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Chapter Twelve - Gerard

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Son of a bitch!!

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A/N: I don't know if I should have any warnings in here so if you guys see any reason for one, feel free to comment and tell me, 'kay?

Frank and I sprinted up the stairs. He was a step behind me and I heard him tell Jamie and Cody to stay in his room. I didn't check to see if they listened.

When I reached the top, Frank caught my arm and spun me around. “Gee you need to stay here. They don't know your a vamp and if they find out, well then you'd have just walked in on a circle casting and that gives them the means to kill you. Just stay!” he said quickly as I opened my mouth to argue.

I bit my lip and he ran past me. Once he was gone, I stayed pressed against the wall. My fangs were aching to grow out again and I pressed my tongue to the tip of one and willed it to stay put.

This isn't good. I don't like Frankie going up there alone. No matter how much I tried to relax, my heart was racing and my chest was tight.

I forced myself to go back down the stairs. With every step, I thought to myself. He'll be okay; he'll be okay; he'll be okay.

Jamie met me at the foot of the stairs, Cody beside her. “Gerard?” her voice was heavy with worry. I couldn't answer her; I didn't know how! Their eyes followed me and when I sat on the bed, they shared a look.

Cody sat on his knees and rocked back on his heels. Jamie sat next to me on the bed and tried to put her arm around my shoulders. The only way I knew she had is that her arm went through me, freezing my whole body.

I smiled at her and a tear of frustration escaped my eye, rolling down my cheek and down my neck. How long have I been alone now? It felt like hours.

Well, I technically wasn't alone, but Frankie wasn't here with me where I knew he was safe. My legs were twitching, wanting to go up the stairs.

With a huff, I stood up and started pacing. I blocked every other sound out that wasn't my feet hitting the floor. Chewing on my finger, I kept pacing, turning every few seconds.

“Gerard?” Frankie's voice made me jump and whirl. He was standing in the spot I'd just turned from. His face was very pale.

“Frankie!” I threw myself at him. He hugged me, burying his face in my chest. A moment later, he pulled away and looked at me.

“Gee, you have to go.” he said in a soft monotone. He looked at Cody and Jamie. “You two can stay, if you want.”

I looked at him closely and nodded. Something was wrong. There was something burning in his eyes. Was he mad?

“Okay. Can I....?” I trailed off, looking at the stairs. I love Frankie and I know he loves me, but he was scaring me a little. He looked at the door and shook his head.

“How much do you trust me, Gee?” his voice was softer and he took my hand. I looked at him and blinked. “I trust yo with my life, hun. Why?”

He bit his lip and ducked his head. I smiled and put my hand under his chin, lifting his face up. “What is it Frankie?”

I watched his eyes flash and he smiled a little. “Well, I can't take you upstairs, but I can send you to the front lawn. It's a bit of a rush and you'll be disoriented for a couple hours, but it passes quickly after that.” he said in one rush. I caught it all though.

“Well, okay. That doesn't sound so bad. And if it helps keep you safe, I'm fine with whatever happens next.” he smiled wider and took both my hands now.

“Okay, close your eyes.” he squeezed my hand when I hesitated. I closed my eyes and bit my lip. “You need to relax.” he laughed.

I took a deep breath and pulled my teeth away from my lip. “Will I see you tomorrow?” I asked, my eyes still closed.

“At school yes. After, no. There's a circle meeting I'm going to tomorrow night.” I just nodded, my chest aching. He laughed softly and touched my cheek.

“Ready?” I could practically hear his eyebrows lifting in his voice. I nodded again and gulped.

Well, I have to be the first vampire to trust a witch since the Blood Wars. He laughed again and my nerves vanished. What's wrong with me?!

“Love you,” he murmured, his breath cool against my lips. I smiled softly.

“As I love you, my little witch.” His lips touched mine and a light flashed behind my eyes. I gasped, my eyes flying open.

“Oh God!” I stumbled and fell to my knees. Every time I blinked, the light came back and blinded me. I squeezed my eyes shut and something hit the front of my knees.

I groaned and opened my eyes. My book was at my knees, my phone resting on top of it. Picking them both up, the book felt thicker than before.

