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Chapter 6

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Mikey meets Charlotte.

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Mikey sat outside by himself, waiting for Crayon to come out of detention. Crayon had told the Miss.Baker that she didn’t understand ‘The Periodic Table’ and asked if she could use song writing to write a song about it, so she could remember? Miss.Baker didn’t like the idea and was even less enthusiastic when Crayon produced a ukulele from her bag. So she was kept behind for the whole of break ‘for being cheeky’.
Emma stopped by Mikey, laughed and commented “I bet you wish you’d got detention to. I bet you noticed Miss.Baker’s skirt too. You might’ve been able to look up it!” She laughed cruelly before continuing to walk on.
Mikey sighed and opened his school bag. He pulled out his MP3 Player and plugged his earphones in and began to ignore the world.
That was until a girl sat opposite him on the bench. She smiled at him and Mikey smiled back shyly. This random girl was quite pretty and she didn’t seem to hate Mikey. He pulled out his headphones and stared at her. She had black and red hair that reached her shoulders with a side fringe. She was wearing a Black Veil Brides tee-shirts with black skinny jeans and black converse.
She held out her hand “My name’s Charlotte, but you can call me Raven. What’s your name?”
“Mikey,” He replied shyly “Are you new here?”
Charlotte shook her head “No. I just thought you looked lonely so I thought I’d sit with you. Do you have any friends at all?”
Mikey was about to say no, but then he remembered proudly “Oh yeah, there’s a new girl called Crayon. She’s my friend.”
Charlotte raised her eye-brows “Oh yeah, I’ve seen her around. She’s certainly making a name for herself already.”
Mikey shrugged “She’s funny. And really interesting.”
“I’m sure she is. Enough about Crayon though. What were you listening to?”
“Nirvana,” Mikey told her “I’m guessing your favourite band is Black Veil Brides?”
“They’re like the best band in the entire world!” Charlotte laughed “Anyway Mikey, I think we should hang out more often. You seem like a really interesting guy.”
“Y-Yeah, that’d be cool, right?” Mikey stuttered, feeling nervous.
Charlotte smiled and pulled a piece of paper out of her bag. She wrote down some numbers and handed it to Mikey “Here’s my number. Call me sometime.”
Then she stood up, swung her Nightmare before Christmas bag over her shoulder and walked off. At that moment, Crayon came running over.
She sat down with a loud sigh “Can you believe how much trouble you get into for just wanting to write a song? And an educational song at that! She kept moaning ‘It wasn’t a music lesson blah blah blah’ but who really cares? Honestly!”
Mikey giggled. Crayon raised her eye-brows “Who was the depressing looking girl who sat here a few seconds ago?”
Blushing, Mikey said “She’s Charlotte, but she told me to call her Raven. She’s not depressing, she’s quite cool.”
Crayon shrugged “I try not to judge a book by its cover. I get a bit sick of people doing it to me, so I try not to do it to others…” Crayon smiled “She just looked a little… I don’t know.”
“I guess,” Mikey mumbled.
Crayon giggled “Besides, she reminded me of Cassie.”
“Who’s Cassie?”
“My little sister,” Crayon told him, rolling her eyes “I know what you’re thinking ‘Why did your parents give you a weird name, but give Cassie a nice normal name?’. You remember that I told you that my Mom named me after Dad walked out? Well, Cassie’s real Dad wanted a normal name for his daughter. Not that he ever shows up anymore. Then again, neither does mine. But I don’t need a Dad, I’ve got my Mom. And Cass, even though I don’t like her that much.” She nudged Mikey “And now I’ve got you, right?”
Mikey smiled “Right.”
The bell rang. Crayon sighed “Buh! More lessons? Does this school ever stop?”
Mikey laughed and started walking with his best friend to French.
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