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Chapter 9

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Jemma is mad at Mikey.

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Dear Diary,
I broke up with Emily. She cried. I felt realy guilty.
Now Jemma is mad at me. She says she's mad at me for kissing her, going out with her sister and then dumping her. Then I did something stupid straight after breaking up with Emily.
The day that I dumped Emily, I asked out Jemma. I know it was stupid, but I couldn't help it... I wanted to be with Jemma, not Emily. But now Jemma is even more mad at me. So is Emily. She's still crying about it now. I know because Jemma just sent me an angry text saying so. She won't stop texting me things like that. What can I do to make her stop?
I could say it was a joke.
I should talk to Gerard. He might not be an expert on girls but he always seems to know what to say to make me feel better. Or he tells me what to do next. And he's usually just right...
~ Mikey

Dear Diary,
Gerard didn't have a lot to say to me. Something's wrong with him. I wish I knew what, but I don't.
Jemma just text me again. This one says...
Jemma - How cud u do dat 2 Emily anyway!?
Mikey - I was scared, I panicked!
Jemma - About kissing me!? But then u admitted 2 likin me!? Whatever Mikey...
It doesn't look like I can make friends with Jemma anytime soon.
~ Mikey
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