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56 Reasons To Cry

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Soooo we took little Danny home. Finally! That hospital room was killing me! But now that I'm a mother (That's really funny if you think about it.) I must have the best for my child. We have already gotten a crib and a play pen for Danny and Aron Michael when he's born. Cute name Ron picked right?!

"Aiden! When are we getting a house?!" Hey, with a child, I want a warm bed and showers.

"Dylan, I'd have to leave the pack if we wanted to get a house. I'm the alfa! How can I do that?!" He asks as he rocks Danny.

"Aiden... I'm not asking you to do anything, yet, but would you think about... Leaving the pack?" I ask carefully. I stare at him as his face goes red with anger, or something else, confusion maybe. "I'm just saying because I want my children to go to school, have friends, and I think it would be better if we have a house. We already got a car-"

"Because of you insesad need for all this baby stuff!" He snaps.

I glare at him. "Just please, think of it. I know Ron and Dante are looking to buy a house. I think thats best." I say it softly, taking the baby from his arms and kissing him on the cheek. "I'm going to wal-mart for some new bottles. He bit the top off our last one."

I start to pull away when he takes my face into his hands and captures my lips. His tongue slips in my mouth for a small second. "I'll.....I'll try to think about it." I yelp with joy and kiss him once more. Once I do so I head through the woods to the car. No matter how many leaves tickled his nose, Danny never woke up.


Soup, bread, chocolate milk, how I've missed thee! If you haven't noticed already, I'm in the food section starring at the food I can't have. Well maybe bread..

I walk slowly up the small aisle, stroling along, enjoying being inside. It's too cold for Danny! As I walk, movement at the end catches my eyes. I shift my eyes over, how I love to people watch, only, I know that face.

"Mom." I whisper to myself as tear arose. I quickly start to shake and my mind went blank. All I knew was I couldn't see her. Not after two years, Not with a two week old baby in my arms, not without Aiden. I spin on my heels and run to the top of the aisle. Making a sharp turn, I escape the encounter.

I let out a sighs, stroking Danny's head. His eyes open slowly, smiling at the sight of me. He gurgles happily. "I know your happy sweetie...Just wait until you get to see your grandma." I whisper to him. My eyes burned and were surely red.

I hid myself once more as she walked by, her hair still silky and black even at the age of 56. Her grey/silver eyes looking right over me, sweeping by me with out the knowlage that I am the daughter she lost two years ago.

"I love you." I tell Danny as I kiss his soft head. He responds by giggling and patting my nose with his hand. I smile and blush. So cute..


"Dante, can you watch Danny for a second? I need to talk to Ron." I ask him once I got back. He nods and takes Danny, who reached up to grab his nose. Smiling, I take Ron by the hand and drag him to the side.

"What happend at wal-mart?" He knows me way too well.

The tears finally fell. Shaking my head in denial, I croke, "I-I saw my mom! It was like I left in thin air!" I can't lie, when I said that the song from Aladdin. "Some one like you doesn't come out of thin air. Or err something like that.

"I'm sorry, Hun." Ron said as he wraped his tiny arms around me.

"It's s-so h-hard! A-All I wa-anted to d-do w-was tell her! Tell her everything! I wanted to show her Danny! I wanted him to meet his grandma! Ronie!" I cry, digging into his chest.

"You'll get to see her again, I'm sure of it." He asures me. I shake my head into the engraving I've made between his mussels.

He just trys to calm me when I just cry harder. I was thinking the whole time and I finally figured out why I want a house so badly. I want a house because I want a normal life.
DUNT DUNT DUUUUUUNT! Hey guys! I hoped you liked it. And um, I have some rather....upsetting news for you guys.... Chosen wolf is....coming to a close.... GASP! Well, um, theres ABOUT 5 (give or take) more. There will be major time skips and a few fillers inbetween. Don't be totally mad at me because there is still all my others and I have too many in my head:D I have about 20 stories in all:) I love you all! jadesohma!
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