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Chapter 19 (We've Learned To Run From Anything Uncomfortable)

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"Listen to me! Nothing bad will happen if you confess to him. It will be fine."

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Brynn walked into the lunch room her hands shaking as though they were having an earthquake all their own. Roz was at her side, one hand placed firmly on her back egging her on to continue with what she set out to do. Brynn didn't know if she could do this. All she saw was Brendon's disappointed face and roars of laughter from his mouth. That's what would happen. She couldn't do it. She just couldn't!

"Roz, I can't," she said making a swift turn towards the exit. But Roz was there in position for just this situation.

"Brynn, yes you can!" She said forcefully grabbing her with both her hands now. "Listen to me! Nothing bad will happen if you confess to him. It will be fine."

Brynn tried to believe what Roz was saying, but she just couldn't. How could she say nothing bad will happen? Everything bad will happen! He'll laugh. He'll run away! He'll openly confess his homosexuality just to get her away! No, something bad was going to happen. "Roz...,"

"Brynn Marie Darling," Roz said shaking her slightly with her hands. "I will not let you cower away like this," she said looking straight at her friend. "I know it's hard, but your braver than’re better than Tiffany for this."

Brynn sighed and felt her heart rate subside a bit. Roz was right. She slowly turned back around to the entrance to the lunchroom.

"Great!" Roz said following Brynn in case there was another escape plan headed her way.
But Brynn didn't plan to run away this time. She bravely took the handle door to the lunchroom and pushed it open. The sounds of life echoed back at her as people scurried to eat. Brynn stepped in and started her search for Brendon. He had to be somewhere.

"There!" Roz said suddenly pointing a long hand to Brynn's right. "I see him."

Brynn followed her direction and saw Brendon standing by a table in the corner. His back was to the two girls and he seemed deep in conversation with someone. Brent, Spencer and Ryan were at the table too looking as though they were in the discussion too.

Brynn nodded knowing all verbal words had to be saved for him. They started to make the stretch across the lunchroom. They weaved between tables coming closer and closer to their destination. But it came soon enough for Brynn because before a minute had past she was behind Brendon taking deep breaths once again.

She felt a slight nudge on her back from Roz telling her to get on with it. She complied and very slowly lifted her hand to touch Brendon's back. With the touch Brendon turned his head and then his whole body to face Brynn.

"Brendon I...," Brynn started but stopped as quickly when she saw the look at his face. It wasn't an expression of surprise of seeing her. It wasn't an expression of curiousness to the conversation. It was an expression of confusion like he couldn't place who she was.

A high pitch laugh suddenly broke out and Brynn looked away from Brendon. The laughter was coming from behind him. Well actually directly behind him. Tiffany stepped up and placed a protective hand on his shoulder.

"What is it Brynn," she sneered. "Or should I say Ann."

Brynn's breathing became heavy again. She looked between Brendon and Tiffany too shocked to move or mutter a noise. She heard more girls join in Tiffany’s laughter and the room spun. This wasn’t happening! This couldn’t be happening! She felt her heart pounding out of her chest and all she could do was stare back at Brendon who hadn’t made a move. Then she took off. She pushed Roz away who was still behind her and weaved her way between the tables towards the door hearing Tiffany's shrill high laughter still echoing in her ears.

She kept running down the hallways and out the front doors. She ran and her vision became blurry with tears. How could this of happened? How did Tiffany find out? Why was she doing this?

"Brynn! Brynn!" Shouts came from behind her.

She stopped not because she wanted to be consoled but because her legs wouldn't carry her any farther. They were shaking too much.

"Brynn," Roz said slowing down by her side.

Brynn looked up at her and saw Ryan standing by her side, both of them too shocked and speechless to say a word. What could they say anyways? Nothing would help.

"Brynn, I'm sorry," Roz finally said.

Brynn sniffed back a tear and looked away. "Don't be," she said already tasting the wetness on her mouth. "I knew better."

"Brynn, he's an asshole, we know that," Ryan said trying to shed comfort.

Brynn looked back at them and shook her head. "No, I'm just a fool for thinking he even cared."
They didn't have anything to return to that.
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