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sibleys pov.

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Sibleys pov

I sat on the table in the kitchen looking out onto one of Mr smith's fields, the only thing that interested me in that field was Mr smiths oldest farm hand Gerard, his dark hair had been messed up by the wind yet it suited him. I contemplated going out to him, but I was worried that he would work out that I liked him, oh codswallop. I should be able to talk to my fathers workers- even if he was not our real father.
I got down off the table and poured two glasses of the lemonade that Emily, Ashlee and I had made this morning walked out of the door and half ran into the field, I didn’t think he had seen me before I called out his name
“Gerard! Would you like some lemonade?” I asked, shouting across the short distance between us, he looked up – squinting in the sunlight and crinkling his nose
“er- yes please! He shouted in return, walking towards me,
I handed him the tall glass of lemonade, he sipped the drink and looked at me approvingly,
“you like it then?” I asked
“yes- it is very nice, very refreshing” he returned
this conversation was rather awkward, considering my feelings for gerard, there was something about him, about the way he walked, the way he talked, Everything. He was beautiful to say the least, inside and out. I had fallen head ofer heals with him, and I didnt know how to express this feeling to him with ought hurting both me and him.
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