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Sick Time Fun

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I felt something push against me as I lay beside Piccolo in a small bed that I, now, shared with him. I was pulled up closer to him and he kissed my neck. I was shorter than he was and smaller. He was my alien, baby. He was older, but more childish. I loved him and he knew it, too.
I snuggled against his chest my pajamas clinging to his sweaty skin. He had had and on, off fever for a least four hours. He was off his fever and sweating so He only had on a pair of shorts that I made with my own hands. I kissed his hand that was around me feeling the fever rise.
I pulled away from him and he growled. I grinned at him and grabbed the ice-pack that was by the bed. I put it on his forehead and pulled the covers up to his chin. He looked at me pain in his eyes. I refused to leave his side and he knew it.
“Thank you, Gohan,” He smiled and I kissed his brow as he pulled me close to him.
“It’s what I do,” I replied sitting by him as he fell into a sleep. I kissed the hand, that held mine, and he stirred slightly, putting his head in my lap. I giggled lightly and wiped away the tears that fell from his eyes.
Lying down next to him he smiled a sad smile. What he was dreaming about, I had no clue but, I hope it was a good one. One that wouldn’t give him nightmares. I loved him and he loved me. I kissed his lips.
He woke and pulled , me to him, his fever breaking. He kissed me hungrier than I had kissed him. His kiss was demanding and it was something I wasn’t use to. He was never this pleading. Well, it had been a week since we had had any fun.
“Gohan,” he mumbled into the kiss. I felt his tongue against mine. I closed my lips on it and sucked, surprising him with my sudden bravery. He repeated this with me and I licked at his lips.
He shoved his hand under my shirt, but when I protested he pulled my hands over my head, using one hand to hold both mine. With his free hand he unbuttoned my shirt. He kissed at the bruises that were fading from our most recent battle. I had no memory of it.
He licked down my chest and stopped at the hairline of my waist. I froze as he slid his tongue beneath the waistband and used his teeth to pull down my boxers and shorts. His mouth found its destination and he sucked at me.
I groaned and nearly kicked him. A moan escaped from my lips as his teeth scraped at its tip. I squirmed trying to hold down my release. I bit my bottom lip trying not to be too loud. We had neighbors and an alien next door was weird enough.
“Let me hear your voice,” he grumbled but I shook my head and he pulled away from my member and let go of my hands. He pulled my ass up and pulled the globes apart. He stuck his tongue into my entrance. I gasped as he pushed in two fingers. Tears fell from my eyes as he stretched me. I hated this feeling. Seeing my tears he licked my face clearing them away.
Finally he thrust inside of me little by little. He made sure that he didn’t hurt me. I hated the pain, yet I loved the pleasure that he gave me. As he pushed in as far as he would go he grunted. He started moving, thrusting inside of me and I started screaming.
A smile appeared on his lips. He got to hear my voice during this time only and he knew it to. I screamed as he hit that one spot that made my screams louder. He was nearing his climax and I could feel it.
He released letting me come along with him. We lay, me on his chest, as I tried to stop crying. My sides hurt, my ass ached, my head pounded, and I was freezing. He hugged me and I slept in his arms as he did in mine…
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