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Ursa's story from when she first meets Ozai to when she is banished. I might goe farther and have Zuko find her but I'm not sure.

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A/N: I am still working on Songfics and The Mortician's Daughter but I decided to do another story about Ursa and Ozai, because I think Ursa did love Ozai at a point. So the plan is to start out with Ursa meeting Ozai and to continue to the night when she is banished and to possibly when Zuko finds her. So here it is

"Now then Ursa, you are to betrothed to Prince Ozai, isn't that wonderful! You will meet him today at noon!"

Lady Ai told her six year old daughter. Ursa looked up from her noodles, a look of confusion crossing her pretty features.

"You said I would be betrothed to Lord Ishaya's son Aiku."
Ursa said laying her chopsticks down and staring at her mother directly.

"I know, but Lord Ishaya, he was bad and has been sent away along with his family. Fire Lord Azulon has been so kind as to promote your father to Lord Ishaya's old position and he has offered Prince Ozai to be your husband. So be grateful."

Lady Ai and Ursa went quiet and continued their meal in silence.

"Well go upstairs, I will send the servants up to do your hair."

Ursa curtsied and proceeded to her room.


Ursa thought as she walked slowly up the stairs. Even at six years old she knew that her blood was tainted. She had been recently instructed in the duties of a girl. At the top of the list was to be successfully wed. Ursa had been told that it was unlikely for her to find a good match because of the traitorous, tainted blood that ran through her veins.


Lady Ai thought as she ordered the servants up to her daughter. Ai knew better then anyone the consequences of being the daughter of a traitor. Why would the FireLord want the granddaughter of Avatar Roku to marry his son? It made Ai's head hurt to think that her daughter might marry the second son of FireLord Azulon.

"My Lady, I have been sent to prepare you for your afternoon with His Highness."

A young servant girl whispered, curtsying to Ursa. Ursa beckoned to the girl.

"I need to look grown up and elegant."

Ursa stated irritated.

"Of, of course my lady, ummm..... How about these?"

The girl held up a pair of red knee length trousers, a red shirt, a burgundy tunic and a black sash.


Ursa inspected the fabric as she had seen her mother do. But she wasn't exactly sure why she did it.

"Trousers are very popular these days, and what about these burgundy shoes?"

The servant girl said enthusiastically.

"Very well."

Ursa answered trying to be stern, but inside she was as enthusiastic about clothes as the servant girl was.
Lady Ai opened the door just as the black sash was being tied around her waist.


Lady Ai ordered her servant.

"Yes my Lady."

She whispered as she left the room, she curtsied to both Lady Ai and Ursa.

After she left Lady Ai pushed her daughter to the vanity.

"Now do you remember how to talk to royalty?"

Lady Ai asked as she began to brush out her daughter's brown hair.

"Only speak when spoken to, use their titles if they are ranked higher then you and. . . . . . . ."


Lady Ai prompted her daughter yanking her hair into a topknot.

"And always bow."

Ursa finished quickly as her mother tied a red ribbon into her hair.

"Be down stairs in five minutes."

Lady Ai said as she left Ursa's room.

No less than three minutes before noon. Lady AI and Ursa were let into FireLady Illah's apartments.

"Welcome Lady Ai and Lady Ursa!"

FireLady Illah greeted them as she opened her door.

"My Lady."

Lady Ai murmured as both herself and Ursa bowed low.

"Ai would you care for some tea? Ursa, my son, Prince Iroh shall take you to the gardens. Ozai is sparring with one of his friends."

FireLady Illah said waving her hand, summoning Prince Iroh forward. Lady Ai looked like she was going to protest.

"I know it's not exactly traditional, but the betrothal is not public yet, so it is not official yet."

With that FireLady Illah dismissed Ursa and Prince Iroh.

Prince Iroh and Ursa walked in silence for a while before Iroh broke the silence.

"Do you like tea?"

Ursa looked up confusion crossing her delicate features.

"Forgive me, your highness, I was lost in my own thought, I did not hear you."

Ursa managed to squeak out.

