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Chapter 13

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Now Frank would think I was just like the rest of them. He was right. I couldn't resist him.

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My bare feet touched the cold linoleum floor the next morning. My head was throbbing and my heart was racing for fear that my mom would hear me and come investigate the noise. I couldn't face her now, not with the hangover of a lifetime and my new look to deal with. All I needed now was some aspirin and more water. Then I was going to crawl back into bed and sleep my sorrows and humiliations of last night away.
I walked over to the medicine cupboard and took out two aspirin. I carefully got a glass down and filled it with water. I placed the two white pills on my tongue before gulping down the clear liquid. With each wave of water I felt the tension in my head release. Once the whole glass was empty I placed it in the sink and turned the return to my room, but on turning I received an eyeful.
There perched in the door frame was my mother. She was fully clothed in tight jeans and a tank top with a grey cardigan over it. She was young looking for a mom but she made sure of that. Her brown hair was chopped to shoulder length and had a weird way of curling at the end. She had deep brown eyes that could cherish me in a minute and scold me in the next and right now they were sending hot rays.
"Vita," she twanged using my real name. It wasn't a good sign. "What have you done to your hair?" Her voice sounded more shocked than angry so I ventured to humor her.
"What do you mean?"
"It's black, Vita Miller, and short."
I gave a small smile and reached for my hair. "Really?"
My mother grabbed her hips and glared at me.
"It's nothing mom. A friend did it. It's not permanent."
"But how could you do that without telling me?" She seemed really upset.
"I'm sorry mom," I forced, squinting a little from a throb that suddenly exploded in my head.
“You seem like a different person lately, going out, and coming home later. What’s going on?”
I didn’t need this now, and how could I explain what was going on. My mother chose now to become interested in my life, and it was just too much for such an early hour. “It’s nothing mom. I’m just busier with school and dance lately.”
She pierced her lips and cocked an eyebrow. "Well, okay," she nodded. "I guess I could get use to this new look."
I smiled with relief and moved to go hide in my bedroom for the rest of the morning.
"Now go do some homework," she added stopping me. "Because you know my income isn't getting you to college."

Honorable to my mother's wishes I went upstairs and sat down at my computer, but instead of my homework I started on Frank's computer studies paper. It was painful to do his homework just because it made me think about him. Last night I had thrown myself at him just like every other mindless girl in our school. How had I categorized myself with them? Now Frank would think I was just like the rest of them. He was right. I couldn't resist him.
But unlike all the other girls Frank had rejected me. He had rejected me in the worse way by taking care of me; by holding my hand and pulling back my hair as I threw up. He had broken my heart because I did care about him and he showed he cared for me too just not in the way I wanted and somehow that made me like him more.
I looked at the computer screen to see my progress. All I had written was Frank's name.

This is stupid! I told myself. I was going to have to face Frank tomorrow and what was I going to do? Did I really want that awkward babbling in front of everyone? No!
I reached for my phone and began dialing Frank's number. Please don't pick up! Please don't pick up! I prayed to myself as I listened to the ringing.
Dammit! I got chills from hearing his voice and I got the urge to slam down the receiver while there was still time.
“Frank?” Damn mouth! Wait for your cue!
There was nothing I could do now. I had to say something. “Yeah, hey! How's it going?”
“It's good”, he answered casually. “How are you feeling today?”
“I feel good”, I lied. He was silent now waiting for me to get to the point. “Well I just called to, uh, apologize for last night.”
I heard Frank laugh and I gave a small smile glad he wasn't making this weird.
“Yeah you should be apologizing”, he laughed. “You got drunk and gave all my friends lap dances.”
I was shocked I didn't remember that. How drunk was I? “I don't remember that”, I admitted feeling stupid again. I heard Frank laugh and then it hit me. “That never happened!” Now Frank's full laughter filled my ears and I scowled. “Frankie!”
Frank's laughter died and I heard him take some breaths. “What did you just say?” He asked.
“Um...what are you talking about?” I hadn't said anything stupid again.
“You just called me Frankie.”
Right away I knew I had slipped. “No I didn't.”
“Yes you did. You said Frankie.”
I felt a smile slip knowing Frank was enjoying himself. “It was a slip of the tongue”, I protested.
Frank just laughed filling my ears with the gorgeous sound again.
“Will you stop laughing!” I commanded putting on my forwardness quality.
“Okay, okay”, Frank said. “You didn't seem to mind my charm last night.”
My cheeks brushed red even though he couldn't see me.” I was drunk and high thanks to your friends”, I fought. I had to deny every reason he threw at me.
“Oh man”, Frank responded in a depressed tone. “I was still hoping for my birthday present.” He laughed then and I felt my face grow hotter.
“Frank! Knock it off!” I whined but secretly glowed inside.
Frank stopped laughing and it fell silent.
I sighed and went on. “Well I actually do have a gift for you”, I said.
“Yes, but don't get too excited. It's not much”, I warned feeling silly he was getting excited about the crappy present I had thrown together.
“I'm sure it's great Vee”, he said. “When do I get it? Today?”
“Well I suppose...could I come over in an hour because I still have work to do?”
“That'd be great.”
“Okay I'll see you then.”
“Okay, bye.”
Then I heard the click knowing he had hung up.