So I slipped my phone in my pocket and opened the book. A note fell out and I opened it.

Gee, I've never sent a vampire before, well not one I care about. I know you're dizzy and probably having a hard time reading this. I'm sending out Jamie to tell you the rest. She should be there now.

“You okay?” Jamie's voice was behind me right after I read over the last word of the note.

“Holy shit! Jamie don't do that! You're gonna give me a heart attack!” I hissed at her. She laughed.

“No offense, but that would be interesting. A vampire having a heart attack. It's also a tad ironic, when you think about it.” she tilted her head and watched me try to stand up.

“Aren't you supposed to tell me something..?” I trailed off, looking at her. She blushed. Ghosts can blush? I saw Cody inside, but I thought that was his coloring.

“Oh yeah. Sorry, you're the first vamp I've met.” she bit her lip and looked at the ground. At least we have something in common.

“Well, you're the first ghost I've met. But you're still a person, so that's how I'm going to talk to you. Just relax. What did Frankie want you to tell me?” I understood her nerves and my voice grew soft.

She smiled and nodded. “He wants you to know that he'll see you in English and that he'll have about a thousand questions about, uh, this,” she waved her hand at me. “So he'd like you to try to remember what all happens. Oh! And he wants you to know that he loves you.”

I nodded. “Thanks Jamie. Tell him that I'll try and that I love him too. Oh and can you tell him to remember to remind me about drawing a word tomorrow?”

She nodded and turned. Then she was gone and I was looking into the empty air. I blinked again and crossed the yard to my house.

“Gee?” Mom called when I shut the door. I sighed. She knew it was me.

“Yeah Mom! I'm alone.” I shook my head and looked around the living room. “Where's Mikey?”

Mom poked her head out of the kitchen. “He went to the club. He said he'd be back around midnight. Why?”

I shook my head and tossed my book on the counter. “The Black Light?” There were four clubs in Jersey for people like us to hang out with in the laws and learn about each other.

Every species has their own set of laws added onto the laws made by the Wise Council. The Council is made up by six people; two male vamps, two female witches and a male and a female shape-shifter.

Mom nodded and I left without another word, I left. My head was throbbing and the light had dulled somewhat. Still walking, I pressed my fingers to my temples.

No matter how bad my head hurt, I couldn't stop thinking. With a sigh, I gave up trying to relive the pressure in my head. The laws – at least the one vampires are bound by – ticked through my head.

1 Don't reveal our world to humans
2 Don't fall in love with a human
3 Don't fall in love with other species
4 Don't betray your species
5 Respect your Father
6 Don't flash your fangs to humans

Okay, so vamps didn't have many laws and most of us broke at least two. Even Mikey, a true vampire, has broken two that I know of. Even though he won't admit it, I know he loves Genna. And both of us have disrespected our 'Father'.

I've broken four out of the six. When I was younger, I'd had issues with my temper and of course my fangs are connected to my emotions. Number six, broken.

Dad left us when I was about five. No warning, no nothing. Mom dropped his name and we all became the Ways again. Number five, broken.

And loving another species was turning your back on your own. And I love Frankie. So three and four, broken.

I blinked and focused as an obviously gay human boy passed me. Maybe a quick bite would fix me up. A smile spread across my face and I turned toward the kid.

“Hey sexy!” I called after him. He froze and turned, pointing at his chest.

“Me?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. I nodded and walked up to him. He blushed as I placed my hands on his hips, rocking him side-to-side.

I smirked and turned, placing him against a brick wall. “ got a name, sexy?” I asked, tracing my fingers down his neck.

“Lee!” he squeaked, nervously putting his hands on my chest. “A-and you a-are?” he stuttered and I laughed quietly, making him shiver against me.

I sighed mentally. Well, being with Frankie made me feel bad about doing this to random humans. And made me ashamed for being so good at it.

“Me? I'm the epitome of your wet dreams. The shadow that makes you hard.” I picked him up, wrapping his legs around my waist. I smirked when I felt the large bulge in the front of his jeans.

He moaned and put his arms around my shoulders. “But w-what should I c-call you?” he gasped when I bounced him.

