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Long Wanted Death...

by SasuNaruBabyGirl 1 review

just a poem I put it in dn bc My nick name is misa and I really didnt wanna put it org.

Category: Death Note - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Misa - Published: 2011-05-04 - Updated: 2011-05-04 - 113 words - Complete

Death’s grace was all I wanted, I wished for nothing more. It’s all that I dreamed. It haunted my minds. I lived for nothing but the Death’s will. I was born into a world of hate, horror, tears, sadness and I all I wanted was freedom. I was laughed at day and night, nothing conveyed how I felt. All I had was tears and a stuffed animal as a friend. I thought of suicide many amounts of times, but could never go through. I had nothing, still do. I wish I did and do, but I don’t and so I wait for Death’s hand to take me away.
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