A little over an hour later I was sitting in Frank's living room. On the way over all I could think about was if he was going to like my present. Had I been thoughtful enough? What if he didn't like it? Then what would I do? I would run and hide under a rock, that's what I'd do. Now I was sitting here second guessing. Just get it over with Vee! I told myself. It was now or never.
Frank was wearing a black polo shirt and jeans. He swept his unkempt hair to the side quickly before turning to look at me.
“Okay”, I said reaching for the careless wrapped gift by my side. “Don't hold back with your emotions. Just tell me what you think.”
Frank smiled and leaned forward.” When have I never been honest with you Vee?”
I smiled too. “Okay”, I said handing him his present which I had wrapped in silver wrapper just before I had left.
Frank took it greedily and tore off the wrapping. It was tossed aside and a glossy book lay in his hands.
“It’s called Reluctant Guitar Hero”, I said quickly when there was no response. “I know you probably won't read it but, Ray told me you were a very good guitar player and I thought you'd like it.” Frank flipped the book over and admired the picture on the back. “Well I thought”, I continued nervous he hadn't said anything yet. “that your ambitions aren't obviously directed at school they must be in your playing.” Frank finally smiled and looked up at me. “It's a good read”, I added.
Frank raised an eyebrow. “You read it?”
“Well I obviously wouldn't give you something I hadn't read also”, I said watching him carefully.
Frank looked down at the book. “Well thanks Vee”, he finally said. “You obviously put a lot of thought into this.”
“Yeah, I guess”, I answered watching a smile form back on his lips. Then all of a sudden he began to laugh. “What's so funny?” I demanded.
Frank looked at me and controlled his laughter. “Leave it to you to give me a book for my birthday.”
“Hey, books are knowledge”, I shot back and we both laughed.
The laughing subsided and a silence fell between us. Then Frank looked up at me and I saw something shine behind his hazel eyes.
“Can I ask you something Vee?” He asked setting his book aside.
I shuffled in my seat. “Sure.”
Frank put on a smirk and leaned over to rest on his knees. “What made you kiss me last night?”
I felt my heart pounding faster already. “Wha-what do you mean?” I babbled. “I was drunk. I wasn't thinking straight.”
“No I think you were fine”, Frank answered slyly leaning back up. “I think, you might like me.”
Oh shit! DENY! I gave a small fake laugh and looked away. “Frank arrogance is not a virtue.” I sure was talking my way outta this one.
Frank still smirked and never left my gaze. “Would you be shocked if I said I liked you?”
What? Did Frank just say he liked me? Where was this last night? But maybe...maybe it was there. He didn't want to take advantage of me. I was sure an arrogant jerk like him would do otherwise. Wait, here I am with my mouth hanging open and Frank's still looking at me.
“Well I guess I can, I mean, maybe I can tolerate you too.” Good job Vee! Don't seem too eager.
Frank smiled and leaned forward.
“I mean, I thought you were awful when I first met you, but I guess it got better”, I couldn't stop looking at him, and oh my! He was awful close. “I mean...” He is so gorgeous. “You're alright.”
I didn't get a chance to say more though because Frank leaned over and kissed me. Yes, kissed me. His lip ring was cold and also the hand that was clamped on my cheek, but his touch was so delicate and I wanted more. His tongue found mine and I felt a tingle shoot through my body. It was amazing. What this boy was doing to me, but as suddenly as it began Frank pulled away.
I was left breathless and I realized I had scooted to the edge of my seat. I quickly sat back and looked away.
“Why didn't you pull away?”
I looked back at Frank's smiling face. “What?”
“If you don't like me, you would've pulled away”, he said smugly. “You didn't.”
I scoffed and looked away before looking back again. “Okay”, I sighed. “Maybe I like you a little.”
“I knew it”, Frank said quickly still smiling.
“But not that much”, I smirked.
Frank smirked back and leaned over to kiss me again.
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