I laughed again. “Oh, I think you'll be moaning and screaming too much to call me anything. But for now, call me Shadow.” he whimpered and nodded.

His heart was pounding like crazy and I pressed my lips to his. He moaned and his tongue ran over my lower lip. I set him back on his feet and pulled away.

This was the game. Make them think they want you then give them what they want. I turned my back to him and took a few steps away, counting. “W-wait! Shadow don't go! I-I want you.” I smiled and turned.

“No you don't” I said in a sure voice. A tear escaped from his eye and he took a slow step toward me.

“I do. I really do! P-please.” another tear slid across his face and my heart broke for him. But the game wasn't over yet.

“Are you dead sure about that?” I raised my eyebrows and crossed my arms. He nodded and took another step toward me. A few more tears escaped his eyes and I opened my arms for him.

I wanted to cry when he let out a squeak of joy and ran to me. “Shh...” I dried his face with my sleeve. “It'll be over soon.” I whispered in his ear.

He pulled away and looked at me. “What? Won't I see you after this?” he looked at me with sparkly blue eyes. “Shadow?” he asked when I didn't answer.

Keep your cool, Gerard. “In your dreams, yes. In reality, no.” I smiled sadly and kissed his neck.

“Then we should make the most of the time we have together.” he murmured. I nodded. “S-so my place is just a-around the corner.” he said softly, shocking me.

I pulled away and smiled my approval of his horniness. He took my hand and pulled me around the street sign and into an apartment building. The place was nice for this part of town.

His room was up on the third floor. One room, half bath and a kitchenette. I didn't wait for him to open the door to the bedroom.

I sat on one end of the sectional couch and patted the soft black surface next to me. “Come here,” I purred, looking him in the eyes. He obeyed quickly.

Wasting no time, I put my hand on his knee and kissed him. He moaned and laid back, pulling me on top of him. He's making this far to easy.

“Oh G-god! Shadow!” he moaned as my lips attached to his neck. He ran his hands through my hair. I bit down lightly on his collarbone and he cried out, pulling at my hair.

I smirked and looked up at him. “ you like that?” He whimpered and nodded. “Come on. I wanna hear you scream my name.” I bit his lower lip and he screamed like a teenage girl.

“Oh! Shadow oh God!” I smiled and kissed down his neck to the crook where neck and shoulder meet. The game was almost over.

I opened my mouth wider and my fangs sprang free. They pierced his soft skin and blood spurted into my mouth. “”Ah!” he screamed and arched against me.

His hands pulled at my shirt and I broke away long enough for him to get it over my head. I put my hands under his shirt and traced random patterns on his skin, still drinking from his neck. He moaned and I ran my hands down his toned midriff.

“Oh Shadow! Oh I'm gonna! Oh don't s-stop!” S-Shadow!!” I felt him tense up under my hands and he came in his jeans. I licked over the bite mark on his neck and pulled away.

“Oh Shadow. I-I think I love you. Oh God that was...was- Where are you going?” he looked at me as I picked my shirt up off the floor and slipped it back on.

He started to sit up and I pushed him back down, sitting next to him. “Shh....I told you I wasn't going to stay.” His eyes filled and I ran my fingers under his chin.

“After tonight, you won't know me as anything but a dream. You'll only see me in your dreams. Never again after this. Now I want you to sleep. Sleep and dream of me.” he squirmed under my hand.

“W-what are you doing?” I could feel him fighting my suggestions. I gave it a little more power and his eyelids fluttered. “Kiss me?” he muttered softly.

I leaned in and touched my lips to his. He kissed me sweetly and relaxed. When I pulled away, he forced his eyes to stay open and looked into mine. “I love you, Shadow.” he murmured, already half asleep. I sighed and touched his cheek.

With a burst of power, I put him to sleep. I kissed his forehead, stood up and left, locking the door behind me.

I headed to the Black Light, my vision perfect and my head back to normal. So all I needed was blood? I made a mental note of that.

Lee's voice floated through my head. I love you, Shadow. I bit my lip. What if he didn't forget me?

Well I knew what room he's in. He'd make one hell of a donor.

I smiled and picked up my pace. Looks like Lee's gonna have a nightly visitor.
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