"Nervous about meeting my brother?"

Ursa blushed and nodded.

"It'll be fine. I was nervous too when I first met Ta Min, my wife. I accidentally set fire to her dress. Yet she still married me once she turned sixteen. And now she is going to have our first child soon."

Iroh said giving Ursa a kind smile.

"Can I see it?"

Iroh gave her an amused smile.

"My wife?"

Ursa shook her head.

"The baby, when it's born."

Iroh laughed. Ursa blushed.

"Of course you can! If this works out you'll be its aunt."

Ursa smiled.

"Well we're here! I'll be in the Tea Room, if you need anything."

Iroh said pointing to a room down the corridor, they had just walked down.


Iroh said as he walked away giving Ursa a friendly smile and a wave.

The two boys who were sparring together did not notice the young girl, who was suddenly thrust into their presence. So Ursa used this to openly stare at the boys.

The boy who was firebending she assumed was Prince Ozai. He had pale skin, and he had long, black hair pulled into a ponytail. He was wearing red trousers and a red tunic. Both were edged with gold. Defiantly the Prince. His face seemed to be set into a frown.

The other boy had dark brown skin, Water tribe?, brown hair and he wore a carefree grin on his face as he thrust his sword towards the prince, who expertly lept over it. He wore the same thing as Ozai but in black.

The dark skinned boy noticed Ursa first.

"Hello! Aaaarhgh"

The boy said as the Prince tackled him to the ground. Ursa giggled as both boys rolled around in the grass.

"I'm glad to see I amuse you."

The dark skin boy said as he stood up brushing grass off of his trousers. He then helped the Prince up. Ursa immediately curtsied. Ozai gave her a nod.

"My name is Prince Ozai. What's yours?"

Ozai said sullenly. Burning a blade of grass in his hands.


Ursa said quietly.

"Well my name is Piandao, sword fighter extraordinaire, rescuer of damsels, and hero of men!"

Piandao burst out finishing with a flourished bow.

Ursa and Ozai both laughed at that. Piandao joined in with a loud laugh, that made Ozai and Ursa laugh even more. Soon all three of them were on the ground laughing.

"Master Piandao! Prince Iroh requests a Pai Sho game with you!"

A servant called out.

"I'll be right there! Bye you guys!"

Piandao said as he ran towards the servant.

As soon as Piandao left both Ursa and Ozai went quiet.

"Can you firebend?"

Ozai asked trying to break the silence.


Ursa replied. Ozai recognised a challenge when he saw it.

"I can make you firebend!"

Ozai announced proudly.

Ursa looked terrified.

"I don't think that's a good idea!"

Ursa yelled as Ozai took her hand and dragged her down the corridor.

"Please Prince Ozai!"

Ursa pleaded.

"Look, Ursa. It won't kill you to try."

Ozai said and pushed her into a dark room.

"You need to firebend to open the door. I'll wait here."

Ozai said as he shut the door.

Ursa tried, she really did but no matter what she couldn't create a spark. Ursa fell to the floor and started crying.

Ozai heard Ursa crying. He didn't want her to cry. He just wanted to help her firebend. Ozai opened the door and was immediately embraced in a tight hug. Ozai hugged her back. Suddenly Ursa pulled away and started to punch his chest with her little fists.


Ursa pushed Ozai backwards and began to punch him some more.

"Stop it Ursa!"

Ozai shouted.

Ursa and Ozai attacked each other. Ozai grabbed onto her bangs and pulled down hard. Ursa clutched onto his tunic and ripped it. Then Ursa began to pummel her tiny fists against Ozai's chest again. Ozai then ripped off her sash. Ursa let out a savage war cry.



Iroh, Piandao and Ta Min heard the cries and they rushed out of the Tea Room.
Iroh grabbed onto Ursa and pulled her off of Ozai. Ozai stood up and attacked. Piandao grabbed onto Ozai and held him back.

Both Ozai and Ursa were struggling against their captors. They wanted to hurt each other.

"I hate you Prince Ozai!"

"I hate you more!"
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