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Need 4 people in my frerard

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  • Audtions

    (#) missfunghoul57 2011-04-21 04:14:06 PM

    name,Eva Andrews

    what you tend to wear, Skinny or distressed jeans with my converse. On the fashionable side of life, but I always have tees on hand.

    your looks, I'm quite pale and have hair that comes down to my shoulders. It's light brown with some dark brown streaks and natural curl. I do wear make-up.I'm on the shorter side, and am a little underweight.

    personality, When you first meet me, I'm very quite. But after a while, you'll realize that I am a professional chatter box. My friends say that I am a good listener, and that I'm extremely modest. I can't stand people who are full of themselves, and liars get under my skin. My feelings can get hurt easily although I try to hide it. I have a few fantastic friends, but a lot classify me as an outcast. I'm not always the best student but my grades are high. One of my worst qualities, it that I'm not afraid to speak my mind even if it can get me in trouble. When it feels like the world is against me, I shut it out with music. Music is my life. I love to sing and play the piano. Lastly, I have a really hard time letting go of the past and forgiving myself. I have to trust you before I'll cry into your shoulder.

    anything else that could help your charecter, vegetarian and in love with Mikey Way! Can't wait to go read the fic! Thanks!Xo

    Author's response

    Omg I actualyy have the most perfect part for you :) I hope you will like it :D you will be in a dew chapters time I apollgaise in advance for the shortness of the chapters tho, they will get longer
  • Audtions

    (#) lolhai 2011-04-21 04:52:27 PM

    Name: Christiana Erikan

    What you tend to wear: Loose-fitting jeans, brightly coloured Converse, tee shirts, button-ups and tank tops, sweatshirts in cold weather

    Personality: Very comfortable with slef, easily gets lost in thoughts, somewhat stubborn, very patient, difficult to insult or anger, loves music, tries hard to not offend people, doesn't talk a lot but when she does talk she says important things, very thoughtful and kind, overly trusting

    Anything else: Hates any sort of discrimination or bullying
  • Audtions

    (#) missfunghoul57 2011-04-21 05:23:49 PM

    Great! I'm really excited! Love the story so far! It's addicting!
  • Audtions

    (#) NeonLuvs 2011-04-21 11:51:32 PM

    Name : Sabrina (Sabby)

    What you tend to wear : colored skinny jeans, slashed shirts, hoodies, cardigans, skirts with leggings underneath, v necks, striped tee shirts, off the shoulders t shirts as well. Sneakers and flats.

    Your Looks : 5'6, toned, tan skin, black hair down to back, razor chopped and parted to the left. Dark chocolate brown eyes, long lashes, lip ring.

    Personality: Outgoing, not shy at all. A friendly person. A little eccentric. Knows how to have fun, adventurous, smooth talking, harmless flirt, hopeless romantic, cheesy at times. Likes to make jokes and likes to laugh for no reason. Unintentionally perverted. Imaginative, melodramatic. I usually let people vent to me about their problems. I give terrible advice, but my shoulder is always there. I try to make everyone be happy. I don't hold grudges, I forgive easily, not always a good thing. I'm pretty calm but I do have a hot temper if I'm really pissed off at something. Most of the time I'm chill.

    Anything else that could help your charecter: Doesn't drink anything but green tea or water. Health freak -_- doesn't eat meat as well. Knows how to fight. Pulls pranks alot. Laughs when nervous, and laughs at the wrong times. A little too nosy sometimes.
  • Audtions

    (#) BlueFlare12 2011-04-22 01:31:51 AM

    name: Hayley

    what you tend to wear- Anything colourful and most of the time its skinnys and hoodies or smart/casual. I wear almost every shoe in any colour.

    your looks- Blue/Black hair, Pale skin, red full lips, brown eyes, medium height and weight.

    personality- Bubbly, shy atr first then loud, tends to do the right thing but everyone makes mistakes, creative, good at lieing and getting people to say things that are suppose to be secret.

    anything else that could help your charecter- Is really sarcastic, makes jokes at inapproprate times.

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