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Fire At Will

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Erm, I suck at these. :P Yaz continues to bond with Mikey and co. xD

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Yaz's POV

I was still smiling as Frank, Ray, Mikey and I walk to the canteen, Frank and Mikey slightly ahead, arguing about which is the better band - Iron Maiden or Misfits - while me and Ray hung back behind them. Ray turned to me, "So, do you like either of the bands that these two goofballs are arguing about?"
"Yeeah, but I can never decide who's better."
"Ahh well, that's okay because Metallica totally kicks ass compared to both of them" Ray replies, raising his voice just loud enough for Mikey and Frank to hear. Frank turns around to respond but ends up crashing into the canteen doors. "And that, my friend, is why you don't question Metallica's awesomeness." says Ray laughing, as he helps up a rather angry looking Frankie. "Come on guys, or we'll get a shit table", says Mikey as we enter the canteen. Luckily we make it just in time to get a good table before the hockey club, who are forced to sit by the bins. "Urgh, food here fucking sucks" Mikey whines as he picks at his pizza. We all eat our lunch and I listen to the other three talking. "So Frank, where the fuck is Isabella?" Ray asks grinning.
"Ahh she got food poisoning so she couldn't come in" he replies sadly. Before I even open my mouth to ask who in god's name Isabella is Mikey leans forward and says "Isabella, Frank's girlfriend"
"Aww, ickle midget Fwankie has a giiwlfwiend" I say, in a patronising voice. Frank turns red as the other two laugh. "Yeah, I do. She's awesome" he replies, while returning to his normal skin tone. "Ahh cool" I say.
"Anyway, enough about us, what about you?" Mikey asks, all of their attention drawn to me.

"oh well, I guess I just moved here with my mum so we were closer to my brother. We lived in San Francisco you see, but then he started Art School in New York this year, so we decided to come along too." I mumble.
"Hey Mikey, your brother goes to an art school in New York doesn't he?" Ray questioned
"Yeah he does, the Institute of Fine Art or something. He started this year too." he responded
"Oh my god same! That is so cool. Maybe they know eachother" I say, although I know it's a pretty big campus. "Haha that would be funny" he chirped.

We spend the rest of the lunch hour talking about music, how fucking stupid being cool is, and wondering why Mikey wears his glasses on the end of his nose.
"Probably so he can look down on us when we talk, making himself feel superior to everyone else" Frankie comically suggests.
"Okay, a) I, and the rest of the non midget world look down on you anyway, dwarf face, and b) I AM superior, I'm Mikey Fukin' Way, the coolest dude EVER to exist. Case closed" Mikey replies triumphantly, punching his fist in the air. "Hells yeah" I say,
"I second that" says Ray, as we high five Mikey to the sound of the bell.

The rest of the afternoon was dedicated the most boring double lesson of Geography I had ever had, relief filled my mind as the bell went off to signal the end of my first day. I returned back to my form room to pack my homework away into my satchell, (I would love to say I do it all straight away, but usually it's done in the morning.) Once I finish cramming in all my books I turn around to see Mikey standing there awkwardly. "Uh, I thought I'd better return this to you." he said, holding my Kerrang! that he had borrowed earlier.
"Oh, erm you can keep it" I said to him, smiling.
"Naah, it's fine, my brother'll probably give me his."
"Oh okay then" I say, he hands it to me.
"So er, whereabouts do you live? Ray and Frank ditched me early for the comic store and it's nice to have company.", he says. Awwh, he's so kind, I feel like he's my best friend already.
"Oh I live at 27 Salter Place" I say, "d'you know where it is"
"Haha I've only lived on that street all my life!" he laughs "I'm at 69 though, so it'll be on my route home."
We start walking down the road in the cold night, the sky already fading to blackness. I'm kinda glad Mikey's here, because I wouldn't wanna parade these streets at night. They seemed a bit rough on the edges. We walk and talk until we get to my house, where Mikey takes me by surprise giving me a warm hug. I take in his scent of lynx and coffee. "Awwwh, you hugged me" I say after he releases me. "I guess I did. It's what friends do." he says smiling, as he starts to walk home.

Oh my god, I made a friend, ON THE FIRST DAY. I, Yaz Barker, one of the most socially awkward
people in existence, MADE A FRIEND IN 7 HOURS. I realised then that during that day I hadn't been awkward, it was like Ray, Mikey and Frank bought out the best in me. I smiled to myself as I went inside and shut the door behind me. It had been a good first day.

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