please” Sec said to me, “Fine” I said and I stumbled myself up and opened the door and got her out and we stumbled into the single unisex bathroom. We got in there and started making out hard core and dry humping like there is no tomorrow. I wanted to tease the shit outta her. She unzipped my jacket and threw it on the ground,”You think your gonna get what you want that easily” I said to her. “Yes I do” Sec said. “Well a little girl like you aint gonna get a grown up man that easily,” I said to her. “Really, what if I do this...” Sec said and took off her jacket. “Or this....” she said and kicked off her shoes. “Fuck, why do you have to be the really sexy one that gets her way all the time” I said, “ That’s little old me, I may be short but I have nice package that is so rare you can’t find it in any retail story” Sec said and brushed her hands across my crouch.
Ok I couldn’t take it anymore everything she did just made the blood crash down more and more. That is it I am going in. “You bitch!” I said then pinned her to the wall. She wrapped her legs around my waist and we started kissing heavily. I started to unhook her garters and I pulled down her fishnets, her socks, and everything else that was a set back. She undid my restraints and I entered her. I was moving to the rhythms of her heavy loud breaths. She buried her face into my neck, “I LOVE YOU, I FUCKIN LOVE YOU SO GO FUCKIN FASTER” She said, I started moving faster and getting sweaty as hell. I then heard a knock on the door. “Bonnie, Clyde, I gotta take a piss” Ghoul said banging on the door. I just ignored it. He keep banging on the door. “KOBRA GET MY BAG OF WEED FROM MY BAG THAT WILL GET THEM OUT” Ghoul yelled. “Ahh Ghoul, it is gone and the car is full of burnt paper” Kobra yelled back, “POISON YOU FUCKIN BASTARD!” Ghoul said. “HOLY SHIT” I yelled as I started to climax. Then Sec and I just stayed pinned to the wall as we caught our breath, “IF YOU GUYS DON’T GET OUT NOW WERE GONNA knock DOWN THE FUCKIN WALL!” Ghoul yelled practically killing the door.
“God....the.....,’ ” I said incredible wasted, like I just went back to being fried after my blood pressure lowered. “ I know.....I just for like....a long.....time....” Sec said drooping like a dead flower. “DOES IT TAKE THIS FUCKIN LONG FOR SOMEONE TO CUM!” Ghoul said still banging on the door. I sighed and got out of her and stumbled over and got my jacket on that was on the germ filled bathroom floor. She was trying to find her millions of pairs of clothing thrown on to the floor. She got dressed and we held on to each other and stumbled out of the bathroom. “You got allot a nerve smoking my weed, and drinking EVERYONE’S beers” Ghoul said with his arms crossed. “ Ah put one of your dirty socks in it, I will make it up to ya” I said. “You room is right next to mine of the second floor of the bunkers, the keys are under the mat” Ghoul said then rushed into the bathroom.

Meth’s point of view

I saw Poison and Sec kissing all the way down the hallway to their room. I wish Kobra would give me a little more love sometimes. I wish half the time I was his inhaler cause it touches his lips more than mine. What am I going to do to make that guy love me like when we were teens. I know when I walk into that tiny bunk room I am just gonna sleep with just his arms laying on my shoulder. I love Kobra with all my heart and I will always love him with all my heart, but I am afraid I will just be that girl to him. I can’t live with just a kiss every now and then. I might have to one day say, “Hey Kob, if you love me then show that you really love me and we aren’t just together, so take it or leave it.” That is what I hope not to say.
I saw Jet walking down the hallway, he was carrying a flat brown paper bag in his arms trying to hide it like he had something worse than dope in it. “Getting rid of dope, I see” I said to Jet. He just stopped in his tracks and looked at me very nervously. “Oh yea gotta get rid of the stuff that gives you a disease that there is a cure for in all. You know gotta get down to the stalls and flush them down into the stinky sewer and watch it just swirl around in all.” Jet said nervously. “You aren’t getting rid of dope are you” I said to him. “No....” Jet said, “They are porn magazines and I left them in my bag and if Christa finds them I am in so much trouble” Jet said really nervously. “Oh where are you gonna put them?” I asked trying to be an asshole. “Ahhh...ubbb....ummmm, well, I was going to..” he started to say but then I cut him off and said, “ Put them under Kobra’s seat in the car.” “Well....not exactly....yes,” Jet said. “Can you make sure he finds it so you know he themt” I said nervously. “Meth I know you want Kobra to have kinky animal sex with you. Kob just doesn’t have it anymore, so when in doubt hoe it out” Jet said, “Try it, it may bring him back to his old self” Jet said then ran down the hall.
You know what Jet is right, if Kobra will not break this awkward phase were are never going to be in love like we used to be. Hopefully this works, just think of the night of our first time, we watched a Friday the 13th marathon and read millions of old issues of Fangoria on Friday the 13th. Ok I am going to do it. I walked into the room and I saw Kobra lounging on the bunk. I sat next to him on the bunk and he looked at me. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, “Hey babe, glad to see ya being really lazy with me, I need a lazy partner” Kobra said. “You know Kob we are all alone in a tiny room,” I said starting to crawl on top of him. I started to kiss him, I could feel him breathing heavy and his heart racing, I broke off from the kiss and sat up on top of him. Kobra started to cough again, he then tried to reach for his inhaler on the night stand. I was able to grab, he held his hand out thinking I was going to give it to him. Instead of giving it to him, I inhaled it and blew it on his face. “You remember Friday The 13th,” I whispered to him. He then started to shake, “Are we going ttttttoooo......ddddooooo.....itttttt....” Kobra said shaking like crazy. “Ohhhhhh yaaaaa baby....”I said and started to kiss him passionately....
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