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Frank and Gerard make an unsettling discovery.

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A/N: Wow, I just can’t stay away from this page for very long, can I? I guess this is what I get for deleting my Facebook. One addiction for another, ay?

Oh well. Don't mind me. I'm just doing this one for kicks. Should be short.Its pretty much every slasher film nowadays, starring MCR. So don't expect anything terribly original.

I wonder how many people even read these author notes.


Chapter One: Para-noir

Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray, and Pedicone all aligned to stare at the two story log cabin before them. A friend of Mikey's had offered them a truly nice looking one for a discounted price. My Chemical Romance hadn't been scheduled for another show for a few weeks, so they all agreed it might be nice to get away for a few days.

"Shall we?" Ray gestured towards the door. Mikey got out the key and they all walked forward, anticipating to see the inside of the building.

After Mikey unlocked the door, they walked inside, switching on the lights.

"Fucking beautiful..." Frank muttered. Within their sight was already a full blown entertainment system with top of the line technology. And off in the corner was a full bar, with drinks stacked on many shelves. While the cabin had somewhat of an old fashioned exterior, the interior was very modern.

After everyone had had a small runaround the cabin, they went about picking their rooms. Frank pouted when he came to Gerard's room, only to discover that Gerard already agreed to rooming with Mikey.

"Gee... how're we gonna do anything with Mikey in your room?", he had whined.

"Shh... would you keep it down?" Gerard hushed him. Gerard had promised Frank that they would have a bit of fun this weekend, for old times' sake. However Gerard wasn't about to let Mikey know that, as he knew Mikey would frown upon it. "Mikey just automatically assumed we'd be bunking together," he told Frank, "it'd look weird if I tried to get out of it. I'll just sneak into your room later, promise."

"Okay..." Frank agreed hesitantly. "I just can't see why you can't tell him for once that your sharing a room with me."

Frank knew Gerard was very attached to Mikey, and Mikey to Gerard. In all honesty, it made him feel a tad jealous from time to time. Frank felt as though he's done more for Gerard than Mikey had, but who was he to come between two brothers? Two unusually close brothers, at that.

"Sorry..", Gerard muttered and quickly set about unpacking, as he saw Mikey was coming into the room. Mikey gave a nod in his direction. Frank sighed, feeling his expectations for this weekend lowering just a little bit.


The fireplace was blazing. The atmosphere was warm and cozy. Laughter was in the air. Bottles of booze were being opened. Ray and Pedicone were chatting in the kitchen, making hot pockets. Mikey and Frank were in the grips of a game of Call Of Duty on the sofa. Gerard was sitting by the fireplace drawing some random still life sketches. The first night was going swell.

That was, until about 9:00 PM.

A loud crash was heard from outside. The abrupt noise caught everyone's attention, making Pedicone and Frank jump. They all stopped what they were doing and looked at each other. They may have ignored it had they not heard another loud clunk a minute later, coming from the same direction. The atmosphere in the room went from light hearted to nervous and tense almost instantly.

"I'll go look.", Gerard was the first one to pipe up after a long silence, getting up from the part of the floor on which he sat.

"I'll go with you." Frank got up and followed, not wanting Gee to go out alone.

Gerard and Frank went out of the sliding door to meet the cold night air outside. It felt abnormally dark, like the stars were lacking tonight. They couldn't hear anything except for the slight howl of the wind. They walked forward onto the moist grass.

"Hello?", Gerard called out hesitantly. "Is anyone there?"

Silence. Gerard tried to look around, but nearly everything was dark, given the exception of the trees. Suddenly, a hand grabbed his shoulder. He nearly jumped out of his skin. Spinning around, he saw it was only Frank.

"Gee.." Frank said, looking rather pale, "You ought to come look at this..."

Frank grabbed Gerard's hand and led him off to the right, past a few bushes. When Frank stopped he pulled out his cell phone and shone it's light onto something in front of them.

It was Ray's car. The car they had come here in, although it was far from being in the same condition. The windows were smashed in, the hood was open, parts of the engine were splayed out onto the ground. Other parts of the car were crushed. The steering wheel was missing. Overall, it looked like it had been in some horrible accident.

"How the fuck..." Gerard started, completely baffled.

"I don't know. I'm pretty sure no one's even left the cabin since we went in." Frank frowned. "I can't think of how this could have happened unless someone..."

He turned to see Gerard looking at him wide eyed. He could literally feel him tense without even touching him. Frank shook his head.

"Never mind. C'mon, we should just get out of here and tell the guys."

Frank put his arm around Gerard and started to lead them back to the cabin, while sparing one more nervous glance at the car.


Next Chapter: It starts with one.
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